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May 2013
The future generations scare me.
It's like a constant revolt against parents, apparently.
Everything cool involves *** money or drugs,
And every single one of them thinks they're a ******* ****.
Those things can be cool, no doubt.
But lifestyles can drain lifetimes.  Be  weary what you sprout

These attitudes are infectious, alternate forms of cancer.
Take the "bad *****", while the lover falls for the dancer
-Whose soul is in tune and grooves to the serene energy flow.
Give up the facade that you put up just to put on a show.
Sure it entertains those that don't grow,
And the weak of heart.
No wonder the bridge between us and success is so far apart.

There's a difference between a **** mentality,
And being an idiot.
Tupac did what he could to positively change the world.
Don't let your mark be insignificant.
Be yourself little homies and study close, those you idolize.
Make choices to create something better,
Rather than just fantasize.
It's in your eyes, the hurt, burdens most don't even see.
Believe in yourself enough to follow your passions so you too can be free.  

Turn off the TV, step back and breathe.
Focus less on what you want, and more on what you need.
I am much more than an active observer.
I'm a teacher to those that want to listen,
As well as an every day learner.

Turning away from society's got me happily, singing the blues.
Don't be another product amassing products or you will ultimately lose.
These are just my views, you choose, but I see something grander.
Build up the temple inside yourself with wealth, and share it with the poor.
That's what I feel is something worthwhile to stand for.
Written by
   Mercie B, Amara, ---, --- and EgoFeeder
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