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May 2013
Days pass
The ships that are relations, crash.
Years can disappear in a flash.

Too many problems we couldn't hash.
Too many currents, flowing towards the past.
I knew we couldn't make it, the gap between us was too vast.

Substance abuse and word misuse
The **** side of passion roared til it got loose.
And resentment led me wondering where the fun went.

I wasn't happy, attitudes were pointed at me.
Backed into a corner I usually sting,
I needed to escape, fully aware of the actions it'd bring.

Already you've dropped more tears than I would wish on my own mortal enemy,
I can no longer help you, for leaving is what was leading me back up
through what was my own downward spiral.
To be happy with what you are and all that you have is vital.

The vibrations passing through were infectious and sometimes toxic.
It was that way throughout the lion's den, and there was no way I could stop it.
I would leave for peace sitting next to trees over-looking the lake.
I'd usually do so alone, because if I had stayed in that home I knew my future was at stake.

3 different times, too few happy rhymes, and a fair share of crimes..
I knew eventually I'd have to show my spine and lay it all out on the line.
Never emotional enough for you, yet more emotional than you knew.
2 single tears were shed after our time was over, one for me, and one for you.
Cherish what was, but we needed to part.
The ending usually reveals itself as a new start.

I never wanted to break your heart, but we couldn't keep up smiles.
Sometimes you need to get away, which is why I'd be gone for miles.
The trials, I found were no longer worth the effort, for a balance was no longer there.
I may seem brash and distant now but don't you dare make it seem as though I don't and never cared.
The tears you drain over the phone hurt me, but I have to remind you it's too late.
Just don't look back with hate, it's just how it is, whether or not one calls it fate.

We weren't all that we could've been but hopefully we'll learn.
I'm going after what I want in life, now it's your turn - to switch lanes, and ride.
I'm sorry, and I know of your pain.  But as you progress, just brush me aside.

You're making yourself sick, but you'll get better, and I honestly hope that.
This is my attempt at self-healing; a new, loving habitat.  
Sounds cliche. but even though you may feel shattered like glass,
I've been there before, and this too shall pass.
I'm sorry

It's been awhile that I needed to get this off of my chest,
But I know from the deep-depths of my heart, that this is what's best.
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