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 Sep 2014 Ben
Ellie Shelley
All this why-ing
Can I just be alone
My eyes hurt
Hands shaking
All my thought fill this room
One minute of happy
Is all I'm asking
My fake smile
Isn't enough anymore
Tears pour
Blood shot eyes
Don't worry
I'm fine
Or maybe I'm not
Maybe all this
Is my plea for you
I'm dead inside
Or maybe I'm just
A spark
I need a light
Your burning flame
And maybe
I'll be
Alive again
 Sep 2014 Ben
Lystra Barraquias
Don't you dare fall in love with me
I'll hurt you.
For selfish reasons
I'm a wolf clothed in sheepskin

Don't let me get underneath yours

I come not from a broken past
But something's happened within
A heart that avoids everything

I'll lure you in

You'll be my taste test
Chewed on and spat out
Discarded cud on the mud

Don't you dare fall in love with me
Cause I'm not broken
And can never be fixed
I'm a rose with thorned stems
Hold me and you'll bleed
Let me go...

Let me go
It's better for us.
If that's so
 Sep 2014 Ben
Ayman Zain
He would stick all his dreams inside a bottle
Then throw it away into the sea
Watching it slowly being carried away by the water
Reaching to a being in the sky if he'll ever see tomorrow
He keeps gazing at the bottle
Hoping it would stay afloat
So he could share his dreams and hopes
With another lost soul
But instead the bottle sinks
And doesn't seem visible from the far
So now his dreams are kept secret
Only the bottom of the sea knows how he feels
My brain is a very dark place.
 Sep 2014 Ben
Ayman Zain
It's raining luck
And I'm sitting here under an umbrella
 Sep 2014 Ben
McDaniels A Gyamfi
Give me one more push
Before thy hands, swing into despair
Give it One more chance
A seed to grow
A love to ferment
We haste to want
We slip from the top;
Loaded with immaturity.
Sharpening your edge takes time.
Be patient with me;
I will improve.
Don’t give up on me;
The luggage on my soul, heavy.
Hold my hand for a little while and
Be my eyes, before I go missing,
In this dark jungle.
You promised, you were in for a long haul;
The fear in your eyes, sounds like
A racing horse, without a rider.
My code is red hot endurance, to the end of the rope.
I am in, and there is no turning back,
from what is rightly mine.
- McDaniels Gyamfi
 Sep 2014 Ben
McDaniels A Gyamfi
Uncharacteristic of her;
She's been wearing vintage love garment
Over her deep wounds and scars of hate,
To tame all her demons from,
Tearing them apart, in broad day light.
Jesus! her demeanor is elegantly beautiful.

Copyright|McDaniels Gyamfi
 Sep 2014 Ben
McDaniels A Gyamfi
The search is over
I will burn all these dictionaries
From this universal library
Until it all turns into ashes
I will cast it into the ocean  
And wait till it all disappears
You, you define beauty
And love, better than all
 Sep 2014 Ben
Musfiq us shaleheen
Alone in a blank meadow
even that night hadn't grown any shadow

Certainly I had seen
the mystic moonlight was falling on the purples of the valleys, dancing  with the sweet summer breeze

Certainly I had seen,
Her smile on the dark side of the moon,
how did she unclosed herself in an unclogged sky!
how did her glimmer attract the arbitary!
did you see her streaming  beauty anytime?

I am not a poet at all,
So I could not write an ode about her beauty,
Yeah, finally dreams were coming slowly from the wide open sky_

Slowly and Slowly,
I was mingling with her shimmering
even I could not bear her long
wild and mad looks,
such a heavy unfolded glee,
Oh! very smashing shines spreading beyond  the valley,
That only be vented by the poetess Shelley....

@Musfiq us shaleheen
sometimes beauty grabs us and it feels unspeakable but we enjoy it in our mind and soul and it grows romanticism....
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