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921 · Feb 2015
.uoy st'II'ts you.
ThoughT Feb 2015
splurge on the urge to serve well colored desserts
binge with no purge.
chomp away conversation and feel it where it hurts

you are more abundant,
than all the currency you could ever carry in your pocket or purse
yet one of those black holes carries anxiety, profiling, while fear lurks

For many moons, mirrors were dispersed to the cursed,
Weeping and wallowing in whispering whirlwinds of woeful words unheard -
the never-ending spreading by attempting image cementing,
projecting lists with thoughtless flaws causing immediate rejection
with time the mind played a game to cage you in it's name,
draining your pay, benefits, and full pension
releasing the need to sow the seed for an introspective gaze
you hold the key to breathe through the chains of that imaginatory detention space



Suddenly walls lift from the maze you assumed was fatal race
Your heart glows
Knowing you're on the path you were hinted at but never faced
To forever flow forward with a loving third eye seeing absolute grace,
emitting energy in everyone, thing, mirror, and place
immediate influx of infectious bliss-infusing airwaves vibrate to the tune  of soul affection~
to realize inbetween scenes you appreciate the mystery,
part of a pinpoint plan, puzzle piecing the learned ability to see -perfection~

It's you.
ThoughT Apr 2014
Subtle message
Instantly symbolic
Transferred it to the long-term the moment I got it.

I'm taking a pause

Living, slowly fulfilling my cause

Paying attention, in a state of awe
Not waiting for any particular call
Blessed with a canvas,

Where the only law is to draw

Head in the air,
Feet on the ground
Realities, only differ based on what we allow

I've found peace
That travels with me when I hit the streets
Exhale for a gentle release
Break your soul free from the mental capacities' fees

Do what you love,  please
I want us to walk away happy,

With ease, away from our shells like a feather in the breeze~
ThoughT Oct 2012
In love with mother Earth, fighting against the man.
She can only sit and watch as he sells off all of her land.
So now I take a stand, no more boundaries in high demand.
You must do away with the brands in order to let beauty expand,
or else we'll all be ******.. done.
We all are capable of being the ones with the gun, but it's not in my nature.
She tries to teach so much while man tries to **** her, dissect and state her.
He has the upper hand right now, stop pushing off til later.
Our security blanket is being ripped apart by our own actions.
Everything you're told is controlled by behind-the-scene factions.
Energize yourselves, a revolutionary chain-reaction.
Eventually we grow leaves after sprouting from the seed and we'll see your true colors,
whether or not you wear 'em like a fashion.
2 sides are clashin', steady bashing the other because walls are too big for ideas to start mashin'.
Hashin' up some trouble, living life in a bubble that we can't see with the Hubble.
Turn your egos into rubble, and fight for all who call Earth home.
Results may very, outcome unknown.
If the actions are there, the positivity spreads.
All I've ever wanted to do was spin some thoughts into your heads.
We'll be guided by the wind, and float like a feather.
As long as we stand together we can weather any weather;=a.474588759227082.111119.100000278868971&type;=1&theater
905 · Feb 2017
Existential paranoia
ThoughT Feb 2017
Words. Work.
Getting old. ***** shirt.  
Exhaustion remains after washing away stains from dirt.  
Lower back hurts,
..but this mindstate is not where I'll stay.  
Meaningless pay spending my hours when I just want to create and play.  
Heavy body, cat nap after embers hit the ashtray.  Astral stray.  
The most nutritious are sometimes the first to decay.  
Get up just to lay.  
Easy to see darkness when there's no heart in the frame..  

So I'll adjust how I see, and remember to breathe,
because all of life comes to us with ease.  
Gonna physically release just to come back and share my dream
Yes yes, nothing less.  
Do what you love
is all I can confess.  
Limited time, I see that we're blessed
Hope to make the most of mine,
before in peace we rest

Death sentence. Moral Repentance.
In the age of remembrance blinded by pyrotechnics.  
Embody the calisthenics and honor further than aesthetics.  
Depths beyond measurement kissing anti-venom lips.  
Tethered to the weather within our steady blissful trips.  
The clock can tick all it wants but the hands are losing their grip.  Proving nothing to be more beautiful than this present-tense eclipse
Intuition is our intangible compass
Creating a compassionate instance that can't be diminished
I am hear forever to play with the trinkets and parade those that listen
Love is all encompassing, not just a mission
Thoughts come to fruition
Extending what you envision
The Synapse fires like a piston
What you've done indicates your current position.  
Think now my friend.
 You are the sun shining at the podium speaking at the perceived end.  
You are the sum dictating everything yet to come.  
Thank you for praising the vibration connected to one.  
Take a deep breath, smile, and have fun.  
This strong web we've achieved can never be unspun.
Reflect your true self and know we've only just begun~
904 · Jan 2014
ThoughT Jan 2014
Slow down
Move fast
Bare soul
Fake mask
Stress out

Journey on
Create new tracks
Follow intuition
Universal facts
Time erodes
Enjoy the cracks
Into the void
A light in the black

Many questions
Just ask
Past is past
Don't bask
Be here right now
It won't last
Life is short
*Have a blast :)
ThoughT Dec 2012
I can be brash with my Scorpio nature,
but I've since realized that every action is what I pay for.
Entertainment is what most peeps stay for, but what about a spirited connection?
Introspection is a reflection of your being.
You want to be beautiful, remember it's you're personality we're seeing.
Time breaks everything down into perspective,
take this in please, for our collective.
Follow your passion
Rather than focus on fashion trends that come to end within two weeks.
Try and curve the corners of your mouth to emphasize two True peaks.
Want stress relief? Look in the mirror and smile.
It may not be ever-lasting, and if you falter, come talk to me for awhile.
ThoughT Aug 2013
Too hungover to sleep,
Third eye too clouded to see into my dreams.
More broken glass from the night that's passed,
Dealing with questionable decisions that amounted up pretty fast.
Soreness to adorn my body with more colors that can be observed
Health withering and so I head to Mother's nature preserve.

I wonder what I do to my nerve endings,
While I take on all that's mind-bending,
To eventually open it back up.
Seeing a world through more than just squinted eyes
Situations shed light the more you try.
My body is hurtin' but in the woods I come alive,
revitalize, and realize where I'm meant to be through what I can perceive.
The beauty I capture with my scopes on the daily makes think I'm living a dream.

