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Katie Miller Jan 26
I like to think that my body
has forgotten you.
and how your hands fit
perfectly in the curve of my waist,
how you kissed my neck,
and right between my shoulder blades,
how you used to pick me up
and I'd wrap my legs around you,
how you whispered "i love you"
and my name sounded sacred on your tongue.
How you squeezed my hand rhythmically,
and I would make a game of copying it back.
How you showed me, in every way,
that I was your definition of perfect.
How you sang that I was the only girl
who keeps your planet green.
but it hasn't.
My body, my waist, my neck.
My heart, my mind, my soul.
I haven't forgotten
how it felt,
when you loved me.
sometimes it feels like I'll never forget how his body felt on mine.
Katie Miller Jan 26
God your name
feels so foreign to write
those five letters once
told me what I thought my future would be.

I speak it as infrequently as possible,
nearly whispering it when I must.
As if, somehow, if I speak it too loudly,
I'll lose myself in it all over again.

The soap in my shower smells like you,
so I bought my own.
I was left wondering what you were doing,
at 4:36pm on a Sunday afternoon.

You favorite color appears
in the strangest places, unexpected.
I know it should go unnoticed,
why did you have to love such a bright color?

my body almost forgets what it feels like
to be loved by you
my lips almost forget the taste of you
and then it all rushes back
i was brave, i titled this poem with his name, he isn't on this site anyway, and i doubt anyone who knows him is, either. besides me, anyways, not that i really know him anymore after all
Katie Miller Jan 26
i don't shatter anymore.
when i miss you,
i ache.
Katie Miller Jan 26
I am a writer, a poet.
thought sometimes,
the right words,
are as abundant as clouds
on a perfect summer day
Katie Miller Jan 26
no matter how I deny it
there are some days
that I just need you
your arms, your face, your lips
to tell me that I'm strong
and that you believe in me
Katie Miller Jan 26
i speak in
hyperboles and metaphors
i guess that's why
it's so easy to break my heart
the way i care is too
figuratively literal
Katie Miller Jan 26
some days
my exhaustion ruins deeper
than the very middle of my bones
and it's difficult
to remember how
to sing myself
to sleep
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