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  Feb 2018 Lost Boy
Rebel Heart
The stars only rise
To fall when no one sees
The ones you miss
A lost echo in the breeze

The memories left
Like old jeans are frayed
The photographs you carry
A burden when they fade
(Another lyric wall quote ~BM)

(Front Page 2/14/2018)
Lost Boy Feb 2018
We are but so young
We could chase down the world
Yet the past that haunts us
Weighs down on our shoulders
We cry and we scream
Nobody hearing a thing
Stuck in the abyss
Of what could’ve been
Cause I was a fool
And shouldn’t have let you go
They say our first love
Always hurts the worse
The scars you left me
I can’t wash away
I lost you once
Then twice and again
Living our own lives
But if you ask
I’m not ready to lose you again
I never will be
Because we’re still too young
You’re supposed to chase the world
Not lay around waiting
For your world to end
I’ll never be ready
Come next year or one after
To never be with you
Ever again
New edit to sumthing old I wrote dedicated to a close friend of mine I've lost but will lose forever in a couple years... I'm not and never will be ready for the heartache because much as I wish dealing with death was easy it isn't

Front page-2/10/18
Lost Boy Feb 2018
When you’re breaking
You have this look in your eye
Of betrayal
Knowing life brought your hopes up
Just to drive you to the ground
And your heart broke into a thousand more pieces.

When you’re breaking
I can see it in your smile
That strong mask you go back to
When you can’t deal with
The weight of the world
on your shoulders.

When you’re breaking
Your mind goes back to default
Telling you you’re alone
And that you have to be alone
Because that’s how you were raised

When you’re breaking
I’m breaking too
I tell you you don’t have to
Go through it alone
I’d walk with you through hell

When you’re breaking
You don’t see how much people care
How much love is there for you
If you only opened your heart
And let me put your pieces back together
Something I wrote abou a year ago because February had always been a bad year for us
  Feb 2018 Lost Boy
ashley lingy
Occasionally I come across a person with brown eyes,
and I compliment them on those peepers.

More often than not, they laugh and say,
"Oh, they're just brown."
"They're **** colored."
"I wish I had blue/green/hazel eyes."

I want to grab them by the shoulders,
pull them close to me,
look into those eyes and say,
"Your eyes are alluring, deep, and warm."

Eyes the color of delicious coffee,
of which I want to gulp every last drop.
Eyes the color of ancient leather,
the binding of the best books.
Eyes the color of the soft soil,
from which everything good grows.

I say,
"Love your eyes, it's how the rest of us see into your soul."

Brown eyes are my favorite eyes.
Brown eyes make me feel like I am home.
Lost Boy Feb 2018
Strange girl
With the pretty brown eyes
Long hair
A smile like the moon

Come here
Won't you tell me your name
Sit, have some drinks
No need to leave soon

Your smile got the whole room captivated
Your laugh the greatest I've ever seen
And I promise if you give me one chance
I'd treat you to a day, treat you like a queen

We don't got to spill our secrets
We don't got to put our masks up
Sunrise till the sunsets
We can dance we can laugh we can mix it up

You got me going crazy
Tell me baby
What's your name?

I know you think I'm crazy
Tell me lady
About your self

Cause I see you
And all I wanna do
Is throw all my plans away

Cause I see you
And all I have to lose
Is missing you at the end of the day
One o the first songs I wrote that I completed with the help of a mystery girl I knew sum years ago.. Here's a sample of the beginning of the song let me know what y'all think.

Front Page-2/2/18
Lost Boy Jan 2018
She'll dance like there's no tomorrow
She'll sing like there's no today
One smile from her
You'll watch your past fade away
Cause she doesn't need to be loved
Her spirit was independent from the start
But she does need to be supported
Someone to break down the walls around her heart
Some days she'll be the ray of sunshine
You always need on a cloudy day
Other days she'll be the storm itself
She'll scream or lock herself away
When she does that remember to check on her
For she burns so bright she might burn out
But don't push her until she finds her peace again
Or she might throw paint at you and shout
She's a treasure chest full of secrets
You'll unlock more of her every day
The hardest thing is to gain her trust
You have to show her you're going to stay
Love her like you're her anchor
She goes through a storm everyday you see
Inspire her like you're her wings
All she wanted in life was to feel free
Most of all when the sun sets
And she tells you she's ready to sleep
Don't believe her for a second
That's when her demons come out from the deep
You see, she guards her heart
Like she guards her soul
She can't express love
Even if it makes her whole
Hold her close
And hold her steady
One step at a time
Until she's ready
She's been broken too many times
I write this cause I'm aware
I'm one of the ones who built her up
Just to take away her flare
Don't waste your time staring at the stars, with her you'll have your own fiery universe
Lost Boy Dec 2017
I still dwell on the way
Your eyes lit up for Christmas
Your hate for cold
Yet your love for the Holiday snow
Still etched in my fine memories

Funny how the two of us
Both had broken families
Yet you made sure to light up your home
To make Santa real for the little ones
Your rooms filled with fake snow
Gifts, lights, and love

However broken the tragic edges
Of your Christmas past
You still made it come alive
In the present
Giving and giving
Until you were left with nothing

Until your Christmas spirit
Finally faded, cracked, and broke

Remember building snowmen
And skiing down hills
Mornings full of hot cocoa
Room of laughter and cheers

Oh angel of mine
Come spread your wings again
To give away some holiday cheer
That this Christmas lacks
Oh sweet princess of snow
Melt the ice around your heart
Spread the love
And watch the magic grow
Because you were all I wanted for Christmas, this year and last. Yet it seems my dream of us is stuck in Christmas past
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