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Jul 2013
The cousin of death is slowing my breath, and has me wondering how much in the tank I have left.  Insatiable emotional depth. Pleasing evenings, some of which I had not slept.  Saw your river, ran to it and leapt.  Stepped along the stony bottom revisiting memories, never forgotten.   Stopped in for a smile but the wood on the bridge was rotten.  Past lifetime I've taken a lot in, but haven't let much out.  The garden that my heart is in is experiencing drought, waiting for a downpour, accompanied by the majesty of a thunderstorm.  
And so my soul soaks in the tone of being alone.  
Never a dull moment but no hand to hold.  
My whole can unfold, unto a page.  It's my key to unlock myself from the cage I felt.  Loosened the belt around my head.  Decompressed the mind many a time, worry free in bed where dread is not an option.  Then the thoughts popped in, Where we were cropped out.  Each of you a beautiful flower bud and I hope to see you sprout, and eventually thrive.  I silenced any negativity, to hear from my inner child that's still alive.  Let go of pride to make amends to the few.  And I wish nothing but love to all my waves have touched, the old and the new.  Now is forever, but at times I have postponed.  Now I find home in where I roam, and loan vibes at no interest.  Hard to see the path solely focused on the finish, but too many instances left the words/actions inconsistent.  Still finding out that i'm so resilient.. I just see an empty pond over yonder, and often ponder on how to fill it.  Thrill through the skill of spontaneity, I must disappear before the lords seek to vanquish me.  Outdoors to explore pastures of grace unseen on this face of the trip, among greenery and sounds astounding.  It always amazes me the situations I am found in.  Now to doze off, for mind and body replenishment.  Power enough within all to create direction to switch the skit.  I just hope we come to fully appreciate the characters that starred in it.
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