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kayy katrice Feb 2016
You can drop a Wet Floor sign down for the tears
God and his court date, the two things I fear
Man, they trying to give him years
he trying to figure if he should even appear, or
Should he escape town?
Catch a Greyhound
Change his  name, right ?
catch a plane flight
Out the country, let them folks hunt him
Come and catch him if you want him,
Know they’ll lock him if he stay
But where he going to run to?
he got a good girl, we got a bond too
And all we went through we ain’t see eye to eye
But i told you way back i was a ride or die
So if they give him one, or give him, two
Or if he gotta sit down and do a few
he said Before I go, baby, I gotta know, what would you do?
Would you find someone new or would you stay?
kayy katrice Dec 2015
This beach is so clear and bright. It made me want to see this sight. With a view filled with so much delight I had to say good lord lets take flight. As the trees was so healthy and green. I couldn't wait to be on the seen. With the ocean clear and blue I seen the sun come threw. Then all of the sudden I knew I had finally made it there too. I looked so lost in the blue can someone please come threw. Because I'm so new without any crew. Dang I don't know what to do. Wait is it people I hear I ran to the noise with so much cheer. I made it to the sight that had so much delight. People so joyful and with life wow what a amazing sight. Only thing now was to lay down and enjoy my night.
  Dec 2015 kayy katrice
i've heard that love is blind
is that why i see you
everytime i close
my eyes?
short one today.
kayy katrice Nov 2015
Pictures of blood flash in my head
Pictures of you laying one the ground dead
Never to come back and intimidate my life
I smile as i wipe your blood from my knife
I stare at your darkened blood, spilled on the street
Think about your cold heart, stopping in its beat
I think back to all the pain and the hurt
As i cover your body and spit on the dirt
And me killing you
Well, that was my turn for fun
Knowing that from now on
You can no longer run
Oh how they will cry
Oh how they will weep
But i know that their sorrow is only skin deep
As i turn to walk down the cold empty street
I smile, and walk to the rhythm
Your heart used to beat
  Nov 2015 kayy katrice
Bianca Reyes
If *** was the answer to all of my pain
Your lips on my skin I'd never refrain
If *** was the answer to all of my pain
Your every touch would drive me insane
If *** was the answer to all of my pain
I'd get lost in your body again and again
If *** was the answer to all of my pain
The beast inside me you'd never restrain
If *** was the answer to all of my pain
The swirl of darkness would cease in my brain
But that darkness will always remain
kayy katrice Nov 2015
My mind gets out of control with this poetic soul
kayy katrice Aug 2015
Chemicals releasing as my heart slows in beating
Motion pictures in my mind giving my brain a sensational feeling
Watching as the video plays through
Trying to figure out if any of it is true
I mean I know they're dreams but could they be real?
Give my mind a little lively appeal
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