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Disha Bhatia Mar 2019
Distance is a weird phenomenon, so is time.
We were two continents apart, yet connected.
So far yet so close.
We are in the same city and yet I can't see you.
So close yet so far.
Maybe because tears often blur my vision.
I talk to you and you make everything sound so normal, like nothing ever changed.
We never stopped talking. But we never started as well. And now that you're going, I feel like you were long gone before you came back.
I think it's fair enough: we didn't meet when you left, we didn't meet when you came back.
I hope this settles the score.
Until next time,
All my love.
Em Dy Feb 2018
there is something
about the way he smiled
that makes my heart flutter
and break
into a million tiny pieces
all at the same time
Em Dy Aug 2017
sadness just eats you up until you have absolutely nothing,
it clings on you and ***** everything you have that feels good

you try to wash it down with *****
and the pills that lets you sleep,
but when you wake up you still feel the emptiness,
no matter what you do it just keeps haunting you,

then you started pretending,
you lie to yourself,
because maybe that can make it easier
and bearable

but in reality, you know can't cheat grief.
so you just listen to that old lie that kept you going; "it's gonna be okay"
even if it'll never be.
morning musings I
Makena Greer Jun 2015
"I don't think I've actually ever been in love before. Of course there were boys that could put a million butterflies in my stomach and make my head go fuzzy. But now it's you and you make me feel things. I crave your touch. Our hugs are so close yet not close enough. Your hand in mine sends tingles through my body and a smile upon my lips. I can't help but stare when you are around me because, oh God,  I cannot get enough of you. And I think I love you. I really do, but I am too scared to admit it because I'm not sure what being in love feels like."
You might be my first love

— The End —