Time to show my wildflower,
Outside with the fresh oxygen that I will devour.
I've given myself signs that point to my true power.
Now, no time to sit,
Gotta make the most of what could be my last hour
896 · Jan 2015
ThoughT Jan 2015
For all the plants that never get the chance to dance in the wind
For the wilted who spill, drinking away their built up sin
To those who choose not to speak in order to avoid disaster again
I dare you, to put down your sword, and pick up a pen

Defenses guarding false pretenses anchored by apprehension
Left my soul suspended in the smog of a ***** dimension
Purging through pores and unlocking my mind's doors
Left me to believe in things I could not accept before.
Eye put on a pair of wings to elevate and see what was really in store

I chose limitless bliss and unending warmth

No longer was life a chore,
implored by something more
lured by an unseen force

and with all three eyes I now adore

..Knowing I am a fractal
could-be casualty
swallowing humanity's vain reality
drowning out the worst in me
cutting all my puppet strings
from the cloud that had power to make me bleed

noticing symphonic synchronicites
I jumped in the river and floated downstream

inhaling sweet oxygen no longer dying to breathe
For when we try to release, we see peace as it comes naturally
we've been searching for tranquility when it exists in you n me.
the modified god with unlimited ability
Yet even the highest high can go blind when we lose the will to dream

I can't be there for each road as it bends
But I know as of late, can't say I've been a good friend.
So with every ounce of love I can extend
I'll meet you down the river, at what seems to be the percieved end.

You will meet an eagle eager to offer you a feather,
dip it in ink.
Write out every single pattern of you weather,
and let it take you to the brink.
The frequencies within and around will astound as you use shears on your own tether,
Faster than you can unconsciously blink.
At last you can relax knowing it gets better forever,
For together we won the right to think.
877 · May 2013
ThoughT May 2013
Wherever we sit,
Becomes our throne.
The place our heads lay
Becomes our home.

When the feet seek adventure
It may be time to roam.
When the head becomes clouded
It wants reminder it's not alone
When the soul hungers,
You begin to see the beauty in the unknown.

We are
Higher powers
with potential of creating shine or showers
Meta-physical radiance that can perk up wildflowers

Extraordinary energy waves
No longer to be confined by the magnificent mesh of flesh
When the light inside grows, the air becomes even more fresh.
The world seems more lively, energetic.
Things around you change and you may not expect it.
"Coincidences" occur, and many instances of "luck" persist.
One may think, "there really might be something to this.."

Insurmountable capabilities, most undiscovered.
The universe is a playground that's meant for all the lovers.


From touches of Divinity to infinity
We can't be contained
Though the body grows old
The soul still remains
867 · Mar 2013
A Letter To Better
ThoughT Mar 2013
I had a conversation with my father but no words were said.  
I've asked him for answers before,
and I still have the feeling embedded in my head that
Some sense of clarity, I will be fed.

Some speak to God in hopes that the right light will shine upon the dark places in their lives
To show true meaning.
Sometimes I'm slowly weaning, off of my habits that are detrimental,
That mask the fundamental issues behind my problems.
Right now I may sound feeble and weak,
But I seek,
Because I'm not sure that it's just that me can solve them.

I live the life of an in-the-know outsider,
Yet I feel so far behind in a society full of people wearing blinders.
Is it just that I'm in a rut?
Or am I only half-living, with eyes wide shut?
I know what's wrong,
But I don't feel I am strong enough to set the stage.
It's as if I'm waiting for something so radical to hit me in the face to spark the necessary change.

Strange isn't it?
I mean the solutions are so simplistic.
It's hard even admitting these things being one usually so realistic.
But on the contrary I have been known to manipulate my reality with conflicts that are imaginary.  
Acknowledging contradictions are comparable to a prescription for the soul,
One spot higher on the stairs.
Self-improvement can take it's toll, but we don't carry on without repairs.

This life happens so fast that in a flash you might've missed it.
So I'm holding on,
To this pencil and the art of right now.
I feel I must do what I can,
and keep faith that fulfillment can be achieved, somehow.
Whatever comes my way though, I absolutely cannot retreat,
Because there's no telling when I too, shall inevitably rest in peace.
866 · Jan 2014
A prison no one can see
ThoughT Jan 2014
Pressed send and again I feel so far away,
Disconnected to loved ones I could only hope would stay.
So much energy given, the focus always leaves myself.
Caught in the waves of everything, if only I could ask for help.

I could, but I don't even know what to say
Wouldn't want you to waste your time, seeing as you already have a full tray.
Sorry if I can't muster a full smile, but I'll still wish you a good day.
I can be here, but disappear, into imagination - I stray.

I'm so cold
my words are mostly untold
my back reminds me I'm getting old
throughout life I was too often scolded
everyone thought I would be so easily molded
Bent backwards, I had eventually folded.
The stories are remembered, but not that I told it
This is why I write, to keep track of this whole skit
My heart is for you, you can leave behind the dull crypt
I always hold on until it's pulled, and I slip,

Back into my dark caverns only to  hear the occasional water drip

All I wanted was a type of unconditional love, someone who wanted me in their grip
But after all, this life is one long trip,
You fall, and get back up
Each instance hurts, after all you're a human with a cup.
Half the contents are there, yet, still wondering which way's down and which way's up.

Diamond in the rough, lost at sea
Maybe I'll see you where the sky meets the trees
I whispered your name, into the breeze
Just always remember that I love you, please

My body just wants to crumble with every exhale
*Dying to release
ThoughT Sep 2013
I just had, what I believe to be, the most profound conversation up to this moment in time..
With the splendor within night sky, and all that is beyond me.
It was also messages to myself,
to live up to the potential that resides,
and to answer.. when the higher calling presents itself.
If you're ever feeling down, look up.
The sky never lies when it shows us the significance of our lives.

From the leaves on the trees to every touch from the breeze.
We are living miracles.
When you know what you must do, nothing, must stop you.
Bask in the present for a moment, just breathe, slow and deep.
Ask for answers to present themselves in dreams, before you fall asleep.
I love all of you.
Let's do, all that we can, even if we're unsure of the outcome.
Sweet dreams you divine creatures,
the manifestations of our thoughts will come soon enough.
Just be ready, for the choices are yours~
ThoughT Aug 2015
I am having a hard time. It's my mind, and the world it defines. Blinded by rules and regulations written by those that don't know us, and don't care. The only vulnerability most of us know is when our body's bare.. I too almost forgot how to share. What you see in the mirror is nothin meant to be compared. Weeks are consumed $pending time, for the acquisition of wealth. Months fly by and you start to wonder about the deterioration of your health. These toxic chemicals are cheap, ever flowing addictions resulting in dependencies.  Simple actions can turn into deadly tendencies.  Pharmaceuticals outweigh compassion by a number I can't fathom. Instead of knee-**** reactions, let's seek to satisfy our passions.  I finally got a mic to record, but I am sick, and my voice is hoarse. I wonder about these humans and their senseless wars. We've been conditioned to unlearn the natural laws of love. It's so easy to think we are singular separate entities from the sky that shines above. We are not alone, and beyond our shells we are always home. We see the world not for what it is, but how we are. When you look up tonight, remember you are that bright, beautiful star. Upon writing this I felt so low. My dear sister hit me up and a smile started to show. I want to cry, and exercise my body to maximize this plane's time. This is just another example of how I release and thrive through the art of rhyme.  So I call this, the illusion of pain and isolation; because initially I was only focused on my frustrations - self-projected hallucinations with no sense of destination.  Breathe your dreams into contemplation within every moment you're facing.  Words enter the frame that can maintain a state of hypnotic paralysis.  Rocks ripple our waters but we can calm our reflective surface.  Blow a kiss, feel the bliss and see purpose in your skit.  Think of the universe when you hurt, because without you, this doesn't exist.
Low to high, in a matter of rhyme.
ThoughT Nov 2013
I have a friend that recently passed away...
saw an old post of his, uplifting, regarding father's day..
I could only muster this to say...


