1 day ago

I take the route
of no resistance,
oceanic embrace

turns here and there,
baby don't fear
I live above and

Though if love is a rock
I will go around,
to find truth
in wholeness

to the ocean I go,
water I am

Flow with the current of life, to the destination of wholeness.
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Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
2 days ago

Capture me in a moment of whirlwind
as I dance by the sea, floating
bursts of fabric backlit by
the midnight moon. The water calls me
in to dance with the waves
it sends to me but I cannot go
there, so I must keep dancing
for the water so it
will continue to love me.

~~ Torn between the right and the real. ~~
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3 days ago

Stand at the beach sometime
At night
While the wind is up
And the air gives a chill
And the forecast says
Storm coming.

Stand at the beach sometime
As I did last night
With my boys running like
Shadows on the dark sand
As if school just let out

The first time I fell in love
was not with a
nor a girl

it was with the world

I remember that tight, unsettling churning in my gut
the same kind I got the first time a boy planted one right on my mouth

But it was before,
when my feet graced shorelines
and waves invited me inside for tea
I remember hugging a tree ironically
but in that gesture, breathing for the first time
It was unplanned,
holding hands with mother earth
her bounty filling me up when I
did not know I was empty
flowers adding blush to my face
where the snow had flushed it
and the sun had left speckles,
I was drawn to her curves
climbing her moutains and
feeling her breath in sync with mine
in real world time
I fell in love with the sky
she cried into the sea
and I swam in them
strokes to carry myself to her beaches
her arms wrapped around me
and filling me with her bounty

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Feb 6

your poetry
is encapsulated in these waves
as your tongue against the beach
licks the soft curling mists
like a deep space
of velvet
lingering with
raw flesh
blissfully scintillating
brittle bones with tar
that my warm eyes
are being woken wistfully
entwining deprived lungs
because late nights
are fringes
of rustling leaves
grasping to mortal
blazing joint - like static
clicks to keyboards

velvet cake is delicious
#poetry   #metaphor   #raw   #emotion   #bones   #waves   #beach   #flesh   #linger  

So swell….

“Swell!” she yelled, as he undulated himself...
..onto her, under comets & stars in shallow waters.
She mewed, with her cheek pressed upon cracked conch & sand,
as her other.. was spread... clenched-by his grip-
apart from the first, forming a base for her leg, which extended
straight into the air, resting upon his chest, in-between extensions & stretches, & sets.

He rode her thigh, straddling ..hard,
as the rest of her body & limbs, too, went...
She convulsed; she bit her lip ..under comets & stars
in shallow waters ..atop a beach-on another planet-possibly Venus or Mars, as her toes mimicked her moaning & outstretched, ech-
O-ing-g-g-g hard...

through a magical shell, which bottles each..
of her oceanic screams that crashed upon the shores
....of her soaked, swollen beach.

#rain   #water   #venus   #beach   #sand   #swollen   #echo   #mars   #swell   #straddling  

I walk on black crunchy sponge
barefoot, blank-minded, bedraggled

my backdrop is violent grey, green,
then white white white

wind whips my cheeks
then calms itself, calms me

I miss my sunshine on days like this
when the weather is rough

I appreciate it the most

#nature   #summer   #sunshine   #sea   #waves   #beach   #coast   #scenery  

The sea has gone to sleep:
Become a mirror of the sky.
Lapping onto the land
With subtle churnings.

It’s a brightly sunny day,
Uplifting the spirits.
Hardly a hint of breeze
As the tide creeps out.

I slumber in the languidness of Willy’s beer.
All angst buried as I settle down to sleep.
That mighty, massive ocean is so still now.
Its monsters have been well and truly put to bed.

Blue sky
With lightly painted clouds upon the horizon.
My porch is warm today
In the golden sun.

Paul Butters

For Jayne Parrish, who posted a beautiful video of Cleethorpes Beach on Facebook this morning.
#peace   #sun   #ocean   #sea   #calm   #beach   #relaxation   #becalmed  

If I was a pretty stone,
sitting on a pebbled beach,
would you pick me up and admire me,
treasure me with your whole heart.

Or, would you toss me into the abyss of the dark water,
as if another one of your typical skipping stones.

Would you cradle me and keep me from harm,
or show me to the world,
like a deserved golden medal.

Am I just like every other stone on this beach,
or am I special in some kind of way,
hopefully I'll see someday.

If I was a pretty stone,
sitting on your worktop, merely ten years old,
would you cherish me as you did when you found me.
If I was a pretty stone.

written 30/9/13
#love   #nature   #romance   #wonder   #caring   #beach  
Megan Kay
Megan Kay
Jan 19

The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Of all the places, I wish for you with me.
Miles away, winding hills beside
If only you'd come along for the ride.
My toes submerged into sand,
At times I hope I can avoid being so bland.
A bird dives into the water
If only I could go just a bit further.
A towel lay spread across the ground
How I wish I could share the relaxation i've found.
The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Over everything i've found content over you with out me.

#content   #you   #me   #waters   #beach   #sand   #rolling   #clean   #playa   #limpia  
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