5 hours ago

Dip me
in your depths,
let me ravage you,
the way opposites do,
attract the positives out of you
and extract the negative attitude
got your reaching new altitudes
So hard, I stretching your latitude
on the beach, in the nude
the way we relate,
its all relative
no matter how you view.

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Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan
4 days ago

As we sat there on that worn white lifeguard’s tower,
chill breeze, I looked deep into your brown eyes.
The feeling it gave struck deep.
The surf worn beach which throbbed and eroded
with no rhythm, not like we had,
over millions of years. What a privilege it was to witness it then.
What a privilege it was to witness you there,
in that moonlight reflection.
The tide receded, we dressed.
Brass buckles, white cotton and denim.
We slept in the car
‘til the birds woke us.

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Shofi Ahmed
4 days ago

As wide open as the sea
As resonant as the waves
Splashing on the beach.
For a moment or so one is
Pondering so full as the sea
What has it left to tally
With as empty as the the beach?

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Dreaming Liza
Dreaming Liza
6 days ago

Beaches are lots of fun,
Until you realize you cannot
Go because your body,
Mind, and soul have been
Cut a million times.
Salt water burns people like me.

March 19, 2017.
I fucked up my body, mind, and emotional state again, and have to figure out a way to get out of going to the beach... I'll probably blame it on school
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I packed my clothes
And cigarettes
I'm moving to the South.
I always romanticized the North East,
And North West but the middle seemed draining and sure, I'm scared. I'm bound by my youth here and I have this exaggerated passion to travel I decorate for the sake of feeling adventurous but I'm actually comfortable with my feet in concrete boots, climbing back to you. You asked if I'm happy and said that it's sad that I'm leaving, we have so many memories. I felt the same way a year ago with you so I said I didn't know if I was. I don't know if waking up every day past noon to down a pill just to leave the room is happy but I know I'll live three miles from the Atlantic ocean, from pink sand in three weeks and you know I always romanticized the way nature could heal a shattered soul, so I'll go.

I hate that you asked me if I'm happy right before I go, I hate that I'm over you but that still make my insides coagulate and tear apart my stomach lining, I hate that I'm lying about why I'm leaving.

I said I'm starting over but I just have some things I haven't let go of, and I can't. So I'm running from them instead. I'll live on the beach. You won't pop up in the coffee shops I pretend to like dark roast in. I won't see your face in public when you aren't really there. It's unfair that I don't know how to go anywhere but towards another person but I'm hoping those morning beach walks might teach me how to go towards something scary instead of something safe. Maybe happiness isn't safety, maybe when you said you missed me that pain in my stomach was irony because a year ago I collapsed in class on a white tile floor when you said you'd never love me the same and now I'm leaving behind white walls and a white door I never painted because I never picked a color that made me happy.

Just a draft
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They walked under the Californian Sun,
and the cool breeze flew in like
a gift released by neighbor's up North.
She carried a to-go order of tapas made
by the man from Spain who's been lost in translation.
As they made their way through sand,
they carefully stepped over discarded bottles,
teenage remnants from a night or two before.
A relatively quiet spot was difficult,
but it wasn't impossible.
While they laid out the blanket and food,
this summer's pop star
(forgotten to age and substance 5 years later)
blared out the speakers laying next to
a group sunbathing yards away.
The city smog cloud could still be seen,
and a yacht with a private party passed by others in jet skis.
All had everything, except clear identity,
but they smiled anyway,
ate with content, and enjoyed the ocean view.
It was unique.
It was beautiful all the same.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2017

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Took a look and a walk outside
It was a strange look in the corner of eye
I saw a dude with ears like spock
He was jamin' some old school Scott La Rock
He was a superhoe"
With dred locks
I said man I diigg that song
And your bong
You cant go wrong
I was slurring my speech
After a few blinks
I realized this was Venice Beach
Incencse burning
Mellow highs feeling groovy
Freaks, family, geeks
On the streets
Bumpin to the KRS-ONE beats
This is what the Jack Of Spades sees
Spreading two fingers wide in

‎​( • )( •ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

every beach
had our name on,
a potential place to walk
and be us
for special hours.
Slowly a tide covered those days
and no more shore for sure foot to stand,
steps gone under sea covered land;
no more roaming nowhere hand in hand,
no more roaming nowhere hand in hand,
no more roaming nowhere hand in hand,
no more roaming nowhere hand in hand,
a sun not ours anymore,
a sun not ours anymore,
a sun not ours anymore.

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Codeine condensed from the rain
Storms my paper once again -
It was written once before.
Will I die this time?
I left dance floors for the shore -
And  you let go of the chain,
So I rejoined the insane.

#suicide   #depression   #lonely   #death   #drugs   #sea   #beach   #overdose  

I saw 'er once mo',
sittin' upon the sand one morn',
lookin' like a silhouette, lookin' out..
mournin' at...  'er horizon.  I saw 'er
from afar.  ...She sat starin' from 'er throne,
'er place along that line; she reigned as queen,
the Black peppered on that Salt dashin' down as-the-shore.

in the works.
changed it a bit.
will reread in an hour or so.
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