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Kat Herondale Mar 2015
You were in my past,
but shall never be in my future.
I wish you where never in my past,
and I'm happy you aren't ever going to be in my future.
  Feb 2015 Kat Herondale
Standing outside her window..
He patiently waits for his moment to strike.
How is she able to weaken him without even meeting?
Is it so wrong that all he wants to do is keep her to himself?
He can't seem to find the strength to break away.

Sitting by her bedside..
He stares at her petite body while she's enters her dark & twisted world.
How is she able to leave him utterly breathless without even speaking?
Is it so wrong that all he wants to do is to just hold her and never let her go?
He needs to leave but the mere presence of her lifeless body has him trapped.

Staring at her body..
That he held in his red stained hands, he wonders what has happen to him.
How can this black beauty have the power to overthrow his 6ft build?
Is it so wrong that all he wanted to do was to make sure no one else can have her?
The girl that has haunted his thoughts & dreams finally belongs to him and no other.

She gets to sleep in his arms forever.
He gets to keep her in his arms forever.
Somewhat of a macabre Romeo & Juliet.
Kat Herondale Feb 2015
I Stare Down At The Ground.
My Eyes Are Tempted To Drift Towards You,
But I Know Better.
My Eyes Jump To The Loud Noise,
In This Silent Room.
I Stand Silently, Walking Towards The Noise.
I Spin Around- Only To See You,
Hanging From The Rafters,
I Shut My Eyes,
My Head Screaming To Pull You Down And Scream Until You Wake,
But I Know It Shall Never Work.
You Have Perished,
A Silent Tear Making It's Way Down My Face.
I Fall To The Ground, Crying Softly,
You Claimed You Where Okay,
Not That I Should Have Cared For My Kidnapper.
Or My ******.
But What Can I Say,
It's A Case Of Being A Misanthrope.
I Love Him.
I Love Him.
I Love Him.
Your So **** Selfish.
Waiting Till I Loved You With All My Heart,
To End It All.
I'll Never Forget,
My Case Of Being A Misanthrope.
~ Kat Herondale.
Kat Herondale Dec 2014
I Used To Think That I Was Repeating Someones Life, That I Wasn't Unique, I Wasn't New, I Was Just A Repeat, But Then I Thought... What If I Was The Person That Creates The Path For Everyone To Follow? What If I Was The Unique One, The New One, And I Was Original, But In Everyone Else's Eyes, Just Not My Own, Maybe We All Just Can't See Our Value In Our Own Eyes, And Those Who Have Faith In Us Is The Only Ones Who Can See Us Shine. ~ Kat H
Kat Herondale Nov 2014
They Ask Me Why I Act Like I Act,
They Ask Me Why I Am Who I Am,
But I always Reply,
"Because, This Is Me."

They Ask Me Why I am Always So Happy,
Why I Smile Even In Bad Situations,
And I Reply,
"Because, This Is Me, This Who I Am."

They Ask Me Why I Try So Hard To Get People To Smile,
Why I Try To Make People Happy,
And I Reply,
"Because, This Is Me, This Is Who I Am, And This Is What Makes Me Happy."
Kat Herondale Oct 2014
I have officially lost control of my life,
My parents don't understand,
My friends don't understand,
No one understands.

But the question is,
Will anyone ever understand?

I am so alone in this war,
I have lost control of my thoughts,
and even feel.

I am like a emotionless, dry, unwanted and confused zombie.

If my family were to read my poems,
They still would never understand there cadging me and I need out.

I am a child of the shadows until I push myself through, and then I am pushed back.
Random feeling right now.
Kat Herondale Oct 2014
Your heart is the only thing that stays to life's beat,
Your hands are the only thing that lifts the worlds frown,
And your smile is the only thing that keeps the world shining.
~Kat Nichole Herondale´╗┐
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