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Charlie Dec 2018
I don't know if it's better to bleed the pain onto page
silently struggle to forget about you.


I can do neither.
What do I do?
Charlie Jan 2016
What's to become of it all
If we make nothing of it?
Charlie Jan 2016
Even after all this time,
I carry the hurt to know I am fine.
Bleed me,
It isn't my blood that
Keeps me alive.
It's knowing that somehow you still care,
Even after all this time.
Charlie Sep 2015
Upon my face I wear a smile,
A *******'s smile so smooth.
I grin in my seat
While I lie through my teeth,
The teeth that have never heard the truth.
Charlie Jul 2015
I think more clearly
than I have in

I can now hold a thought
in between my

I'm just finding my
happiness; it feels

But when I talk, I'm
spewing venom in my

I'm sorry.
Charlie Mar 2015
I'm sorry
I couldn't
Take Away the
I'm sorry
I didn't
Do more,
Because I
I'm sorry
You felt
Sorry for being
I'm not sorry
That you were
I'm sorry
I couldn't
Show you
I'm sorry, buddy.
Charlie Mar 2015
I kicked the edge
of the coffee table
with the top of
my small toe.
And then I thought of you.

I dropped that glass
But nearly caught it
with my then glass
Shard filled hand.
And then I thought of you.

Knicked the edge of
my Razer against the
Contour of my face
while my blood filled
the rest of the mirror.  
And then I thought of you.

But when I nearly
cut myself in half
with that old ax
And dead tree,
I didn't think of you.

You don't want me dead,
Just alive enough to feel the pain,
because when you're dead you can't
feel dead,
when you're living
Sometimes it's all you can feel.
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