Brent, you raised us. Raised our spirits with your love and healing vibrations. You offered us so much and I cherish every conversation. Half the times I look at the sky I think of ya, but "Jah" already know this. Til we meet again, have fun surfin' those eternal waves of bliss.

Namaste, and unconditional love
From the heaven in our hearts to the heaven above~"

I love you man, I know you hear me when I speak
835 · May 2013
The Imagi Nation
ThoughT May 2013
Hypothetical situations can cause pseudo-realizations
Sheer demonstrations of fantasies that fluctuate from the different poles.
Everyone in this skit is scrambling around trying to figure out their roles.

Reading "The Power of Now"
I'm being taught how,
To even further embrace the moment and be at peace.

Sometimes though,
Sometimes the movie in my head can make for a blissful release.
The trick is to bridge the self-inflicted anxiety gap,
To put your mind at ease.
Shut down it's power to conjure,
and find a stillness where the chatter retreats silently.

I've been blind to see the difference between what's real and fallacy before,
But now I'm closing my mind and opening my heart to find what's truly in store.
No score to be kept, with overwhelming success.
Doesn't matter creed, gender, or even your address.

Find solitude in the ever-expanding mansion that is the universe.
Our never-ending story is now, so there's no real need to rehearse.

Growing up I've always thought life was much better with how it is in dreams.
Still maturing, but I think I'm finally learning,
To just Be
Appreciate what is, and even what I can not yet perceive.

While not knowing can be more complex than it seems,
You can always trust, that *there's beauty in a mystery
ThoughT Sep 2012
I tried to nap but failed to relinquish myself from distraction.
Typical reaction to the situations I see.
I won't complain though because it's all meant to be.

Now I'm going to get up,
Watch the game while practicing more with the six string.
When you immerse yourself in something,
There's no telling what the life flow will bring.
Maybe I'll sing, personal words based on the law of attraction.
It doesn't take planning, just immediate action.
Lust must make our synapses rust,
Because with love we rise above.

Trust your intuition,
it won't steer you, just give you a shove.
We need that energy that we can't see, to help us believe that we Are free.
Only bound, because we're all connected.
The love you give, shall be love reflected.

To this day,
we part ways,
and what is won't stay the same,
but our souls,
embraced we will remain,
so for now I'll leave you with "Namaste"
808 · May 2013
ThoughT May 2013
Writing whatever comes from the tip of the iceberg in my brain.
Sanity has banished me, willingly jumping down the drain.
You'd think that it'd cause strain,
I mean I do have to rearrange and explain myself more often than not.
I was gonna say something else, but I forgot, haha.
There's a lotta blahblah, but I shoot straight for imagination, fascinating conversations.
Thinks can get kinda crazy, with little to no persuasion.
Sometimes, I think I should proceed with more hesitation.
But instead I just project the thoughts for manifestation.
Gotta lotta love to give, and I'm happy to do it.
I can be your best friend, who'da knew it?
*Known, I know, exploding in my own zone with thoughts of fantasy.
Yet always happily tied down in this intricate sea of reality.
Don't forsake the give and take,
Embrace the love then reciprocate.
Life becomes all the more worthwhile when work turns into play.
I may end it here, so you, have a fantabulous rest of your day! :D

Just kidding, I want to keep going.
I want to explore more with my oars and keep rowing
Flowing into the unknown consciousness.
Emotions are based on perspectives, and let right now be BLISS

807 · Mar 2012
Among faces, among the rain
ThoughT Mar 2012
My life is a sitcom with a fluxuating genre.
My head is full, but I won't lay it out upon ya.
Somtimes with my attitude, the days feels mastered.
Other times it's not fine and feels nothing short of disaster.
   It's not an exaggeration for how we feel aint the same.
Right now I'm just tryna figure out whether or not I like the rain.
Most times I do, but depending on situations feelings can change.
Anybody up for a friendly exchange?
Strangers aren't strange, merely foreign, which many people can become.
It's okay to feel down or whatever because it's better than being numb.
Where are our heads putting off what we dread,
Thinking that there's something better instead?
We see where our own feet now stand
Without directing ourselves elsewhere, it seems that the past is in high demand.
Right now though I'm gonna sit here on the bus among the silent before for school I split.
I'll try and dictate how I feel looking out the window while watching the rain hit
805 · Jun 2013
Eye so lation
ThoughT Jun 2013
Without frustration ideas are put into rotation.

Absorb them and keep flowing like blood circulation.

I could tell you, but I prefer demonstration.

In recent years I've really learned to be patient.

How you choose to endure the rollercoaster ride you're on makes a really big statement.

Changing the chemistry witihin me has been the biggest payment.

Yet I still don't sleep at night and wonder where the day went.

To many I can seem absurd,

and to most the symbols are just words.

My biggest fear is leaving this place unheard and passing before my children's third birthdays.

Done so much in life already but maybe not the right way.

Obstacles have never been so fascinating,

and may not play out according to this mental map I'm making,

but I won't be taking anything for granted.

I try to understand it, or sit blissfully in a mystery.

Give a helping hand when you can because together we're writing history.

If ya ever need ryno, toll free - you only need to pay, a visit.

If not maybe we'll cross paths on another plane, metaphysically exquisite.
802 · Dec 2013
The ramblings of a fool
ThoughT Dec 2013
Twirling around like ash, focused more on the dance of the fall, than the displacement of what was whole when it hit. The pieces may never take the form of what was, but they surely have only relocated to become a part of something bigger.

So, literally, out of the blue I say to my cousin:

"My brother, how will we ever know?

Truth is


We won't.

Sometimes, we have to be happy with a mystery,
or feel whatever we feel and respect it for what it is.

There's always so much going on we can't know all of what we want. Just be.
Do what lifts you, beyond the physical body.

Sometimes we just need someone to really connect with, openly, honestly, raw.

Sometimes we really just need to reconnect with our higher selves.

