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Nothing Jun 2019
I am leaving

  Apr 2019 Nothing
Ally Ann
My body is made of flammable stone
a paradox in its own birth
a wooden crown atop
goddesses in dressing gowns
sleeping to the sound
of fire burning me to the ground.
I am swaying with the tears of my mother
hitting silently as they fall,
everything that made me special
also put me up in flames.
What a sight,
all this destruction
pillars of smoke around my teeth,
rosy cheeks as I’m lowered into the grave
because it is I
and I am one
with the great Notre Dame
In destruction, we will find strength
Nothing Feb 2019
i'm trying to stay here
trying to find my place in this hell
trying to find a reason to breath

all i do is try
i can't even do that
Nothing Jan 2019
some people drown in it

others can be found in the hottest of deserts
breathing in the dust

waiting until the water runs out
I have no more water.
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