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Daisy Fields May 2011
there are in my opinion 2 differet types of doors of perception in the human mind.
the doors to darkness & the doors to light.
the doors to light have always been in everyone,
but the doors to darkness were built in our minds to confuse & control us.

everytime a door of perception closes a new one will open in it's place.
& i find that for every dark door you close 2 or more doors to light open.

when you shut the door to government the doors to real freedom, real privacy, & real truth opens.
how can we really feel free in the relaity we are in now?
we all have a false sense of freedom, to think, speak, & act,
but really nothing is free anymore, everything will cost you something.
how can you truley believe we are free when there are so many laws, rules, and confinments & so much we have no say in.
human's don't need laws or bibles or police to tell us what to do,
we have the sense of right & wrong built into us.
we know what is good or bad by how they make us feel,
and we all generally feel in the same ways.
with laws in place we don't take the time to really think about how our actions will make others feel we have alredy been told & there is no need for further thought.
also, people i find always have the tendacy to want to do what they can't do.
if you tell them they can't do things, they're gonna try.
so are jails filled with bad people, or freedom fighters?
people rebeling against the law.
we are living in a dark reality.

let in the light.

when you close the door to media you open the doors to true beauty, to inner beauty, to self love & to self acceptance.
how can one see real beauty in such a fake reality.
in people today judgement, cliques & suicides are at an all time high,
self confidence & self worth is at an all time low .
people judge people based on how they look, & what they're wearing.
they form opions of others without even talking to them.
we should love & celebrate our differences, not hate & divide them.
you could miss out on meeting an amazing person because you are so blind to real beauty.
think about all the things great things people don't know about you,
now think about all the great things you don't know about other people.
we are living in a dark reality.

let in the light.

when you close the door to technology, you open the doors to unity, to true connection with others, & to real experiences.
in our technological relaity we live in the illusion that technology is bringing us closer,
and that we are becomming more inter webbed to eachother when we humans have the capabilites to establish these connections without help.
we are like robots, expressing emotions based on how we are told/suppose to react, not because we are really feeling.
instead of going out to explore & expierence life, nature, & new relationships,we stay at home and watch them on t.v.
instead of talking to someone, visiting someone, spending time wth someone, we connect with them threw computer screens, facebook profiles & emotionless txts.
where is the connection?
we are living in a dark reality.

let in the light.

when you close the door to money the door to free trade open.
to a reality where we help other not for money or for benifit
just to help another human bening like yourself,
just because it feels right, it feels good.
the reality we live in now is one with fake, bought happiness & of selfishness.
we try to make ourselves happy with big homes and nice cars and expensive things when we don't need them.
true, pure happiness comes from the love of others, from helping, giving, sharing,
& from making others happy as well.
nobody can take that kind of happiness from you ever.
we are living in a dark reality.

let in the light.

when you shut the door to war & violence the doors to peace opens.
the door to equality, to harmony to love.
to a reality where we work out our differences with words & not wepons,
it doesn't require money, or casual deaths.
how can we use the term casual deaths?
let's take a look into this relaity for a moment...
there was a solider in iraq who ran into a home & killed a man in front of his wife & kids.
this man was killed because he had weapons in his home which was viewed as a threat or possible terrorist.
in actuallity the man was not planning any attack at all he merely had thoes weapon to protect himself & his innocent family in the case of a home invasion.
back in the soliders home town a man wakes up in the middle of the night because he hears glass break. he grabs a wepon that he has in case of emergency to protect his family and goes to investigate. he walks in on a man intruding in his home, the man has a knife, the dad shoots him dead.
on the same day as the solider get his medal for killing an innocent man the dad gets sentenced to life in prision for trying to protect his family.
who is the real hero, who really deserves a medal, the solider or the man?
i guess ****** is a heroic thing if your doing it for the government..
we are living in a dark reality.

let in the light.

when you close the door to religion you open the door to wonder, curiosity, and exploration.
to a relaity with less division & less disagreements.
where does all that money go to?
certinly not space exploration.
i strongly believe that by giving into the idea of god you giving into the idea of there being a higher power in anything race, gender, religion, ect.
i also believe that because of this and the idea of god it has created this huge power struggle all over the world of people trying to own/run the world.
people trying to be god/godly.
these are the most powerful people in the world right now.
and it is thoes people who have place these dark doors in our heads.
and who are constantly watching, and making sure the doors stayed open and all other doors stayed shut.
but we have the power to.
we are all god.
& we all have the power to view the world in any way we want it, heavenly or hellish
.'god created the world with his vision'
change god into we,
'we created the world with our vision.'
'god has the power to change everything'
'WE have the power to change everything'
but as of right now we are living in the dark.

so let's let in the light.
& let it shine threw every pore, every breath, every thought we have.
let it ignite us, & drive us to great heights.

don't live & act based on how you look to others/god/ect.
live & act based on how your feel inside.

don't have an idea of who you are,
know who you are.
live for yourself, not for anyone els.

i want real words & thoughts
i want real freedom & truth
i want real faces & emotion
i want real experiences & places
i want real peace & equality
i want real people
i want real happiness
i want real connections
real love, real light, real laughter, real life.

we can make things real again, just don't be afraid, don't be lazy, don't be doubtful, don't be fake.
Daisy Fields May 2011
when you walk into the room my heat skips a beat,your the only person i can see.
and the only reason im there.
when our eyes meet, every part of me tingles.
your eyes shine so bright.. your the most beautiful thing iv'e ever seen.

your fancy clothes makes me anxious to hold you.
and anxious to get you alone.
you light up the room, and you smile.
im the luckiest person in the world.

you wave to me, i just stare.
you find your way to me, past all the faces.
i wrap my arms around you.
i could spend the rest of my life here.

you tell me you love me, and i feel it.
i ask you to leave and you take my hand.
i would follow you into the darkest of places.
and you take me to a clearing.

we lay down, my face pointed towards the sky.
sparks flying further then we can see.
i rest my head on you, i hear your hearbeat.
if i could only find the words..

you kiss me, your undeniable.
you feel so right it hurts.
i don't know why it took so long for me to relaize.
that i had unmistakenably fallen.. for you.
Daisy Fields May 2011
i will let the rain,
drop down & ease my pain,
dampen out my fear,
& wash away my stains.

let it bring the calm,
clean the sweat from off my palms,
blend into my tears,
& bring the rise of dawn.

let it cool the things i'm stressin,
drown out all of my depression,
i will let the rain,
be the answer to my questions.

so when i'm low & dried,
& i feel i want to cry,
i'll see the clouds roll in,
& smile at the sky.
Daisy Fields May 2011
Daisy Fields May 2011
if you ask me, to love & to live are the same.
i have many dreams, & plans for the future.
place i wanna go, people i wanna meet, things i wanna do.
but the most important thing i want to do, to have, to give, in this life, is love.
pure, non-conditional, non-traditional love.
i feel at the end of my life, if i have love, no matter what i didn't/couldn't do i will be happy & content.
when all is gone, love still remains.
when beauty, when time, when materials run out, love still remains.
& if the love you have is true & real,  it can last longer, & be stronger then anything in this world.
love is not the only thing i have to offer either, but it's the greatest thing for sure.
& i know that when im gone, my love will still live on.

— The End —