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 Sep 2015 kayla
 Sep 2015 kayla
You are becoming my sense of home, one that I don't feel like abandoning.
Sorry for all the short stuff

 Aug 2015 kayla
Mitch Prax
10:54 PM
 Aug 2015 kayla
Mitch Prax
This feeling returns
Like running in circles
It's getting old
It leaves me at the
bottom of the bottle
lonely and cold
 Aug 2015 kayla
Sherry Asbury
A penance of fruit flies
races me to the lug of peaches.
where steaming jars wait for
the suppers of a winter not yet
more than a vague chill
beneath a sweater left unbuttoned.
A short poem that came to mind when I thought back to my days of canning.
 Aug 2015 kayla
Longing For
 Aug 2015 kayla
Slipping away from this late summer rabbit hole, dulling to the whims of a benevolent winter
 Dec 2014 kayla
Suzy Hazelwood
I would rather sleep
on a cold stone floor
than lay solitary
in the lie of luxury
loveless sheets
a bed full of wishes
where I need you to be
 Nov 2014 kayla
Devon Webb
I make up
in my head
constructed from the
words you never

I still can't decide
if silence
would be preferable.
 Nov 2014 kayla
willow martz
i once read
where someone said

'we run from rain
but sit in tubs filled with

and since that moment,
on days where teardrops
fall from the sky,
i have not skipped out
on letting them kiss my skin
and melt into my hair

because i want to feel
everything i can in this mundane
life before -
i lived // one rebublic
 Nov 2014 kayla
Cut your teeth
on gasoline,
white lies, small death
and saccharine.

Hollow chests,
empty smiles.
thoughts and hearts
will stop a while.

Cold hands,
cold hearts.
we're dangerous children
with poisonous darts.
 Nov 2014 kayla
Olivia Choi
Tears crumple to the ground
But so do the raindrops

And as you can't tell the difference
In which one is which

One soul gone
In a storm of millions
Would not ever seem amiss
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