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Alex Lemieux Mar 2014
Eyes filled with the poetry of a thousand discrete looks
Lips with the softest pink embrace
Teeth whose white glow mirrored my own
Hair whose tumbling strands each revealed a secret beauty
Never seen before and never to be seen again
Only to be succeeded by new consecutive beauties
Changing the beauty of the whole
My feelings are constant yet
Wonderment when I glance
Beatitude when she speaks
Alex Lemieux Mar 2014
Death, not content with nature's way
Created man, a creature of his own design
A creature standing above all
A mirror of death
Alex Lemieux Jan 2014
From lips now pale
Had come smiles and kisses and words
From eyes now blank
Had come looks of love or dedication
To ears now deafened
Had come cries of joy and pain and consummate pleasure
To a nose now dull
Had wafted aromas of love
To skin now cold
Had come caresses and touches and playful demeanor
From hands now limp
Had come tender gestures and proof of affection
From a heart that beats no more
Had come love the likes of which all wish they could receive
Where once there was
Will be no more
Alex Lemieux Jan 2014
The head rolled into his lap

As if the Almighty did not feel his sufferance was great enough
Little can surpass the death of a friend
Still less can surpass it
When he stood and was seen
And in an instant disappeared
Leaving but a cloud
And a head in his lap

The head rolled into his lap

He now could feel
The face he had known
A face prone to smiles
Although never in this crestfallen country
But who had smiled nonetheless
He felt the cheeks still warm and saw the eyes now blank
He observed
At first recognizing his friend
Suddenly realizing death had overcome him
And taken his body to wherever the dead go
To the empty, dark abyss of atheism
Or the magnificent rewards of the gods of yore

The head rolled into his lap

In the theft of his friend
Death had not only robbed him of joy
It had branded his mind
With the horror
Of all the suffering the wretched world could possibly throw at him
Including his friend's head
Which rolled
Into his lap
Alex Lemieux Jan 2014
The one thing that comes to us all
The one place we all go
The one we always try to cheat
But lose to nonetheless
The ultimate equalizer
Taking emperors and peasants alike
Yet on some, death bears down much too soon
Because only of hardships and torture
That has been inflicted by our own kinsmen
Pushing the breaking point of the spirit
Crushing all hope of a better, if any, future
Shoved to making the choice of harming oneself
Because of the idiocy of others
Ignorant fools who look down on others with contempt and hate
Since they do not match the conventions they made for themselves
And with jealousy at their ease of happiness
Making sure to crush them and their joy so as to assure they become as miserable as the others are
Deep in their hearts
All this leading to the culminating moment of pain
When it is no longer tolerable
And all the eyes see is death
Death, my friend
Death, my savior
Death, my hope
Death, my mercy
Death, my deliverance
Come to me, death
Give me my wings to go to somewhere better
This pain cannot be better than death
Death is quick, and ends all
Life is long, and ever-suffering
This is not how you must leave
This is not a fitting end to such a bright person
With such a loving heart
So give yourself a chance to a fitting end
And find an ear cocked to listen
Explain, relate
Even just in whispers
Let the demons come out as the words you speak and stay with us
In life

To Evan - I didn't know you very well but what I did know was someone worth being here now
Alex Lemieux Jan 2014
It is said
'Used eyes fail to see'
They do not look upon beauty
They look through it
Always seen, never noticed
I do not wish to, nor will I ever
Be used to you
Your effervescent beauty
Is ever-changing
And even more stunning every time I see you
I will remind you every day
Just how beautiful you are
Because your beauty
Is one that deserves to be noticed
Alex Lemieux Jan 2014
Your eyes
Two emeralds set in gold
With an ethereal allure
Two glowing gems
In a sea of perfection
Inconceivably pretty
Even by the highest of standards
None could ever fathom
The beauty held within
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