Sometimes we forget we're all one in the same.

Sometimes can be most times with blurred lines of past times.

But I'm here right now.

My mirror's sometimes clouded

But I'm surrounded on a mountain

with a new perspective

Don't wanna leave the peak,

For right now this existence is perfect the way it seems.

Peculiar interpretation, but after all,


Is but a dream

I'm awake, ready to be awoken.  Sometimes words fly, yet better left unspoken.

I'm here, and looking through a screen you can't see me choking

I give my life away, take a piece as a token

I can only really hug myself, in an attempt to feel less broken.

I won't feel this way in the morning,

Each day is a new page in the story.

Everyone wants a piece of the glory///

But I'll lay me down in the water,


Or float on to a foreign territory

Away, but never to falter
791 · May 2013
~Silence; go
ThoughT May 2013
Silently roaming through the astral plane
Projected myself into the foreign, the strange.
Tamed the mind to relinquish the bind,
And so no longer does energy spent feel like a grind.
I invest it in the right places.
Surroundings change, as do the faces.
Think of me as they wish, but in the mirror I am not looked down upon.
So I wander free, barefoot, to soak up Mother Earth's electrons.
I promise to share,
With so much glorious emptiness,
There's more than enough room to spare.

For the next couple minutes though, I'm going to sit in this chair.
Listen to a calming frequency, 528 Hz, for healing and DNA repair.
I've done enough damage, and looked to too many tomorrows.
The thoughts themselves didn't bring up enough motivation to borrow.
So I must keep moving, and slip into the unknown,
That way I can be certain.

I've done enough work to my inner temple that I can now pull back the curtains.
Anxieties, were nothing but lies to me, but now I see
The ever-morphing puzzle that is this intricate reality.
Situations wanna battle me, but I've become war-tested
Cleaned more than I've caused, inevitable messes.
There are times I find it hard to let go of the the stresses.
And so to bless this, I turn inward
~ breathing becomes among all I've heard.

The chatter ceases and worry decreases.
Loosened the leashes to let the animals play
I realized I was a pawn and today is my day.
Traveling one way, and that's forward.
Gonna make it to the end without looking at the scoreboard.
With inner peace I will reach the destination without being bothered.*
Gonna show the king his reflection in my calm waters.
784 · Jul 2014
Growing into our wings
ThoughT Jul 2014
Colorfully depressed

   Falling in line with others among the family crest


happy to have something beating in my chest.

We all get perplexed and stressed to the point we don't know what to do next.  But even indecision is a choice - all a part of the test.  

Sifting through the mesh of a life once lived
Contemplating how many years my flesh has yet to give

and so I close my lids

...Sinking deeper into an abyss,
Noticing all I would have otherwise missed.  
The mist cleared & the vessel I now steered
Proved to me I had nothing to fear..
No need to disappear for eye am always here,
a part of everything -
from interpretive memories
to each melody the birds in the morning sing~

We're all certainly uncertain of what the new day shall bring -
but I hope you too avoid the bitter stings
and rest rather comfortably to a beautiful ring

The Queen or King of your own palace, in a land full of equals,
who do all they can now instead of investing in a sequel.
What should be embedded in our heads
is that we're more than just people..
Yet we keep limiting ourselves based on what seems feasible

Why we've grown so disconnected seems so unreasonable

...Still, it's controllable.
Even in moments where we feel inconsolable

Too many blows to the ego ***** walls that enclose the soul.
Put every temporary and enduring pain that is your ball & chain..
On to paper, and let it go.

As it does, you too will fly free,
straight for serenity where you can replenish your dreams.
If you're hurt looking back on the past,
Don't bask, for this too shall pass.
You can never be sure how long the moment will last..
But true bliss exists beyond the realm of time and space -
Anchors holding our mind,
Floating only in this place -within the mindframe of splintered windowpanes where you came to play the game only to find the pains all hurt the same.

Let me explain,*
Don't refrain, because at the end of that insane train
I'll be standing in a white light,
with lips forming your name.
Astral projecting, hand in hand, our gaze fixed on a new plane
away from the mundane,
to show you infinite new colors, so we can create.
The universe was, and always will be our canvas, let's paint~
ThoughT Apr 2012
I don't know where this life is to take me.
I'm still right here
Not nearly always on the move like I used to be.
I'm still right here
I was driven by thrills and curiosity.
It feels like I'm starting to veer
Now I wake due to necessity.
Losing sight on things as if it's all become unclear
Had a very meaningful talk with family, not blood-related.
Boats often float the same
We both feel the need to branch out, and won't be compensated.
This life is a game
Attitudes need to see if they're approved by the mirror.
Find out who's to blame
Otherwise you can preach until there's no one left to hear.
*There are two kinds of fame
ThoughT Feb 2012
Difference of opinions
Brings out our minions.
A whole new confliction
That is based on restriction.
So what's the method of attack?
*Pardon me, at the ignorance I took a crack instead of giving a hand.

It seems at opposite poles is where we stand.
The North and South yet do attract;
The distance looks more beautiful and for most that's a common fact.
We know what we lack,
But still to start a war there really is no turning back.

*>I'll just make sure the music's tight, so to currently cement that the vibe is right<
ThoughT May 2013
30 hours with 45 minutes sleep.
Busy day today,
Much work to do and roll through on a hill that's steep.
Thoughts run deep,
Intoxicated by events.
Some things are meant to happen, no use in trying to prevent.
I just want to vent, soul exposure.
Thinking about people with whom there may be no closure.
Head in the sky as people and houses fly by.
Acceptance is a choice one must utilize, don't just try.
Pandora's box, you know what will happen when you pry.
Send me some good vibes, my body's feeling low.
Deeply rooted into a sea of cravings and mystery,
So I know there's room to grow.
Shaken world superstorm, I thrive on the unknown.
We'll see how it goes, how one will survive.
Count your blessings now, and be happy that at least you tried.
I've had to hide, the person I was to please.
Through this I've accumulated a vast mass of mental fees.
Feel the breeze, it's real and energizing.
Beware of thoughts that breed illness,
No matter how hypnotizing.
Realizing new things on a daily basis.
I've pushed myself to extremes, now the nature of everything is making me face it.
A train's coming,
Slowly I step off the tracks.
It cuts through the land, reminding you it's best not to go back.
Memories are moments, we know they won't last.
Just don't dictate your future, based on what happened in the past.
748 · Aug 2012
What's going on?
ThoughT Aug 2012
Systematically placed and erased.  
Untraced and never faced.
For fame, people will sell their souls to the devil in time;
Cut free, and don't sign your name on the dotted bloodline.
You mean nothing to them where you kneel. Time to stand up, speak out on what's really real.

