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  Sep 2015 kayla
You are becoming my sense of home, one that I don't feel like abandoning.
Sorry for all the short stuff

kayla Sep 2015
False eyes cast shadows
across the glint of a dark horizon.

A stained mattress and a trace of senselessness.
A vacancy and a void.

Prospects of chaos.
Overbearing amounts of black coffee.

A box of aged slides,
projected onto a brick wall.

Nerve endings.
A small beginning.
kayla Aug 2015
scuffling along the grassy path.
worn out and wondering.
wandering and wandering.
calmly morbid.
lost in the thick scent
of pine trees and dead leaves.
shatter my bones and leave me to the crows.
kayla Aug 2015
Washing my hands clean of the marks I no longer want to see.
  Aug 2015 kayla

This morning drifts
upon scattered leaves
as tiny raindrops
fall the eaves
from clouded form
in shades of gray
when sunlight hides
its shine away

The flowers droop
of garden share
neath willow branch
and dampened air
with spider webs
in woven strand
mosaics draped
across the land

And sparrows lie
in huddled rest
on folded wing
within their nest
A dreary day
of tempered mist
when colors found
are darkly kissed

Yet as I gaze
into your eyes
my thoughts begin
with azure skies,
sweet buttercups
of golden glow
in meadows green
their petals flow

Of butterflies
and bumblebees
like rainbows float
through emerald trees
For every beauty
there might be
I find them when
you smile at me

So bring the rain
and gloomy faire
For in my heart
I shall not care
As all my days
begin with you
and there is not
*a better hue
Good morning beautiful
kayla Aug 2015
uncovered comfort in
empty nothingness.

outer space and
fields of wildflowers.

drunk on orbits.
jumping off skyscrapers filled with dust.

consuming vases overfilled with memories
and scattered pieces of home.

dark matter summoning tranquility.
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