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Aug 2015 · 726
Ashes and dust
When I was younger than I am to day
This is what I used to say:
,,When I grow up I want to be a policeman''
Well I didn't became police just a man
Still I am the same as I was back then
I am still doing everything I can
I'm still loved and I still love
For me that was always enough
But now I am older I am seeing more
I See things I used to ignore
Back in the day when I watched sesamestreet
When I didn't know a heart could bleed
One day I started watching the news
Stories about killing and abuse
They seemed to control the earth
Stories about people getting hurt
I still remember that day in 2001
It was the day my childhood was done
I saw a city filled with smoke
I saw a nation about to choke  
Still people live in pain and without being loved
Living like shadows, blindfolded and handcuffed
Crawling through the valleys of life
Feeling more death than alive
Wandering through a dessert looking for an oasis
All they can find is a mirage
Even close at home people live in poverty
Getting food and clothes from charity
Living on the streets and in wrecked homes
Living under our created domes
People getting killed because the color of their skin
Dear God if You do excist can't you hear me beggin'
If You do please help us please you must
Because right now humanity turns itself into ashes and dust

Copyright Justin van Weerden
Mar 2015 · 830
O wat zou ik graag
Mijn herinneringen
Aan stukken rijten
Om ze vervolgens
Op een zomermiddag
Buiten op een kleedje
Stilletjes uit te zoeken
Om dan uiteindelijk
De door mij
Zorgvuldig uitgekozen
Weer aan elkaar te plakken
Alsof het is
Een oude filmrol
Zodat ik die op
Mijn allerlaatste dag
Af zou kunnen spelen
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
First dance
O please never Let me forget
Your joy full smile and your tears when you're sad
Please Let me always remember      
The sun of july and the snow of december            
And if I might forget one day
Come to me and tell me what you used to say
Smile to me when you can
So we can do our first dance again.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Fairy tale character
I want to be a wizard
So I could vanish your tears with a charm
I want to be a spy
So nobody can do you harm
I want to be a knight
So I could conquer you heart
I want to be a superhero
So I could fly with you around the world
But I will never be someone like that
I will be me until my finest hour
Still I will be there for you
Alltough I don't have a super power
Feb 2015 · 386
Je suis Charlie
My pencil is bleeding
The ink is dripping
on the floor
And I don't know what to do anymore
But alltough we get more afraid every day
Listen what I have to say
I keep writing everything in my poetry
And this will be the first of many
Je suis. Je suis
Feb 2015 · 2.7k
Life is unfair
A little girls weeps
Every second till she sleeps
Throughout the night she fights the tears
But they keep coming along with her fears
Her deepest fear is not waking up the next day
It's because what the doctor said that day
He said: ,, you're sick and have one year''
That's one year ago She thinks with fear
She does not want to die
And thinks why me........? why?

An old man weeps
Every second till he sleeps
Throughout the night he fights the tears But they keep coming along with his fears His deepest fear is waking up the next day It's because what the doctor said that day He said: ,,you're sick but we can not help you.
The authorities don't let us there's nothing we can do''
And the old man just wants it to end
So he won't have to feel anymore of the torment
He just wants to die
And thinks why me........? why?

We can fly to the moon but we can't help the girl with her pain
Still we can help the man but leave him wheeping in the cold rain
Do you think that It's fair
Or don't you even care
I close my eyes
Silently I listen
A voice that's vanished
That will sound forever
The voice that will always slingshot
The poetic words
Of the nightingale
Into the world
For a second I start to dream
I forget
What I saw
When my eyes were still open

Ik sluit mijn ogen
Zwijgend luister ik
Een stem die is weggestorven
Die voor eeuwig zal klinken        
De stem die voor altijd
De poëtische woorden                  
Van de zanger                                  
De lucht inslingerd
Even droom ik weg
Vergeet ik
Wat ik zag
Toen mijn ogen nog open waren
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
I'm an addict
I am an addict
Can't live without
When I stop using
I feel down and out

Did try it for a few weeks
Went into total lockdown
But after a while
I started to drown

My palms got sweaty
I started to suffocate
Couldn't breath anymore
And I lost my faith