Skip the brainwashing and manipulation.
Try and understand the depths of our situation.
Everything that happens, isn't a random happening.
It's all a part of the bigger plan that they're fastening.
They want you to be blind, but I feel like I am talking to those still asleep.
We need to go against the grain but the way up is steep.
I've seen peoples' inner demons cause lesions of their soul.
They are forever tainted, and they also happen to be in control.

We can take hold, the power is in quantity.
No more should anyone ask "what's wrong with me?"
It's society, the media doesn't know what's best.
They feed you what they want you to hear, and so they ace their own tests.
If you and I don't take a stand, then we'd be like all the rest.
There needs to be a true cause to fight for while we still have the breath
I agree wirh Patrick Henry, **"Give me liberty, or give me death!"
743 · Feb 2015
ThoughT Feb 2015
I admit to having been one to use the word "they" as if something exists outside myself.
Gaze fixated on projections, in order to find my help
The biggest illusion, is that of separation.
I realized eye was the doctor, rather than just the patient.
Everywhere you look is a mirror.
Walls soon dissolve connecting you to beautiful tones you choose to hear.
The physical world consists of atomic constructs filled with space,
Dive deep within the void for a transcendental taste as you ride new wavelengths and embody strengths you didn't know you possessed.
Majority of your electromagnetic field emits from the beat in your chest.  
Act with your heart, and let out all you've suppressed.  
There's an infinite amount of ways we can think to perceive the given test.  Create your own questions for answers that will fill you the best, as you astral project, exploring the universe with a body at rest. The paper in this book is entirely yours to sketch.  Eye am you as you are everything, eternally blessed.
724 · May 2015
For Bobby
ThoughT May 2015
   I miss you man.  You got your wings to fly to infinity,
Rather than have your feet roam this land.  A few days before you passed, I saw you sitting with a smile in my dreams.  That still frame I now hold onto, and it assists in keeping me at ease.  Few saw the connections in your head rewiring.  It's still hard to imagine your body retiring.  Though your pistons are no longer firing, your soul yet flows.  Energy can never be destroyed, and so it goes, always in motion.  Had we had the clairvoyance to see the outcome, I'd liketo think we would run to you with the potion.  Sometimes it's hard to see beyond the confines of self.  These sobering moments make us realize we are always able to offer help.  ****** buried under the skin now effects the nerves of us all.  You were bigger than your body, and now we know that no impact is too small.  I heard you saved a life, just before you lost yours.  Reminding us to spread our light, forever on this course.  As action put perspective into hypothetical contemplation, I wonder if there would still be the funeral if we had one more conversation.  Inadvertently, you brought so many together.  There we stood with heads bowed down under the rain in a gloomy Tuesday's weather.  The images inside were thought-provoking.  But at a loss, many of us stood outside smoking.  Holding onto a little glimpse of forever, seeing your body at rest to which you were no longer tethered.  You are remembered, and we thank you for the memories.  You shared all you were given, life's simple pleasantries.  Like I envisioned, I wished I would have spoken at your service.  Lingering on your siblings' words, maybe I got nervous.  Where most see a dead-end, eye like to see a new life with purpose.  So I take a deep breath from my chest and offer blessings to your fresh start.  Just know all of us are honored to be a part of your journey, which is eternally embedded in our hearts~

                                  Thank you Bobby,
                                         Talk to you later.
                                                         Much love
1/11/93 - 4/28/15  Rest peacefully brother.
ThoughT Mar 2014
molecular confusion
inner-temple pollution
case for head institution
ego protrusion
sense of self diffusion
living within the confines of one's own delusion-

[|creating constricting prisons|]

Just listen~

Reducing ticks, slowly
Seducing lustful luxuries
Chasing things instead of dreams
When we could all live a life as beautiful as the feel of skin on satin sheets

Or something else substituted in if that's not your cup of tea~

This means goodnight for me, been up since 445
Thanking all that's divine for the opportunity to be alive
Determined to achieve masterful lucidity
Diving into the universe within you, within me

eyes closed, walls fall
infinite possibility in a sprawl
unlimited mind
~wormholes of consciousness
in a land where most mostly see randomness
Eye tend to see vivid vivacious images of perfection
Puzzles, and symbols creating mind-maps that outlast past perceptions

Speak your truth-

Gain divine intervention with immediate introspection
Choosing to see the beautiful in every reflection

We all plummet from the skies
~like stones into the water, rippling out vibes~

Enjoy the swim,

*~just remember you can still fly~
ThoughT Jul 2012
How can one be a judge when angels and demons dress the same?
Truth is embodied telling a story of the person who speaks your name.
Seek not a person to place your blame,
and hopefully only through sincerity you reach your desired fame.
One must understand that it's near impossible to perfectly live within another's frame.
Only to fully accept another's existence will there actually be a triumph in what some people call a game.

On this entrprise full of lies it's hard to realize what's a disguise.
We keep on waiting, debating through thick and thin as if there's an inevitable prize.
Time is just measurement of the moment that flies.
There will come moments when the ship will capsize
Live relentlessly overcoming adversity, without compromise.
Still the moments of clarity are scarce,
Just be who you intend 'til you reach your own demise.
721 · Feb 2013
ThoughT Feb 2013
I've got enough emotional baggage to fly 'round trip.
To top it off I've turned into an alcoholic, or whatever you call it,
Where you can't take a sip without following it with many more.
Can't hobble to the liquor store, just finished but I could use, or lose to another pour.
Too drunk to stand up, there's no use in keeping score.
Too many bottled up feelings, that in turn were let loose with a bottle.
I commence drinking, almost no slower than full-throttle.
I've acted in ways I'd rather not mention.
It'd be a good time in my life for some Divine Intervention.
I"ve taken a deep, hard look at myself and admitted -
Before I get admitted, that I better get some help,
Before my world realizes the destruction of self.
Old poem I found from lower days a year ago or so.
ThoughT Jul 2014
Dreaming, within a dream
Seeing those, that don't see me
Wondering if it's all due to my projected reality.
Only to wake up to a mind that wants to hassle me.

remember to breathe

I'm still here

Going to leave this head and enter the formless
Embrace all the love that keeps us at our warmest
Find innermost truths, waiting to be found in unconscious corners
Under a white light, joining other performers.

I told my friend as we rested our heads that we can fly
Belief is everything, sensing immediate retreat with the refusal to try

Now I'm in the sky, shaping clouds as they pass by

Even if I can't help everyone rise, I hope to at least paint them something beautiful in their mind's eye.  
Visually stimulating, and absolutely comfortable.
I'm here to remind you that this life is so wonderful.

With each second that flees, we could be, rewiring our circuitry.
Living a life that's driven so purposefully
Stranger shifts have happened,
but this is your vessel, you are the captain
Watching the waves come to me in a rhythmic fashion
Speaking without words, only to express this true passion.  


