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IncadesentCat May 2015
on a day to day basis
there is not constant
no consistency with the way I feel.
So you can say that you know me
but I'll tell you that you're wrong
because hell, I don't even know me.
IncadesentCat May 2015
You hold desperately to the memories of your past, and they drag you back.
I will not be dragged back with you.
It's okay if you don't know how to let go,
Because I do.
IncadesentCat May 2015
As day begets day begets day
The hornier I get, the less I can wait.
IncadesentCat May 2015
It kills me not to be by her side
not being able to cuddle her at night

we'll be back together soon
then we can swoon, swoon, swoon

but until that long awaited night
I'll hug your picture and hold on tight
So this is defeat.
This place in which helplessness and discontentment meet.
This off rhythmic step to a melancholy beat.

It seeps into the creeks where light once resided.
Confiding to no one the fears that I hide when shedding my tears in places pride cant thrive in.


This feeling that cant be beat nor destroyed.
This strong-force that makes all joyful things void.
In this world so dark and dim, I ask myself "where do I begin?"
How do I open the windows to my soul to shed the light in?

For it's harder than it seems... the fall of shattered broken dreams.
This place where self-destructive schemes and life's worn down seams meet.


*-Bobbie Leigh
IncadesentCat Dec 2014
They said no pulse
could match the pace of mine
but our two souls
beat in time
We create a web around us
With our feelings and emotions
To secure us from any danger
Getting caught in that world
Unaware of what’s happening around
Obstructing our vision
Somehow getting caught in there
And realize quite late
The world has changed and moved ahead
Leaving us behind
Only to reminisce what has been
Before we realize, it’s too late
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