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nishta Jun 2019
my head is going to burst.
the thoughts are too crowded in my head.

the storm brews,
it shifts and turns,
rearing it's ugly head.
but i'm the only one who sees it.

my mouth is so bitter
the dryness of my throat slowly engulfing me.

the storm quietens,
slowly sinking to the floor,
not moving.
a corpse of what once lived.

my reprieve comes in intervals
the paranoia entrapping me till change makes it's way.
i sometimes wish i could be a naïve and oblivious girl once again, if it were to save me from my vice ,which is overthinking.
nishta Nov 2018
meet me there.
over the horizon,
where the line between the sky and mountains
ceases to exist.
where my canvas remains bare
and blindingly white.
to be painted.

splatter me with hues of colours,
then leave me
leave me unfinished.

so i dissolve
my very essence
pooling at my feet.
now a murky shade of brown
i seep to the ground
and lay there.

but a tiny flower blooms in my wake.
nothing but a fragment of what once thrived.
ive been gone for quite a while.
physically and mentally
nishta Sep 2018
i watched the clouds
the endless sky.
has now become a part of me.
oh the feeling of nostalgia is so overpowering.
nishta Sep 2018
who do you think you are?
do you think it's you and only you?
alas dear friend, you are but a mere speck
in the grand scheme of the universe.
ruining what's left
just for the sake of it.
taking everything as a joke
maybe it reflects something within.
there will be repercussions.
i see them gushing towards you
like a tidal wave.
and when dust settles
and darkness swallows you whole
who will be there?
for once, it would have been me.
what goes around comes around. life is an endless karmic cycle.
nishta Sep 2018
drifting apart
like two sheets of ice
my love.
isn't it lovely?
what once was mine
is now not.
is it me?
am i the problem?
am i ever going to not be
i'm drowning.
i'm drowning and i can't see the light
that once was so bright.
i'm blinded by darkness
yet my eyes are open wide.
when did i become so bitter?
so jaded?
facing problems i've never faced before
has made me weary.
she is forgetting
me, our memories, everything.
i want to flee.
from this town, from this world
from life.
isn't it lovely?
what once was mine
is now not.
i've been struggling. i've never had a friend problem where i actually want to hold on to it. but its just not working out. this growing dislike towards her just keeps growing each day. i'm not depressed though this feeling of betrayal from friends, this feeling of drifting apart from someone i once thought was dear... it's..hard. and the worst part is she doesn't care. And now i don't too.
nishta Sep 2018
how time flies
in the blink of an eye
you were gone.
my firefly.
sufjan stevens is my muse.
nishta Sep 2018
i'll tell you my woes
peel the corners of my skin
and though the whispers turn into silence,
i am whole.

i found the missing piece
heard the echo of your words
and though i know it is a little too late,
i am whole.

i fall apart
fragment by fragment
and you are finally here just as i close my eyes,
i am whole.
Hi! My attempt at explaining this feeling i can't really identify except for in maybe one word- 'saudade'.

— The End —