I need to visit the man in the mirror
He provides me a smile and dissipates my fear
Even though my own ship, I may not know where to steer..
I know that once all the sediment settles,
The depths of the water that reflect, will become clear~
717 · Sep 2013
ThoughT Sep 2013
have the key, to the Whis.
Wizzes of our time in our own mental states of bliss.
Finding our underlying talents, to produce even more to give.
Sobriety doesn't lie to me, still I tend to see through caramel-colored glasses.
Cheers to those here, and those who've moved on past us.
Our love is ever-lasting, despite whichever realms we choose to dwell.
Heaven is in you, unless you choose to see it as hell.
Break the spells of normalcy and adopt better tendencies,
That glue you to a life of perceived fantasy.
Once we can put focus on our purpose,
We create milestones in history for all to see.
Mysteries intrigue me,
Just go through your voyage peacefully,
And I'll guarantee, a point down the river,
to meet the us we've never seen.
715 · Nov 2015
ThoughT Nov 2015
Eyes closed, with the headstate caught somewhere in the space connecting galaxies.  Examining fallacies told & sold for your time, outlining the travesty of soul.  The bold take hold of the moment & know to let go.  Instigate the growth that no *** could control.  Add extra oxygen for the plot to unfold.  Reach to your nearest Sun & soak your aura in gold.
       The all-encompassing story involves us all, but it's up to you how it's told.  Thank you for narrating, caring, & being of good character.  Eye left a dimension in my music for your verse.  Reflect the stimulus and let creativity surge.  Respect every letter placed together to form words.  I love you, this is your time, let the story be heard~
         Mind open, with the dreamscape transcending space connecting eternal energies...
702 · Jan 2017
Awoken, to be dreaming
ThoughT Jan 2017
Watch the video for this word splurge here:

Once upon a new day's coming of age,
We see beyond the mirages of these planes.  Knowing that as a component, "Eye am the brave mage with energy off the page - Setting stages with graceful patience Paying attention to the placement of the arrangements."
Even though we want to rage against the machine
One must remember we can be lucid in this dream
Ah yes, the God of your Being, casting & crafting the current reality you're seeing.
Recently We've seemed to have lost touch with our delicate sense of feeling
So why not, Jump into our true emotions to induce our own potions of healing
25 percent, at 552 pm.
Our temples came from distant galaxies
So Ain't No use in getting worn down following drowning crowns spoutting fallacies
I mean..
The Stardust carbon rush in this body may be temporary
But what if I told you you've existed since the dawn of eternity?
Would you feel like you could give up some of that tight-gripped uncertainty?
Realise the lessons, blessings, and signs from what didn't go "perfectly"?
We tend to get hung up on our heads
And take it all personally,
And in doing so forget our powers other-worldly

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low. Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

For this moment's first time
Let the connection begin again
Show your color's intention and let some self love sink in, take it to the brink of your existence - Switching perspectives via timetravel on synaptic memory highways positioned, to tune into an opportunity to listen.  You will always be in the right place, so long as you can learn to believe.  
At the depths of my own mortality I was reminded I can still smile and breathe
Once we clear the cloudiness
All is illuminated to see
The star's light's mighty bright tonight yet
Pollutants still roam free
Some might call that a travesty, duality, or something in between
I know of both light and dark
I feel former in the latter as we speak.  My heart strings our tied in writing spells called poetry.. Which has saved me inside times of need.
Add 1 more little release,
To help me better be
In this moment
I am able, I am grateful, and at ease

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low.
Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

Let's fly and rise higher than our skies.  Really try, for there is purpose where there's life.  Sure the body will but the memories won't die.  Communicate to a source of the design, keeping the prized wide-eyed alive
A toast of tea to everything, and I choose to sea life as divine.  Those seeking control will scratch and hold as you climb.  Stuck in an old mold as the unconscious mind's bind prevents the sight to ask why.  
They still have the the power to heal and make right.  Left with nothing but a reflection behind closed eyes.  One with experience keeping the beat of heart as a platform for the next line's rhyme.  I'm just a thought, brought to you by you, and this scene is just another peak on this ride knowing a drop will come soon.  There's been such a growing number of those I know told "RIP", but maybe they're the ones waking up from the dream.  Maybe the only change is how we perceive.  Our weather patterns can freeze or be a gentle warm breeze.  No matter the conditions may we rise in peace.

*A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low.
Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.
697 · Mar 2013
Drifting off into an ab1yss
ThoughT Mar 2013
Fly free,
and be heard when ya wanna be.
Eyes have limits
In a world full of gimmicks,
But you fuse what you choose to see.
A part of me,
wants to get lost at sea,
Land on an island surround by trees
In mother nature's company
I will relearn to breathe
and take on a life of peace with ease.
Remember to think, before acting to please.
Yet the joy of spontaneity can come on like a breeze.
The internal world, affects everything around you.
This universe hides secrets to bask in and astound you.
Power is limitless when you discover the profound you.
Believe in the oneness and there's no telling what you'll amount to.
ThoughT Mar 2014
Here I am, fragile,
feeling every word;
On the pages
In the songs
as well as those,

left unsaid,

Trying to pick a single point on the timeline where I could trace this feeling back to.  Isolation, frustration, stagnation in motivation, deterioration of time spent smiling.  Profiling the soul in the mirror according to standards set beyond self.  To this day I still feel like a fool asking for help, leaving me even more foolish.

I distanced myself at an early age
My front door led you into walls that yelled with rage
..Instead of feeling trapped in a cage..

I escaped
and made, anything else, my new stage

This came with new pains

Emotionally vulnerable too often
In other people I would get lost in
Always worried about others' mindstates and the toll I would cost them


Here it is, there it goes.
Bliss-ridden, to ill-imposed

I found sanctuary in trebutaries when searching for a river,
Stayed way too long because I liked to be a giver
Found the lake to be desirable when where I was would no longer deliver


Quick actions kept me on my feet.
Body language no longer discrete
I had to keep going, when too often I'd retreat, to the other body's will
Inhaled too much agua, messed me up worse than any pill

and there were many

Changing scenery, because the greenery was calling me.
Every space in the land, I would fall in between
Realized I gave more love out, than I did to me

Then I found reflection, gazing into the sea.
On the other side I had told Ryan to breathe
Haunted by disconnects and a dad's passing
Leaving voids where there was no chance to meet
Spent just a little time alone to grieve
But spent too long looking at wounds,
watching them bleed.

Now infected and lightheaded
I'm slowly fading
Seeds of sadness have been embedded
Here I am living for the grading

Still unsure of what life I'm making
Succumbed to sorrow right now, that I can't get to shaking
Say what you will, but I refuse to be faking
I've been roughed up, mind and body scraping,
Knowing I've been the cause of much forsaking.