So then I started using again
I just didn't know what I could do
So I decided to be an addict for life
Because I'm just too **** addicted to you
Feb 2015 · 696
Little bird
The little bird flies out of the nest
Spreads her little wings  
Her dear mother was still asleep
Die not notice the bird release
The little bird flies higher
The little bird flies further
Into the free world, into the big wide world
The little bird wanted to know everything What her dear mother had concealed
But when, hit by a piece of lead,
the little bird her last look in the free world took
The little bird finally understood
Why her mother had kept her silence
Feb 2015 · 3.0k
Sleep tight
Sleep soft and tight
In your warm and harmless bed.
Sleep soft and tight
Even if you deny the law
Sleep soft and tight
Have you ever heard of Versailles
Sleep soft and tight
Leave your nation in agony
Sleep soft and tight
But be aware in your dreams
Sleep soft and tight
You will meet your enemies
Feb 2015 · 626
The light
As the night has begun
Long after the Sun is gone
The Moon and stars play hide and seek
Behind a cloudy curtain of deceive
The darkness fills the streets of your mind
The shadows follow you as imperishable powers
And you ***** the way with your paws
Cutting through the darkness around you with your phiz
You'll need to follow the bright light shining in your heart
Then you don't have to hear and see
There will be no specter antagonizing you  
Then you will only have to dream
And "home" is the place where you eventually will be
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
The fight
I was down to my knees
Hands up and a gun to my head
They kept pulling the trigger
Bang Bang I was supposed to be death
Hell I even started to think
To pull the trigger myself so it could end
But I survived the struggle
And I wasn't about to bend
Than I already did
I was down to my knees
Just when I thought hell ****
I got to get back on my feet
I' ve got to fight back and stand tall
I am that unwritten book nobody will read
Unless I start to get back on my writing
You know life ain' t always going to be
A freaking **** fantasyfair
So yes I was down to my knees
But I started to fight back
I crawled out of the valley directly up on the hill
On top of it I screamed ,,Hell I'm back''
I screamed ,,Hello world this is me''
Yes it's not what you see
Ok I am size ''A little more''
Please dear world can I get an encore
I'm still happy I still live with joy
Alltough I wasn't that kind of boy
Now I am I am that kind of man
And there is really nothing you can
Nothing you can do anymore
To make my heart feel numb
And my head feel sour
I decided to live my life the way I want it to live
And I decided that I want to give
That I want to give and pass this feeling on
To my unborn daughter and unborn son
I am going to give this feeling to everybody who deserves it
Everybody who's feeling like ****
If you are too fat or you are too skinny
If you are too ugly or you are too pretty
If you are too gay or you are too straight
For equality I will start a public debate
I'll give equal rights to the white and black sheep
A promise I will intend to keep
Now dry all your invisible tears
And we'll fight all our darkest fears
Together we will start the fight
And we will fight side by side
Today we will stop the invisible tears we cry
So our smiles won't have to keep up the lie
We will rise like a phoenix
Start a history remix
People will remember our generation
As an solution instead of a mathematic eqaution
People will know our names like they know King, Ghandi and Mandela
This will be the start of a whole new era
Now everybody who's down to their knees
Stand up, stand tall and fight with me please
Spread our words around the globe
Spread our words of peace and hope
Together we will be strong
And nobody can do us wrong
Everybody will follow their dreams
So again by all means
Get out of the valley up to the hill
At least I know I will
I'm finally standing, screaming on my Georgian red hill
Feb 2015 · 3.5k
Invisible tears
You cry invisible tears
When you try to fight your darkest fears
You try to stay out of shock
But in your mind grows the fog
And nobody knows the invisible tears you cry
Because the smile on your face will keep up the lie
But you must must know that I know them all
And I will keep trying to whipe them away before you fall
Feb 2015 · 17.0k
Black rose
I thought that I found it.
The beauty I was searching for.
I thought that I found it.
The freedom I was fighting for.
I thought that I found it
The happyness I could only write about
I thought that I found it
And that it would stay forever without a doubt
I thought that I found it
But the truth wasn't even a little close
I thought that I found it
But it just happened to be a black rose
Feb 2015 · 910
He gave them a kiss before he left with his friends to a bar
The felt his love and affection
But a year later the kiss apeared to be a ****** judaskiss
And his son
And his daughter
And his wife
Were fictional crusified
Feb 2015 · 537
Bonnie and Clyde
You are like Bonnie
I am like Clyde
Not that we are criminals
But we stand side by side
And there is nobody
Who can take us apart
Because we love each other
With all of our heart
Feb 2015 · 2.5k
Prisoners of life
We are all prisonors
Of this place called life
Every man is imprisoned
And also every wife
Society is the warden
In this prison without walls
And society does it's work
Without any flaws
There is no way to escape
It's impossible to do
Even if you might have
A brother with a big tattoo
Yes there is really
No way in this life
You will find a way
To get out of it alive

— The End —