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Feb 2018
When you’re breaking
You have this look in your eye
Of betrayal
Knowing life brought your hopes up
Just to drive you to the ground
And your heart broke into a thousand more pieces.

When you’re breaking
I can see it in your smile
That strong mask you go back to
When you can’t deal with
The weight of the world
on your shoulders.

When you’re breaking
Your mind goes back to default
Telling you you’re alone
And that you have to be alone
Because that’s how you were raised

When you’re breaking
I’m breaking too
I tell you you don’t have to
Go through it alone
I’d walk with you through hell

When you’re breaking
You don’t see how much people care
How much love is there for you
If you only opened your heart
And let me put your pieces back together
Something I wrote abou a year ago because February had always been a bad year for us
Written by
Lost Boy  19/M/Nowhere
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