I'd run too if there was something I was chasing

I age feeling uncomplacent
living in and out of various basements
Feeling the cold like bare skin on the pavement

Date night with a book and a hook in my lip
I'll let you know if I make a move if I can ever get a grip
Drained and increasingly pained with every wasted water drip
Ego, couldn't **** it
So it asks, why do I have to go through this?

...Into the abyss, I slip...

Of course this song comes on,
The universe knows I'm sad
Thinking of the things I possibly could have had,
Dealing with the toxic and absent, I felt abandoned and mad.
Our chance came and went like a fad
But people cross paths like the colors that make up plaid
I didn't ever know where I was going
So I sat and watched the people fly by too fast

I tried making things last
& lost sight of the now
Supplying laughs as a class clown
But underneath the paint I wore a frown.

This is whatever, we all get down.
Tomorrow when I wake
I'll pick myself up off the ground
Until then though, my throat will know no sounds.
ThoughT Dec 2013
Tired of wearing your heart on your sleeve?
Then go sleeveless.

I took my whole shirt off,
But still can't iron out the creases

People fall like leaves,
Engaging in various releases

Some get carried away
Leaving behind important pieces.

That being said
Gonna meditate and lay in bed.
Drift off,
replenish my energy
With a divine lucid fantasy,
Not only through rhyme
...but in my eyes...
you can see what meant so much to me

* shuts down
690 · Aug 2014
fleshy mesh
ThoughT Aug 2014
Pressure points
Swollen joints
Lack of worth
Feelings hurt
Stubbly hair
On a body bare
Mental strain
No productive gain
Chemicals inhaled
Heart impaled
Sweat glistening
Am I listening?
Senses depleting
Dreams, fleeting

Pounding winces
Accompanied by worry,
because "I" don't wanna miss this.
I'm not leaving in a hurry

Ink on skin,
Temporary stain
The light is within
*The love will remain
Again, my "troubles" proved insignificant when I was hinted to think about the whole.  Eye have the control.
687 · Aug 2013
Just Imagine {Haikus}
ThoughT Aug 2013
Imagine impacts
Thoughts create reality
Be who you want to

The path ahead splits
Countless opportunities
Choose what lifts your soul

In times such as these
Lethargy is a disease
Now's time for action

Spread the love to me
I'll give exponentially
Then we'll flood the world

When it all soaks in
True colors pour out of pores
Universe adorned

Free from the clutches
Nothing is impossible
We are infinite
ThoughT Aug 2012
So while I was enduring hordes of fear, the path to clarity eventually became clear
Because all I needed was for you to be here.
I've always held you dear, wishing you were near, or that next to me you could reappear.
Sometimes I can't even bring about a smile as I gaze in the mirror.

It helps to be aware of the happiness you've attained.  
I know I once brought the feelings unto you, and I still feel a little strange.
Locked up tight in a cellar in my heart, the feelings have remained.
Thinking of the years they've sustained, I pray for situations like This we could be trained.

Next to none know of the magic when we stared into each others' eyes..
Everything happened so fast, but it was a more-than-delightful surprise!
Even as ships capsized, I knew somehow we still had our ties.
But I felt lost for so long, probably because of my emotionally driven tries.

A ray of sunshine, a beautiful soul.
A piece of my heart you inadvertantly stole.  
With such a little role, potentially never again will I be or feel whole.
I'm unaware of my own control, and to myself I have taken a toll.
Your spirit lifts me enough to want to make improving myself the goal.

Whether or not again our paths cross..
I am making peace with the time lost,
Though still wishing our moments were equipped with a pause,
While regretting never fully telling you how many times you left me with awes..

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you.
I'd hoped I could blame things on a miscue,
But instead I take solace in time I misused.
All I've ever wanted to know is,
Did you ever feel any of this too?
681 · Aug 2013
Here to help
ThoughT Aug 2013
"I've found myself fall into madness so I dove, the best thing I ever did was let go.."

Let your life, flow, freely without fear of current situations or the future. Trust, trust in the universe to show you exactly what you need. Risks, take risks to prevent what-ifs. This, here, now, the present of a aware of it.. the sounds, sights, as well as how you feel. Always take the time to check in with yourself because your soul already knows the right answer. Patience, know that through the trials will come a new life, springing beautifully from what was. There, you'll find bliss.. Only if you believe it. No coincidences, there is no such thing. Everything happens for a reason, from the smallest of occasions to the biggest of situations. We can learn from it all if we choose to. Mostly though, learn to love, yourself. Only then can it spread like a deliberate wildfire, boosting the universal consciousness higher. Sit with the self from time to time and be silent. Eventually, your mind begins to speak in ways that stray from self-defeat. It needs to be silenced before you can shine with all you have to give and be the best form of you, that you never thought was even possible.

Have a wonderful day! Namaste~
674 · May 2016
ThoughT May 2016
New details have arisen, so much to process.
Right turn at Words, haven't been this lost yet
With anger comes regret, a downhill ***** tailspin
Feelings have changed, eyes have been opened.
Madre, I just want you to know your worth.  
Your kids cherish you, and we thank you for raising us since birth.  Let go of those that engulf you in hurt.  It's the worst at first, but the sun stays persistent.   You have a light inside you that I'll fight to not see diminshed.
You will rise to heights we've only seen in dreams.  I am there with a big hug the next time you close your eyes and breathe.
Despite being separated by a slew of states;
Our bond is beyond worldly,  depths reminding me to appreciate.
Pain is temporary, love is eternal
I'll be coming to Virginia through the next wormhole.  I'm still learning about taking risks and how to be, but just remember your smiling face is one I love to see.
672 · Apr 2012
Nation of Liberation
ThoughT Apr 2012
In this noisy society,
I step through quietly.
They focus on actions made violently
While they try to lure out the worst that lies inside of me.
Don't you to wanna be free,
Instead of being forcibly guided by the narrow-minded
That shines through masking indecency?
I guess what stands between them and you is me.

I have the power to fight but I'd rather use my mind.
Still while I feel alone not much can seem to break this bind
To find a kind of peace that'll soothe and ease.
Branch out like the trees that sprout, I shouldn't have to say....Please?

Will we ever be more than we're meant to see?
Someday we'll rise up and FLEE
From this state of helplessness.
We must replenish the soul for us to regain control.
We're one,
Realization liberates us from this selfless test.
A true revelation can show us at our very best,
But we have to stand together against
Those who want us to walk in line like all the rest.
ThoughT Apr 2012
Our river runs deep but it trickles to a halt somewhere,
My river has expanded but it's like you don't even know it's there.
Sometimes we are inhibited simply because we care,
Please, take the chance on your life, if you dare.
Know that you won't always be prepared,
But if you never experience, you'll never know how well you fared.

