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Penne Jun 2021
The sound of the skeleton flower's petal was heard.
Time to go home.
Dripping from the roof is the moisture for the family and animals for 1 whole day.

The sheep filed through the cottonwood gate.
The aardvarks came next, tiptoeing on the birds' isle and then proceed to float on the eye of the lake.

Hot crackling popped from the bird seeds and savaged corn cobs.
All trees and webs lost their sway to give breath to the farmer's daughter.

The miracle of the picturesque was all stolen by her.

The hair is unmatched with nature's colors.
Her rough, sticky, lavender gray curls.
Love is the black ants gathering for the flan, leaf-shaped.
She dips the lark in a pool of beet juice.
Glazed the firewood with snaps of her belting notes and wiped with trots of chameleon.
And the whole world glowed.

One time, the farm girl had too much fun  
But does not know what day it is Neither the sun blinks
So hey, why not start expanding this farm?
Instead of an animal kingdom, a planetarium is forged.

He whispered, "I'm soft as a cloud."
He caressed, "I can give you everything."
He slashed, "I promise."
She knew. But, it was her ambition to have no ambitions.

The baby sheep were sleeping next door.
They were crying.
They were always crying.
Sometimes she wished they had less rights.
But the cries meant something else.

"Baby, why do you keep dying? Just walk already. I wish you were already 25 so you can feel alone."
Sundials were Sunday oranges to drink
Melting, melting, melting it until confessions became concessions.

Obsessed on breaking a patch of grass to look at her reflection. That is her only way to have a reflection.
Comb the grass up if she felt hazy.
Comb the grass down if she has the urge to joust.
Comb the grass everywhere to just forget every minute.

The figs were sagging and darkening. Yet, it was no tither season.

She wondered, "Is there even a  mosquito that likes me? I always ride a horse soaked in paint and has eyes of a distant phone light."

One night, she boiled the fur and then baked some cake.
It was the time to brave the punch.
Nobody was going to take away her hunch!
She heard a poke and an acne groan.
No, to eden! To eden! To eden!
When she opened the main door, the scent of ice shaved her mien.

"This will just make me look hideous,"she thought.

"I'm not a cycle!"

She closed the door. Now, she was afraid to leave and to stay.

Rather mourn as a ringtone and lie as a jester.

No one believed her.
Just because she did not told the story well.
Penne Jun 2021
Whenever you read Dahl, it feels like you're entering and after a few minutes, find yourself dancing in a pretty field. And then, he plants bombs out of nowhere but you don't always know where they were or where they began because they are in a shape and feel of a strawberry.

(Only ways to reassure your experience are you return to the already bombed field and retrace, eat the strawberries and then ***** or binge, and/or leave in shocking cold silence or in idle confusion.)
Penne May 2021
What do you drink to get the purple out of my tongue? What do you take to forget? The picture
of white lady on the mirror chanting ****** mary. The video of being spanked. The layout of the patterns. It is all made into a trail. Wishing to cloak, I thought it worked but it was only a blanket. The blinking lights of the window.  It manages to ***** me and remind me of competition in traffic. The list. Lists. Numbered. Keep scrolling. Will it affect my life?

Needing to fit the box of a ten-year old, I sleep. Then, I post. That was not myself. How did this whole page about me belongs to someone else? I never drift before. Why, I wonder. Here comes the businesses. The banquets. Watching a flute get Tarzan'd by a piece of rope hanged across the room. Out of the blue, I found myself touring with a foreigner. What does he want from me? Is it wrong to think this way? He only asked me where I live and how I am. I stop. I feel the chills burning through my hands to fingers. The bones get cold, but do not when plugged by nerves.

I-I'm addicted? I need to sleep more. It's healthy, they say. It's fun.

When was the last time I had fun?

The more I see the light, the more I hate it. I bring the shutters down. Relaxing. Freeing. Pink flower keep falling. Peach flower keep shimmering. How come I never thought of it before? Now back to sleep. Wait, I can't sleep anymore. But everything's so festive. Are the photos not alive? But they frequently chatter. To me. And you---no me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Branded into these pixels of prizes and sporks full of dramatic dressings. What is meaning again? I kick the blanket out of the bed. I threw my pillows on the other side. It's hot. Everything's so hot. My air conditoner is on max---what's happening?? No, sleep!

It does not take long for me to gasp for air. I keep denying it but it is always in the back of my mind.

The only answer is to get out.

I try by slowly lifting my legs and down to the floor. Do I really? Now? This is the only answer. I repeat thrice. I'm getting old.

A wind caresses my cheek. I forgot I was even in a house.

Dream's over.
🏙🏙🌃🌃   This is what I felt in the early years of using social media. It is like a constant depersonalization and derealization.
Penne Mar 2021
What rhymes with the opthalmologist's light?
Soothe the sand with your new shampoo
Starfish boosted paragraphs
Or starfish-looking eyes?
Melon wax building up on the corn's wall
Man, how do they season the bee's lens?
How do you feel about dominoes  cracking?

