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A HUGE muscular tomcat
invaded our space, ate
our sweet Stripes' food,
and looked like he wanted
to tear her apart.
Rushing in to save her
from his assault, I
chased him away and
kicked him
right in the ****
as he fled my wrath.

After my momentary
satisfaction passed,
I regretted having kicked him.
As it turned out, he won.
Stripes had a beautiful litter
of his kittens, and when I
kick him in a recurring dream,
I wake to the pain as
my foot forcefully
strikes the wall.
Liam hopson Oct 2018
I remember ONLY once
when my heart
was literally frozen
ONLY once
has my heart
hardend the entire ocean
A girl I've just met
reminds me of sleeping beauty
Her sweetness
Her innocence
Her perfume so fruity
A gentle queen
with love in her eye
That gaze made me so happy
and like a baby I cry
Her name is Kat
but she reminds me of a kitten
She fills my head with stars
And LEAVES my heart
truly smitten
This poem
is to you my queen elsa
For you made my head dizzy
And my broken heart swelter.
As life goes on
It often gets harder
I have to keep moving
Become better and stronger
Sometimes I fail to catch up
I feel exhausted from it all
I want to take a break
But I can't, so I crawl
Because what I'm tired of
Is living life itself
That if death were to come for me
I am reluctant to tell
I would welcome him with opening arms
And hug him until I fall
Asleep for all eternity
Finally free from it all
CROW Mar 1
Every time I see your face,
It makes me feel like I found my place,
I wish I could see it everyday day,
I wish I could tell you everything I want to say,
I wish I could see your smile on replay,
I wish these thing cause you are perfect to me,
And I hope I make that clear to see.
Finally this Mint Assembly is Complete
As the Last Great Angel will sure confirm
Eight Gold Aureoles from Best Moments replete
A Standing Ovation his Spirit burns
See now, Prince of the Plym! And Testify
How they shared Lives to fertilise your Growth
There was no Contract; Only Hearts abide
Reminding you the Cradle of your Birth
Now you, Sweet Divine, to your Future's spout
Kindly live yourself well for Dream's extract
Know my Prayers stand as Friends throughout
Yet a Friend-on-Purpose I dress intact.
Eight Best Friends. Eight Blessed Souls I give Breath:
Kate. Dil. Jess. Beck. Lauren. Kat. Alice. Beth.
#daleysangels #bethanderson_10
Katblackfog Aug 27
A bird might be a kat prey that does not mean that she has to run away they could fall in love and they could rise above, all of their fears all of their losses they can still be together just because they're different species if one is away the other will cry but if they see each other again their hearts will begin to fly swept away with the kat but it wasn't the kat that was swept away it was her heart.
Katblackfog Aug 28
Dead girl dead girl please rise for me a Crow says but the Kat is left empty in so many ways the Crow says please just for me but the Kat was dead from so much bleeding the Crow found her lifeless with blood on her wrist every good story ends with a good twist.
sarah ann May 25
last night i went to another pool party bc i was invited & hadn't done anything all day besides walk my dog & watch new girl. i walked up & Trenton got all excited bc he thought you would be coming along with me & was looking forward to seeing you, but you were in West Virginia with Luna and Reed. Not much happened other than it was colder than last time so i didn't swim. But Jason & AJ & Sophia all asked about you & so did Blake's girlfriend Sarah (she was so happy to see me & made me a drink so i was a little less uncomfy). There were a lot of people i didn't know & a couple guys were standing too close to me & trying to talk to me so i retreated to sit by the fire & Jonathon got me a blanket & i shared it w/ Sofia & her friend & Jason & was warm & Sophia asked about you again, said she likes to check in w/ how we are & always asks Kat. She talked about her past 2 boys and how she believes in soul mates, but multiple soul mates, & energies connecting on a deep level & the beauty & sadness & lessons that come from them. even if were not meant to be together, the universe has us on a loop that keeps bringing us together because we still have more to learn from each other.
its the following summer now & sarah & blake aren't together but i still follow her on Instagram & i'm sad she won't be at jonathon's this year. its the following year & i dont know if i'm in love with someone else but maybe and havent seen you since the day i left for paris.
Spectral Considerations (Arlen Specter's dead.) ~ Let's remember, our
national forests are our heritage, so explore, camp & leave only foot
prints & then hack as many trees as you can with a hatchet.
CROW Aug 28
Dear Kat Blackfog I sincerely love you,
I hope u love me too,
You matter the most to me,
And I hope that you think this and can agree,
Every time I see you I feel warm inside,
It combats my depression like a rising tide,
I sat here making this rhyme,
To tell you I am willing to accept you for you at any time,
My heart aches when your away,
Which is almost every day,
But I hope this poem isn't sad to read or say,
Because I think it would make me die,
To know this poem could make you cry,
I love you even when I cry out and bleed,
And I am pray I will always be what you need.
For The Girl Women And Kat I Will Always Love

— The End —