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CG Sep 2017
You are the wolf,
wild, reckless, free
Howling up at the moon,
Breath seen in the cold night,
From or to - unknown.
Instinctive, predatory, beautiful
You are the wolf.
CG Mar 2016
Sometimes I wonder if you still think of me,
In all the ways you used to.
Eyes wild in the moonlight,
Thoughts escaping in sentences too quick to process.
Shy chuckles,
Hands too cold, waiting for yours.
An ache for adventure,
You knew exactly where that lead.
Sleepless nights we'd sit beneath the stars,
And wonder if all of this was just a dream.
I hope you still think of me,
Because I know I think of you.
  Sep 2014 CG
Cold is, a dark winter day.
Cold is, a cup of ice.
Cold is, the house in mid afternoon after a hot summers day.
But, if cold is a temperature..
Why do I feel so cold when she looks through me?
She's back
CG Jul 2014
I hope you still haunt me
once you're actually dead.
CG May 2014
I wish you knew
how hard I try
for you.
CG Apr 2014
It's in my head where he now lives.
Holding my thoughts,
Instead of my body.
Filling my mind with lies,
Rather than lying next to me.
Stealing my attention,
Instead of quick kisses.
Leaving me for dead,
Rather than making me feel alive.
9:03 pm
CG Apr 2014
You smiled in a way that I could never,
The glint in your eyes stole my every breath.
After you left it made sense,
Why I always felt like I was suffocating.
You thought in a way that I could never,
The beauty of your thoughts were unreal.
After you left I understood why I felt so hideous,
The beauty of your mind,
Made everything else ugly in comparison.
You looked at me in a way that I could never,
The way you gazed at me made me feel so loved.
And after you left I understood the aching in my chest,
And knew I would never love anyone,
The way I loved you.
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