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Piotr Sordyl Dec 2017
Remember me, please,
When the last sliver of light ceases,
When the sound of the last sigh slowly dies,
When my hand no longer caresses your chin.

Those lips curving in smile, tenderly pressed against your chest,
The single, crystal-clear tear that would never leave my eyes,
And the laughter you would always break free from my sorrow.

Caress those memories:
The warm assurance of unwavering bond, the calming embraces,
The reason to be and the reason to withstand,
And that sweet melody when I called your name.

Do remember, and smile.
As all of it had happened once, I assure you,
however unreal it seems, like an illusion or a dream.
I promise, I will remember, wherever it may be.
If I ever had the opportunity to say the last words to the only person that has ever truly held my heart and has seen the deepest ends of my mind, I would certainly do.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
Ubiquitous, frozen river of time,
You know neither birth nor life,
You bear no past, await no future,
You even deny the present time.

All-might, frozen river of time,
You don't even have to fight to survive,
Without an end, you fear no death,
You shatter beliefs and all of faith.

Indifferent, frozen river of time,
Every sailor will meet their demise,
No matter status, genius or valiance,
Nothing extends beyond your boundaries.

One force that governs,
All the minds' madness,
Never to be seen,
Never to be captured.
We all live according to it, yet we know nothing about its nature.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
River's flow
Steadily passing,
Like human beauty.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
Don't look away with your chestnut eyes,
That send shivers along my spine,
Don't look away shyly, tongue-tied,
Worried too much what is on my mind.

Let your eyes wander, stealthily meet with mine,
So I could for a moment wonder what's behind,
That lonely and nostalgic, yet scared and distant look,
Would you mind so much if I spoke to you?

Wish I had known what thought was laying hidden
Beneath your curly hair's dark blond crown,
What sounds would utter your silent lips,
If we both had courage to speak our mind.

Your hands so delicate yet strongly hold to safety,
Like an eagle watching for a single sign to fly;
I wish I could hold them fondly in mine,
Let intimacy tame fear of the foreign.

Not so far physically, yet on the edge of running,
First conversation can't be that harming,
So I pledge to you, stay, as I wish to do,
Who know, maybe next time I will speak to you?
Dear Stranger,

That weak smile we have exchanged today made me think of you whole day. Even though your face fades from my memory when I write it, I wan to cherish this feeling and inspiration it brought.

Next time, I promise to say something.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
Wind filaments
hurl withered leaves;
We cuddle our smiles.
In the autumn of our lives, we hold our hands close to our hearts in fleeting moments of decline.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
Whenever one lays their eyes upon us,
What is perceived is something that exists
Only at the peripheries of their mind, while
Things that makes us, us, are the opposite.

One would gasp in awe at someone's beauty,
Shiver in excitement about their courage and might,
Imagine countless friends and lovers they have;
How success is their husband and joy is their wife.

Surely, for them, talent blossoms like a flowers,
And everyone knows when and why they laugh, and joins;
And if they ever cry(why would they at all?),
More than one soothing arm awaits their call.

While what is unseen lurks beneath beholder's delusions,
Who wants to see what one envies most and searches for
In oneself in vain. As how they see us is the opposite
of us, true, but the opposite of themselves at the time as well.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
I don’t want my words
Turning into streams of mud,
Drowning ears and tongue of mine,
Suffocating helpless mind.

I don’t want my thoughts
To be heavier than the mountains,
Strangling me with piercing chain,
Leaving as an empty shell.

I don’t want to feel this pain
Of every moment being afraid,
Worrying if I’m good enough,
Trying match “the proper” ones.

I don’t want to be alone,
Share my smile with empty wall,
While we all are so the same,
yet afraid of others’ shade.

Will you ever stop and grab,
Hand, I always keep reached out?
Or should I rather sit with note:
“Join me, please, if you want to talk”?
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