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Disha Bhatia Apr 17
Do you remember me,
I ask.
You refute
And call my name
Again and yet again.

I answer every call,
engaged it says,
rings a bell, somewhere far
where my voice
isn't familiar anymore.

I knock on the door
No ones home, you say
I wonder why
In an abandoned wreck
Do you wish to stay.

As I try to remember
the pass code to you
I see
the door's open
Locks broken
And still i can't reach you.

I enter
to see you chained
by your own hands
I reach out
Only to find
you lost.

I try to unchain you
but the touch of me
makes you flinch
more than the chains do.

If I was certain of anything
it was that I'm me.
If you were certain of anything
it was that I'm not.

I know you'll come back,
You always do.
Till then, I'll stand beside the door
calling for myself too.
Disha Bhatia Mar 2
Distance is a weird phenomenon, so is time.
We were two continents apart, yet connected.
So far yet so close.
We are in the same city and yet I can't see you.
So close yet so far.
Maybe because tears often blur my vision.
I talk to you and you make everything sound so normal, like nothing ever changed.
We never stopped talking. But we never started as well. And now that you're going, I feel like you were long gone before you came back.
I think it's fair enough: we didn't meet when you left, we didn't meet when you came back.
I hope this settles the score.
Until next time,
All my love.
Disha Bhatia Mar 2
From gloomy eyes to happy feet,
from being homeless to finding home
in a heartbeat
Disha Bhatia Mar 2
Do not
be so afraid
of the darkness within
embrace it.
do not
play hide & seek
with the sadness within
face it.

So that when light & happiness enter, darkness & sadness can leave & not live there in disguise.
Disha Bhatia Feb 27
You, my love
should stay
from my mind
and my heart

For my mind twists and turns
scenarios to stop me
from letting you go
when I never
held you at first

For my heart
gives up giving up
on you
and beats
to tell me
you're a part of me,
not apart from me

Missing you is like
missing a heart beat
Forgetting you is like
Forgetting to breathe

I'd rather miss
a few beats
and do a couple dance
on my own,
than change the lyrics
of my love song
Disha Bhatia Feb 21
At times
I think of myself
as an onlooker, an observer.
At times, I live my life
by witnessing it.

At such times
when I step aside from the midst
my anxiety ceases to exist.
Disha Bhatia Feb 18
Talk to me
When I don't
Talk to myself.
Scream silence
When I don't Listen to them.
Fills me
When I don't
Know myself.
Love me
When I don't
Love myself.
Clings to me
When I don't
Caress myself.
Stick by me
When I don't
Stick by myself.
Welcomes me
When I don't
Welcome myself.
Does this mean
This won't be
If I do
Talk to myself,
Listen to myself,
Know myself,
Love myself,
Caress myself,
Stick by myself
& finally
Welcome myself
With open arms. - Disha Bhatia
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