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Havran Feb 2017
"Like ripples that turn into waves, people affect other people. And though not all experiences may come as easy or as light as we wanted them to be, the capacity for us to see what truly matters still exists."
Havran Jan 2017
"You are always so honest with me
no matter how difficult  the truth could be,
and from this I felt that maybe you do,
that, in a way, you really did love me too."
Havran Jul 2016
"There’s something about you and this thrill of having no idea where we are or where we’re going. It’s alright, you didn’t have to say it. It’s alright, I could tell."
Mariel Ramirez May 2016
Imagine apologizing for all the ways you were never enough.
Knowing you would never be forgiven.
Imagine the torture.
Imagine the curse.

Having a boy love you.
Wondering when he would tell you it was a lie.
Imagine how the sweetness would make you cry.
Imagine never knowing.

What kind of a life is that?

Consider the blood of people trying to touch.
Consider the cruelty of being different.
Consider the confusion.

Consider everything not said.
Paper airplanes that fly through the air for mere seconds.
Consider people’s hopes.

Consider your heart beating inches from mine.
Consider truth. Consider truth.
Consider what could be between two people. Shudder.

Consider the distance.
Consider the barricades, challenges.
Consider the fear.

Imagine mapping a way
through the heart.
Havran May 2016
"Your love isn't an apology.
And neither are you."
Havran May 2016
It’s almost
a year
or so
when you told me
fell out
of our love
for no other
reason than
It just happened.
told me
you no longer cared,
told me
you didn’t want to know
another thing about me,
and what was left of us
was a shipwreck

It’s been almost
a year
or so
from when I
told myself
that I am still
for no other reason than
I just do.
I thought
I no longer cared,
I thought
I didn’t want you
and everything about you.
What was left of me
walked away

and I think you
met someone else.
I have no idea
who he is or
where he takes you or
how much
he cares about you.
I just hope what he has
is more;
more than what
I could have given you,
more than what
I could have sacrificed for you,
More than…
Just more than I do.

But I Lied,
‘cause everything
still reminds me
of you.
You are gone with the wind
but the wind
still pushes me
towards you.
I hope
like the space
me and you.

met someone else, too.
She isn’t
anything like you,
but the way she cares
I hope you’re happy,
‘Cause right now,
that’s also what
to be.

Even if it isn’t you,
even if it isn’t me,
even if it isn’t you with me.

And if
One day
You wake up
and realize that
it is still I
that you wish for;
who holds you at night,
and gives life to the waking dream
Tell me
like this can ****
Like what you did
to me
when you asked me
Who are you?

And I swear,
my love broke
into fragments
when I asked you,
Who are you?

But what was I to do?

But what was I to do?

~J.C & D.C.
my greatest flaw
is that I am a poet
I am easily lured
by tragedies,
I romanticize

feeding on hatred,
thriving on pain,
investing on lies,
blinded by faults,
enthralled by you

my affliction
flows and ends
with ink,
lives and dies
with oblivion
Havran Mar 2016
"I have no idea where I'm going or if I want to be where I am right now. I am restless; you know this; I have wanderlust in my lungs and poetry in my veins."
Havran Mar 2016
"The months, they turn to days,
the days, they turn to hours
the hours, they turn to minutes
the minutes, they turn to moments,
and in these moments
I am wistful;
I am missing you."
Havran Mar 2016
"So many clouds above, I wonder why no one else seems to see them."
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