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I'll attach my soul to yours whether you want it or not
We'll be soulmates in this life and beyond
My love is such a bitter seed
It festers and spoils itself into a toxic ****
If you could want me an eighth as much as I want you I'll be content
The time of sunshine and rainbows
Came and went

Happiness is for winners
I'm just a ***** sinner
A hopeless dream
Undone at the seams
But I'll stitch you to my blackened heart
I'll always be unclean
You know you love the way I scream
And babe we'll be forever
Our tie can't ever be severed
No not even death could cut us apart

It's cold inside my soul
Empty hollow mess
It rained in my head
And snowed inside my chest

But my heart still beats
An icy drum
As your fingers linger idly
On my aching skin
I want you
so bad it hurts
You say you love me
The lie seeps in

Destruction and decay
All that's left for me to give
Daring you to stay
Hoping that you live

There were so many before you
I hope that you'll be my last
They all ran from my crazy
But they kept coming back

There's just something about me
That makes them all wanna stay and leave
I'll make you feel real good but then I'll make you feel real bad
Here's a warning
When I beg you not to go
You'd better not listen to me

I'm the harlot in that story
You know the good book don't tell lies
I am what it says that I am
And I've lived so many lives
Jezebel they call me
A murderess, a *****
I'll destroy you from the inside
And I'll leave you sore
I'll take everything you've got to give
And then I'll take some more
Soulless heartless
I'm not perfect
I never said I was
And this pedestal you put me on
Makes me feel not good enough
I'm afraid of heights
I know I'm going to fall
When you find out what I really am
We're going to lose it all

These broken wings
These torn up things
A crown of lies atop my head
My horns poking through
So sad but so true
I wish I was dead

I'm no good for you
She's coming out to play
Satan's *****
Animate once more
Here to ruin the day
Stumbling over emotions I thought I'd never feel
Not knowing which way I'm going
Or if it's even real
Heart beat so fast like a hi hat
Slinking through the dark like a black cat
I should've known better but I couldn't help it
I wanted you

Billowing dark clouds rolling in
Tears streaming down like rain on my skin
Didn't wanna ever have to feel again
Heart slowing down like depression
I don't think I'll ever learn my lesson
I'd give it all up just to keep
one more night with you fast asleep
I need you

I can't tell you what I want to say
You'd only think I'd get in your way
And it wouldn't be long before I'm me again, crazy, crying over nothing
Jealous, fighting, sneaking and lying, always blaming you for something but...
I think I love you
Every heartbeat
Like a second hand
Moving closer
To the end
Sorry doesn't cut it that's for sure

How sad it is
When tables turn
I figured it out
But you'll never learn
Both of us so insecure

Alone in love so many years
And now you want to relieve my fears
I don't think
I need you here
Anymore more more
This is my goodbye lullaby
It's the end now of our story
We fought and lost babe
There's no glory
Like Romeo and Juliet
No one wins, no safe bets
This is my goodbye lullaby

If I find a portal to fairy land
I might try to love you all over again
But only if the mushrooms say it's safe
And if the door's opened to wonderland
Where I fit in, hope you'd understand
If I stayed there forever cuz I'm insane

Don't try to touch me now
It's over, love's bleeding out
Withered lump in my chest -
I can feel it die

I don't know
What comes next
Hollowed heart
Bated breath
Staring my demons down- with a sigh
Finally got over the writers block.  New song.
Been fighting all day
Keep calling me names
You promised it'd get better
But everything's still the same
Yeah, I got your *****
Done keeping my cool
Go tell your friends,
I ain't playing no more,
and it's Queen ***** to you

Now there ain't no reason
For me to stay
It don't matter how much you wanna fight
I'm still leaving today

You ain't sorry, no
I'm done with your games
I'm not your baby no more
Walking out the door
I knew you'd never change

Goodbye's too good for you
I don't wanna say it
You don't need to hear it
What's through is through
It ain't gonna change the fact that I'm gone
It ain't gonna make you see that you're wrong
It ain't gonna take back everything that you put me through
Oh baby goodbye's too **** good for you
Come down from the tops of the trees they said.  
Sit amongst the broken twigs and the dead leaves they said.  
Twist your frame into that mold they said.  
Out pops another cookie cutter Christian.
A hollow vessel.
So I can't be me, but like you instead.
I'll find God my own way,  thanks though.
you aren't special
every year around this time he chooses a toy
you aren't special
he's a man with the mentality of a little boy
you aren't special
he WILL lose interest in you
you aren't special
i know all your secrets too ;-)
you aren't special
you're the side chick, I'M the WIFE
you aren't special
he may be with you a few days, a few nights
he's with me for the REST of his LIFE
deep thinking about current and past relationships gave me this...
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