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Nothing Jun 2019
I am leaving

  Apr 2019 Nothing
Ally Ann
My body is made of flammable stone
a paradox in its own birth
a wooden crown atop
goddesses in dressing gowns
sleeping to the sound
of fire burning me to the ground.
I am swaying with the tears of my mother
hitting silently as they fall,
everything that made me special
also put me up in flames.
What a sight,
all this destruction
pillars of smoke around my teeth,
rosy cheeks as I’m lowered into the grave
because it is I
and I am one
with the great Notre Dame
In destruction, we will find strength
  Apr 2019 Nothing
Promises today are useless
Everyone’s words are meaningless  

These are no different  

My voice forlorn
A chemical imbalance inborn

Color me insignificant
Nothing Feb 2019
i'm trying to stay here
trying to find my place in this hell
trying to find a reason to breath

all i do is try
i can't even do that
Nothing Jan 2019
some people drown in it

others can be found in the hottest of deserts
breathing in the dust

waiting until the water runs out
I have no more water.
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