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Jan 2014
I've been slippin,*
Eventually fell on my ***
Laid there on the concrete,
Evaluated the cracks

There they were connected
Perfect little fragments
A picture to me was reflected
So I picked myself up off the pavement

Then I caught the street lights,
Bright in my peripheral
Standing tall in front of dark houses
Of disconnected individuals

Two for the price of one
Morals half off
Discounted beliefs
Aisle 93, you lost?

Right by the worker,
With the smile upside down
"Which one..?"
It seems each employee's already hit the ground..

But they haven't gotten back up

Don't pay attention
Flip on the telly
Take advantage of those ads
Fill up ya belly

Contact your doctor
Take those pills!
You act with compassion
Surely, you are ill

"Maybe I am
Time to face and confess it
I was happy growing my own medicine
Until I got arrested"

This make up is the best!
Animal tested
You'll be the next pretty face
Thanks for your investment!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere
Let's get beer with the bros!
Bring back some chicks to the crib
Who thinks they can drive home?

So I try to stay away from that reality
Brainwashed to the system
To become an inevitable casualty

So many in that realm
Think they're better than everyone else
Speak in tongues
Just to get the prize on the shelf
Play with it a little bit
Then sneak away in stealth
Get something new
With all the hours you spent for wealth

What about your health?

On the other side of the spectrum
Are the hurt, waiting for the cure-all
Put down by other hurt people
Numb the pain with alcohol
Infectious depressions
Brought to you by society
I'm sorry, but,
It seems like a lot of lies and wasted time to me

Because you're beautiful
And don't ever forget it
Now tell that to the mirror
And remember who said it

And so I delve
Inside myself
Many know what's wrong
Yet too apathetic to help

I can see my ego still alive in me
Take a step back, pause and breathe
Lose identity in the forest, among the trees
Wind from mother nature's lips helps me release
It stimulates my soul, and puts my mind at ease
And when I look up to the sky
I know
I have all I need

-I'm so glad I fell-

I realized I'm beautiful,
& I'll never forget it
I have my own faultlines
Imperfectly splendid
Looked into the mirror
Ride in the eyes - introspective
Then I smiled
But honestly, only because
I absolutely meant it~
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