Failure can happen,
But no longer do I fear it.
Happiness is across the gap,
I can help you clear it.
Love can stain,
and I just want to smear it.
Sometimes when i sing,
I wish that you could hear it.
663 · Dec 2012
My mind's garden
ThoughT Dec 2012
"Follow me," she said, "I'll take you on a journey. I'll take you to the one place that I know no one can hurt me. First you must take this." I saw in her hand was a root of some kind. I looked into her eyes and saw a genuine sincerity that is hard to find. She then closed 'em, now sitting indian-style. Where we were there couldn't have been another person on these green pastures for miles. Now was the time to consume. My body was disappearing though I felt as a flower in bloom. There existed no such things as space and time, as I turned into a wavelength and flowed right into her mind. My body was back as I strolled through this garden of beauty, I know nothing of this foreign land, yet it meant so much to me. There she was, under a tree next to clear pond. We were very connected right now in an unspoken bond. "What is this place?" I asked as the end of her lips rose to a curl. "You're in the deepest, most sacred part of my world. When you ate the root your soul came loose and led you to where you want to be. I could tell by the way you fumbled your words that you wanted to be with me, or so I'd hoped." No words i spoke because I realized my dreams were now a tangible reality. I let go of every grudge and every endured fallacy, because I am where I'm meant to be. I never knew that my world would know peace, and hers is mine. Everything was in a straight line in accordance to get me to this place. All these thoughts are rolling through with my eyes never leaving her face. When those eyes locked with mine we inched closer fulfilling the embrace. In this moment we lived forever and it was everything I had hoped. Everything was perfect as our mind, body, and souls eloped.
ThoughT Aug 2012
I don't know how to heal, but I sure know what it's like to feel.
Been reeling for such a long time with nothing on the end of the hook.
Everything is wonderful in a fantasy world, narrated eloquently like a book.
But who took me away from completion? What's the reason?
It's no one's fault, I think far more than I have to.
Sometimes I feel confined within walls, and in my own head I get trapped too.
I am a hyper-sensitive being, and I'll admit that I often don't trust what my eyes are seeing.
I usually know what's pure, but sometimes it just helps to make sure.
I flee from the moment, free to hold it - an idea I water that grows into something beautiful.
I don't need to try to show you, but I feel dutiful.
If only it could reflect reality, instead of opposing ideas that seemingly try to battle me.
If anything I've hurt myself more than any one person can.
I still wonder what it is, that is, my "plan".
I cause actions that I retort with emotionally-driven reactions,
and the fact is I hurt on the inside mentally and physically on the daily.
I try to keep the demons out, but sometimes I feel they have a thing for me and don't want me to have a sense of liberation, to be free.
I feel for all you people and it ***** knowing we can't get along.
I wish things didn't always feel wrong. I try to go right but seem to veer left.
I am not ignorant to my actions and how they could inevitably create an untimely death.
We are all uncertain, and it's a part of life.
There are no worlds that exist without strife, but they are handled in a unique manner.
I want all of life, not just a platter sampler.
My heart keeps a beat, unsteady, and not always am I exactly ready for what's to come,
but I go with the flow and continuously row because tomorrow never knows.
My love goes out to you, unquestionably. This isn't just to one, but all of humanity, and more.
With that said, let's go. We have a universe of possibility to explore.
651 · Jul 2013
This is about us
ThoughT Jul 2013
Night flashes as time passes
Treading grasses seeing through various glasses.
Why would anyone want to mask this?
Track this through blackness
With the shades pulled down.
Bask in it,
Just don't postpone the practice
For whatever the task is.
The fact is, bliss gets
Every moment you're aware of.
When peace is released into the vibration of your soul
You emit what some call, love.
Energy bursting out sends a shockwave
Into the universal consciousness.
A deep seed in your being is where this blossom lives.
Other fields are affected furthering spiritual growth.
It would change our worlds in ways unbeknownst.
Nurture the inner child
To experience the wild and exotic.
You can come to my mind's garden,
Free from what's chaotic.
What I give you though,
is more than you can take in with your optic.
Transmissions from divine places with feelings kaleidoscopic.
Staying on topic
There's no use in trying to stop it.
Give in to the frequencies and I guarantee you'll profit.
I will too, rich in experience.
Let's explore the catacombs of each other's pyramids,
Past, present, and what we manifest to be,
From divinity to infinity let's live life supreme.
Wrapped in a dream and we're lucid miracles
Transcendental guides furthering what is mystical
639 · Oct 2015
My mirror
ThoughT Oct 2015
You are my sunshine
As well as my moonshine
With this gaze, intoxicated
so full of love that it can only be translated when demonstrated.
Fascinated by the waves of patience
To you, I'm yours truly dedicated.
Syncopated stains will not extinguish the flames, for we soar hand in hand after leaps of faith.
In each other we've made a safe place.
Putting the om in home lifts the expression on my face, leaving every trace of what was for that sweet, now taste.  
We aid each other
to chase what we crave.  
Exercising limitlessness
Our souls have already been saved.  
Happy that we took a chance to be brave.  
A moment in time is all it took to see your grace.  Crossing paths at last to live in harmony at our own pace

I work for us, not just the monetary means,
That gentleman we encountered had it right last year in New Orleans
Now you lay, head already in dreams.
My Sun and my moon, I still feel your bright beams.  
I have no worries, because we make an unbreakable team.
I'll nuzzle you soon and always be the shoulder on which you can lean.  
The kisses are coming,
just you wait and see.
Thank you for all the times you fixed me up some tea,
and reminded me to breathe.
I now have enough stillness to take on life with ease.
Let's continue to wondrously grow together,
and show time our eternity~

I love you Meghan <3
ThoughT Feb 2014
My dream cycle continues after my eyes first open
But they're as fleeting as the feelings I've tried to rope in.
It was a hassle to make the lasso for it was a vast chore
I see more than I speak, wondering what people wear the mask for.
Trading in the conversating to check how I am operating
Too many problems we've been elongating,
It's frustrating, and painstakingly obvious we've been separating
When only, our thoughts are rearranging, fluctuating, and demonstrating -
New ways to gain power.  So I'm trying new ways to spend my hours
Find bliss through lists I want to accomplish.
Melancholy thoughts can create or demolish
And so through routine, our being, we must constantly polish.
Free yourselves from the skull and get astonished
by the magic in the universe, inside your soul.
You're carefully crafting this fractal of reality that we see,
with every thought
Letting go is a must, even with things we had sought.
The spirit speaks, listen to what it has taught, and is currently teaching.
Your higher self will take you to higher peaks, so where are you reaching?

Does it serve yourself enough to be happy within?

Accepting the oneness and your ability to inspire, a new life begins.
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