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i was standing in a cue waiting for a bus
when a little kitten came up. for a fuss
he rubbed against my leg going to and fro
looking for a cuddle he didnt want to go

i stroked him on his back and he began to purr
purring even louder as i stroked his fur
then he walked away as happy as can be
as he wagged his tail to say goodbye to me
i remember the day. when i first met you
you took my breath away made me feel brand new
my heart it skipped a beat when i looked at you
with your lovely smile and your eyes so blue

you woke my soul inside set my spirit free
i knew you were the one.  that was meant for me
i love the way you are and your loving way
the sushine in my life every single day

everything you do makes me love you more
i get such a feeling i never felt before
the sushine in my life you will always be
sunshine for evermore i will always see
my dear pretty starling
you'll hold my fragile attention
for no more than perhaps a season

but i'll still sit under your acacia branch
collecting iridescent feathers
as i listen to you beckon away the sun

and my dear pretty starling
soon you'll migrate to warmer evergreen
so i wish your wispy heart farewell

for mine has rotted off like bad fruit
but i'll still tuck away the seeds
for your curious beak to plant elsewhere.
just to love each other thats all you need to last.

happiness forever as the years fly past

shared forever more with a love so true

just to love each other is all you need to do.

never let it fade let it slip away

show you love each other every single day

love each other always and keep your love that way

then the love you have will forever stay
some people they take drugs with life they cant cope

giving up reality giving up on hope

living in despair of the dark inside

like a darkened cave they runaway and hide.

addiction getting stronger every single day

reality of living begins to slip away

if they could find the help and will to carry on

life would be so different once the drugs have gone

— The End —