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When I was younger than I am to day
This is what I used to say:
,,When I grow up I want to be a policeman''
Well I didn't became police just a man
Still I am the same as I was back then
I am still doing everything I can
I'm still loved and I still love
For me that was always enough
But now I am older I am seeing more
I See things I used to ignore
Back in the day when I watched sesamestreet
When I didn't know a heart could bleed
One day I started watching the news
Stories about killing and abuse
They seemed to control the earth
Stories about people getting hurt
I still remember that day in 2001
It was the day my childhood was done
I saw a city filled with smoke
I saw a nation about to choke  
Still people live in pain and without being loved
Living like shadows, blindfolded and handcuffed
Crawling through the valleys of life
Feeling more death than alive
Wandering through a dessert looking for an oasis
All they can find is a mirage
Even close at home people live in poverty
Getting food and clothes from charity
Living on the streets and in wrecked homes
Living under our created domes
People getting killed because the color of their skin
Dear God if You do excist can't you hear me beggin'
If You do please help us please you must
Because right now humanity turns itself into ashes and dust

Copyright Justin van Weerden
  Mar 2015 Justin van Weerden
Never been perfect
always a mess
your list of ***** ups is
so much longer than achievements
And you walk through life
Like an unwritten tragedy

It's okay to be you
Because I love you
It's okay to be a mess
because we all are
and your biggest achievement is
how you are not hiding!
you show this world every day
how big your heart really is.

It's okay to be you
and not just because I love you
And you're not just a mess
but a work
in progress
O wat zou ik graag
Mijn herinneringen
Aan stukken rijten
Om ze vervolgens
Op een zomermiddag
Buiten op een kleedje
Stilletjes uit te zoeken
Om dan uiteindelijk
De door mij
Zorgvuldig uitgekozen
Weer aan elkaar te plakken
Alsof het is
Een oude filmrol
Zodat ik die op
Mijn allerlaatste dag
Af zou kunnen spelen
As I travel with my dreams
There are imaginary places to visit
Through the tunnels of thoughts
Sliding down with ease and delight
Towards the heart of created spaces
Feeling light as air, I fly carelessly
Like an albatross with expansive dreams
I soar above the imaginary lands
Where all the situations are more real
A reality, that is more affectionate
With hope in my heart, I fly along
Carefree and deep satisfaction
One day I can replace this reality
With the one that is more vicious
I love to travel with my dreams
My heart says, I shall be heard one day
I can be the architect to build another world
A reality where everyone life can thrive
  Mar 2015 Justin van Weerden
Nobody sees
The hurt
The pain
The loneliness
Nobody sees
The cracks
The strain
The sadness
To them
She's just another girl
Caught up in the tide
Thrown about by the waves
And left alone to die

Nobody sees
The cuts
The bruises
The seeping wounds
Nobody sees
The stitches
The sutures
The bleeding heart
To them
She's just another lost soul
Struggling to survive
Fighting a battle, a war
Waiting for help to arrive
O please never Let me forget
Your joy full smile and your tears when you're sad
Please Let me always remember      
The sun of july and the snow of december            
And if I might forget one day
Come to me and tell me what you used to say
Smile to me when you can
So we can do our first dance again.
From: Richard Riddle
using: "nicy stephanie" or "rita derrick"

You may already be aware of a message currently showing up in the HP message boxes from a female(supposedly) identifying herself only as "Miss Stephanie". She states that she saw/read your profile and is interested you, and has something important to tell you. She asks that you reply with YOUR email, then gives an email address supposedly belonging to her. No other information is given.
She will post two, or more poems, probably in an effort to gain trust and establish credibility. She may even mention the on-going situation with Boko Haram, or some other conflict. THIS IS A SCAM!! Once your email falls into the wrong hands, there are untold numbers of consequences.DELETE it immediately, then BLOCK IT.
Please pass this on!

Richard Riddle
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