How many times to trip on belt powder?
Why did the kid asked "Why do motorcycles circle around while we can't?"

Segue to segregate the segways in the sky basket
Hearing the boy once more,
"I will make you shiny!"
The aunt told him, "I will bake you apple pie."

What if the queen ant had  feelings?
A sub-species requesting a leverage from the higher up
Uplift the spirits
Listening really is the answer?
Explain again how a small hut can fold a bloodstained ring
Careful, there is only one plane
They say don't wiggle it for fun
Wait, hold on
Will you attach the baby meerkat  on the GIF maker's father?

Do you want to be a song title?
Maybe dream more
I would not have this job

Santa Claus
Penne Feb 2021
Don't don't don't release the cap
Cap threatened with triviality
Blame the dog next to you
Free of decisions and confidence--the face that is
Sitting on the chair made of medals
Traumatic in the sense of reflecting the mirror on the wrong shadow of the lamppost
Weighing the child's drawings and ancestors
Which one is more equal?
The brittleness of the smell
Keep sniffing to keep on lingering
You really know how life support works
Put it on them after you show your ***** harpoons
And then got cold, left them behind on overdose
That will catch on to dust

How to understand respect between?
Factually, no man is an island
Are we that imperfect?
We never realised perfection is the only value in your equation
Perfection is the only key to these rusted locks
Perfection is it...?
The thing are not the only one who, at the core, is made up of an ant colony's bites
We all are!
Piling and sorting the nostalgia and blasting it on a broken vinyl

With all that, the island might be sweet and savory
A few touches here and there and will be fine
It is an option since you are an ever-growing wetlands
Must be good to emulate your manipulate?

Is your war even civil?
No, because you only remember THAT part of the history wrapped as a legend for you to chug on
Stripping Bible verses will not help you
Constructive criticism and hatred is different
You throw grenades
That is your only personality
Then say, "I never meant something ill."
Trillion times
Stitch it. If you keep screaming it, your throat will not be the only thing that is absent in the jacket.

Will the party on the 88th floor stop for a minute?!
When will all these floors crash down since that might be the only way out of this stable building?
We can handle this handlebar of a person
What are them?
It does not matter whose garden  it is
You will keep picking the flowers
It is not mowing anyone's
You just think it is. You are not even on the grass.

Worry is the distance of the hectares and tomorrowland of your ancestors'
Burden is the fire that burnt it all down
Can it still be resurrected?
Arson is affront, but it will just spread again
Is there some bouquet spray to wander around with?
Time is multiplicity
The fire must be imaginary or dying inside with you.

The hypocrisy is not functional anymore
Vulnerability is not an aesthetic
You nod but why everything falling out is off?
Yeah, it is our fault that your medals are just counted
Punching the windows will forever be our therapy center
As long as you enter
Penne Jan 2021
Ano 'tong haluan?
Bigla rin ako napasuka
Akala ko ako na ang utak
Pwede ako magbawi, pero ikaw hindi
Yan ang batas, di ba?
Patas ang batas
Ng patintero
Lamunin ang mga numero
Parang wala silang ****
'Pag nag-iisa daw, masama kaagad

Ang bilis umakyat ng ministro pero walang dalang impormasyon
Lagyan ng sablay ang tibok
Sakit na dala ng kinalalamnan ng araw
Sa sunod ng sunod sa malarong pisngi at ang kulay nito

Pinapasa-pasa nila
Wala daw sabaw
Kaya ko iniba ang presyo
Kahit hindi mahanap ang totoo
Nilalayo ang inspeksyon

Ingay ng "Happy Birthday"
Siyamnapung beses sa kabilang bahay

Paikot-ikot sa steering wheel
Ng milyong dolyar, walang down payment na sasakyan komersyal
Iyon ang benepisyo ng mga itik  sa latik
Wala naman talagang may gugusto na lumabas sa parisukat
Kasi iyon lang ang tirahan nila
Kahit ang halaman ay tigok

Ano ba talaga gustong mangyari?
Hindi iisa ang kasiyahan
Nasaan ba siya?
Kamatayan ang hintayan
Hindi pa rin matulungan ang nahihirapan
Hindi na ako komportable sa ilawan
Penne Jan 2021
What cosplay are you up to now?
Will you realise that words can be long letters?
Can be julliened and drank straight from
When you sit
You're such an earthquake that you even made the food silent, the chairs Meditarennean, the legs run from an Escobar mansion
Alien mask buried in a telescope
Another one to delete in the video folders
Have you ever seen a concert audience watched another audience then corrected them the next same guys' concert in disguise?
Now you're contemplating on someone else's office desk with blood-soaked eyes

Ice cream and apple pie for my cries
The sunlight fighting with your tall shelf
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