Paul Butters
Paul Butters
3 days ago

The sea has gone to sleep:
Become a mirror of the sky.
Lapping onto the land
With subtle churnings.

It’s a brightly sunny day,
Uplifting the spirits.
Hardly a hint of breeze
As the tide creeps out.

I slumber in the languidness of Willy’s beer.
All angst buried as I settle down to sleep.
That mighty, massive ocean is so still now.
Its monsters have been well and truly put to bed.

Blue sky
With lightly painted clouds upon the horizon.
My porch is warm today
In the golden sun.

Paul Butters

For Jayne Parrish, who posted a beautiful video of Cleethorpes Beach on Facebook this morning.
#peace   #sun   #ocean   #sea   #calm   #beach   #relaxation   #becalmed  

If I was a pretty stone,
sitting on a pebbled beach,
would you pick me up and admire me,
treasure me with your whole heart.

Or, would you toss me into the abyss of the dark water,
as if another one of your typical skipping stones.

Would you cradle me and keep me from harm,
or show me to the world,
like a deserved golden medal.

Am I just like every other stone on this beach,
or am I special in some kind of way,
hopefully I'll see someday.

If I was a pretty stone,
sitting on your worktop, merely ten years old,
would you cherish me as you did when you found me.
If I was a pretty stone.

written 30/9/13
#love   #nature   #romance   #wonder   #caring   #beach  
Megan Kay
Megan Kay
4 days ago

The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Of all the places, I wish for you with me.
Miles away, winding hills beside
If only you'd come along for the ride.
My toes submerged into sand,
At times I hope I can avoid being so bland.
A bird dives into the water
If only I could go just a bit further.
A towel lay spread across the ground
How I wish I could share the relaxation i've found.
The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Over everything i've found content over you with out me.

#content   #you   #me   #waters   #beach   #sand   #rolling   #clean   #playa   #limpia  
Laura Enright
Laura Enright
7 days ago

I left the coast
on a tiny blue and red rowing boat
I left my shoes on the pier
and jumped right in

I row to a beach and look along it
in moonlight
searching for those certain blue eyes
that I only half-remember
but all I see is strangers staring,
why are they sunbathing at night?

I give up, row back to land
the only sound is me pushing water
I struggle up the rungs of the ladder

loose my footing
then suddenly
I don't know
whether I made it up the ladder at all

(after-note: although it's never mentioned in the poem, I hope that it is obvious that this is about a dream. I trust the reader to have picked up on it)
#love   #dream   #nature   #water   #confusion   #beach   #boat   #ladder   #coast   #pier  

As I walk along
The sunny beach on a fine
Summer's day
Oh I see a young
Fine woman so fine
Her beauty is breathtaking
She has truly taken my
Breath away
As my heart starts
To race she starts
To pace towards me
Oh I'm truly deeply in love
Oh my love oh my heart
Skips a beat for love
Oh truly in love I am
Truly I'm in love
With the girl I truly love
Down on the summer's
Beach forever
I shall always remember
The beautiful girl
Down on the summer's

David P Carroll
On The Summer's Beach
#the   #on   #beach   #summers  
Jan 12

I stand on sandy shores,
Looking out on the great blue,
Wishing I was away from me,
Or rather farther from you,

White sailboats,
Are just beyond my grasp,
And in blue paint,
On the side,
It claims happiness.

My toes curl,
In the damp sand,
Watching people run into the water,
While I'm stuck on land,
And I would swim as well,
But I'm afraid of sharks,
Or really anything,
That prefers the dark,

I know how to swim,
In the back of my mind,
Have I just forgotten then,
Or lost it with passing,

It's now midnight,
On my sandy beach,
And I'm praying for the water,
To just reach my feet.

#love   #broken   #life   #depressed   #lost   #happiness   #insanity   #insane   #beach   #sand  
CK Baker
CK Baker
Jan 12

there’s a barnacle scar
deeply ingrained
on the basalt stack
at mark 32
whispering summer winds
scented oil
cotton and roe
as waves brush
and shape
the sandstone shore

the briny air
and lost erratic
set a tone to this
pollyanna portrait ~
it's andrews undulations
and gifted benches,
its concessions
and traces of the barry burn,
its sculpted driftwood
and sanko lines
make this picture
almost perfect

children play
but venom spews
from the caterwaul pair
the odd looking mates
casting smiles
with arrested despair
settling pot shots
swiping bugs
dipping and darting
as photo men
and muscles
and long neck seabirds
make their turn

the hunched hoody
and his sorted sidekick
get their fill
(of moss and rubble ~ chubby and kelp)
nice to meet your acquaintance
the pho man would say
an odd drop
and ironic turn
to those horrific corners
of timeless desperation
down by cannon bridge

harbor seals
and carriage horse
are fronted by
raven’s shade
jolly tides pause
in quiet bays
(with curious looters
and nob pickers!)
sand merchants
and field totems
all streamed by the light

cirrus strands
blanket the
outer edge
hovering craft
and shimmering willows
bolt the evening frame
blood orange
and tethered
with a filtered glare
bottle-nose dolphins
and seabirds
(and shifting tides)
are all settling in
for the long night stay

#ocean   #waves   #tide   #beach   #seashore   #harbour   #bayside  
Emma S
Jan 11

Taking that first magical step out of the plane. The heat strikes you, the humidity is overwhelming.
Taking a seat in the first taxi. The prettiest of palm trees, magnificent skyscrapers trying to reach over the clouds.
Smoking the first cigarette, drinking the first drink.
New people, old people, bars, laughter, beaches, tattoos, sunshine.

Taking that first dreadful step out of the plane.
The cold punches you, the dry air takes your breath away.
Taking a seat in the old familiar car. Cold grey snow trying to stay on the highway.
Smoking only half a cigarette, it's better to be inside.
Old people, old news, grey skies, still the tattoos but lack of sunshine.

Snap out of it. Back to reality.
Bring me back soon.

#sun   #happiness   #tattoos   #cigarette   #travel   #beach   #plane   #miami  
Val V
Val V
Jan 9

The way seashells sing the ocean song,
"I will never forget where I came from."
Rocks were lifted from the ocean floor,
shaped by Odyssey to sooth my soul,
and hid the meaning of its color...
for life's secrets to discover!

beach days
#nostalgia   #ocean   #waves   #beach  

Walking on the shore
Feeling the sands between
My toes seeing the waves
Hitting the shore
Founding seashells on the
Shore some are big some
Are small some are medium
They come in different sizes
And shape walking back to
The car looking back and
Seeing the beautiful sunset
Behind the ocean and the
Beautiful clear calm water
© Amanda Kay Hill

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