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What will our last deeds be when we are faced with death...
And will we prove to be inherently evil when we have no breath.
They say the memory that you leave behind is glorified.
And to live every day like its your last ride.

I am no better than anyone.
And I am no stronger than you.
But I understand my place in this world..
Do you?
I will not be content with stationary thoughts
Or paths the say they end but the world lays beyond.
I will not be content with this town, this state, this country.
Because I am not content with myself.

Be better they will say than you were yesterday.
Learn something new everyday.
I've learned that life douse give but mostly takes.
Its taken my innocence, its taken my purity.
Because I was not able to value myself,
I was not able to scream for help
But I've learned that he himself was harmed,
like he had harmed me.
So I have forgiven him for what he did,  but,not easily.
Because I understand what it dose to your mind
to be beaten brutally.
It is what it is, don't feel bad for me.
because like an angel with broken a wing,
I again will learn to sing.
Be carful and hold fast, because nothing in this life will last.
It is, what it is
We will chase the sun until our time is up
And we will be ok because we have to be
oh, we will chase the sun, till our time is up.
so don't fear for us we were strong enough.
Oh chasing the sun until the moon comes up in the sky.
We might get sad but, youll never hear us cry.
Tell my mom that I am alright, tell my dad I wont
be home tonight.
I am chasing the sun, but Ill be home when I've had enough.
and when its all said and done I would have lived,
I would have chased the sun.
As great as it might seem, freedom is never really free.
We are young and we still bleed.
We were young, much to young
we didn't get to see the world for what it was
But we chased the sun, our time came now our time is up.
Pleas don't foget us now that we are breathless
don't cry for us because we are gone
love us for what we were not what we could have been
love us till the end
We will chase the sun till our time is up,
and we will be ok because we have to be.
We have lived, we have lived enough.
We chased the sun till the moon came up in the sky
so pleas don't cry for us now that our time has come.
pleas be strong enough
Dedicated to all of the teens that have died from texting and driving, drunk driving, suicide, or who were killed because of something they couldn't have changed
its alright if I am secondary to whoever comes before me.
its alright if you don't love me anymore.
Because I must, I must have a sine that sais 'use me'
And it must be my fault that you left.

Im sorry that I had a few morals, and I didn't want to have ***
Im sorry that I wanted to Waite till I was in my wedding bed.
And im sorry I made you do it, because my **** was my fault.
At least that's what you said.

Its not even a ****, I didn't **** you.
You never said no, you never told me to stop did you?
No I suppose your rite, I didn't tell you to stop.
You couldn't hear me after you covered my mouth.
And you couldn't see my face while tears rolled down.
And you didn't realize that the sounds coming from beneath your hands were my cry's for help.

I guess your rite, it wasn't a ****, because you wont admit it Im the one to blame?
No Not this time this wasn't my fault.
My parents still love me, what will yours think when they see you locked up behind bars like a vault.
because again I suppose my **** was my fault.
This is dedicated to the people who are sexually assaulted every day, for the people who are still coming to terms with what happened to you. **** is never the victims fault, no matter what their wearing.
Dear future  boyfriend....
I will assume you will break my heart even before we speak.
And hold on to every word like it were the air that I breath.
I will ignore the good things that you do.
And search for every mistake meticulously.
I promise to never have faith in you and to always expect you to fail.
I promise to put you on a pedestal  that you'll fall off of
and to always go running to my friends the second you speak out agents me.
And when I do something wrong and you say something about it,
I promise to always find a way to blame it on you,
Dear future boyfriend I promise to drain you emotionally so that you cant ever find the strength to leave me,
And to always ,make you feel like you cant leave me alone.
Dear future boyfriend, I promise that when it ends ill make Facebook posts about it so that all my friends can see,
and so that they can all take part in a breakup that was largely to do with me ...
Dear future boyfriend, pleas.....don't be my future boyfriend
Theirs a daisy in my tea cup.
Theirs a sun set setting high.
Theirs a river running past me.
And the deer are striding by.
Their are feathers stuck inside the tea ***,
and their are a few in my cup.

We  remember, or at least most of us do.
The lesions we were taught
about a people who are now few
fewer than the patches of grass in our city parks
fewer than the smog less city's that
have wilted our daisy hearts

Now we've gone and built our world
on top of their prairie plains
we gave them land to live on
but reservations aren't the same
From my finger tips to my elbow
my arms are covered in paint.
They are all different colors,
but the idea is the same,
to create something beautiful,
a sunset, a rain shower .
an old pine tree or a flower.
I don't paint with anger,
I paint with love
I paint with my heart,
shouldn't that be enough
I see beauty in what could be
But so many before me have written it out
what beauty is supposed to be
One color, don't mix, separate, don't  fix.
Yes one color can be beautiful,
and one can be bright.
But one without the others,' seems like a very plain sight
Why do we separate one from the other, why do we try to moderate one from another color.
The world around us is changing and yes we wont be hear forever
but we can stay together if we could only love  one another
id never tell you to love me if you cant
stay if you want to but go if you don't
I wont hold on to you if you want to go.
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