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Liam hopson Jan 2021
The solitary lion, was born without a roar
As he never knew, he was missing one
He roamed alone, so he could learn to explore
But he just kept searching, for another one.

He felt alone, like he was missing a home
So he did what he could, too have some fun
A prisoner of thought, alone they were sewn
So his imagination, had the freedom to run.

Then one day, he hears the lion's sound
It was the sound of the start, it had begun
So of he goes, pounding the ground
He knows what's missing, he must tell everyone.

He had never known, what now he knows
So he could experience a life, of not needing one
But now he Knows, his honesty shows
As he believes the world, is in need of one.
Liam hopson Jan 2021
I lie here alone, to let my imagination wander
I see my thoughts sewn, there power is like thunder
The pain I was hiding, from the trauma I had suffered
So I leave it all behind, so the truth can be discovered.

I waited for a reason, at a door without a key
I endured the many seasons, when there was nothing left of me
I suppressed, and then reassessed my feelings
So I could make some sense, of this reality
Then I guessed, and I obsessed with the meaning
Of what it truly means, to be free.

The waiting gave me my answer, of what lay behind that door
I could hear the sound of laughter, and I felt the lions roar
I saw a beautiful dancer, and I could smell the sea by the shore
The victor will be a chancer, who is clearly self-assured.

So now I walk around smiling, there is such a place within me
Finally, I can stop fighting, the truth was always the key
The  reasons I just kept writing, I fell in love with my poetry
My words became exciting, they were my remedy
As my passion continued rising, to align with destiny.
Liam hopson Dec 2018
A sunflower
Amongst roses
The sunlight in the red
Beauty as it poses
The warrior
As he bled

A uniqueness
Amogst many
Its Silence in the storm
The zero in twenty
It's love
But pure form

The words
Amongst letters
As if no longer there
Its wings
Beyond feathers
It's a lion
Allowed to be scared
Liam hopson Dec 2018
An unpredictable mind
Forever guessing
The matrix
Where insanity
Is A blessing

The shadow
In the darkness
A green
In the blue
The soft
In the harshness
A mystery
Without clue

The hope
In the hopeless
An individual
As a team
The road
Forever roadless
My reality
As a dream
Liam hopson Dec 2018
To trust without question
Beyond doubt without view
A bond through expression
Known to all but a few

A love without thought
As if to one frequency
A battle never fought
As morals rest peacefully

Comfort within knowing
Support is always there
To know without slowing
The dream in a nightmare
#love #trust #poetry
Liam hopson Dec 2018
Obstacles promote growth
With a need to change
Success is an oath
Always within your range

Your mind plays promise
To logic within reason
The heart forever honest
As the brain pleads treason

Follow your heart
And the truth becomes clear
The balance is an art
As failure
Is the minds greatest fear
Liam hopson Dec 2018
Love is independence
To all but as one
Self love as dependent
On everyone but none

Freedom as a choice
To fly but alone
Attached to a voice
But only to their own

Let go of the finished
To be begin at the start
Negativity diminished
To open your heart

A mission to help
Our purpose to serve
Together as one
Help those that deserve

A uniqueness amongst many
Its Silence in the storm
The zero in twenty
It's love but pure form

Driven to the edge
To find only more
Unaware of the pledge
To miss but to score

A guess in the question
The path but unseen
A mind of expression
The bridge inbetween

To know only tolerance
To go but to stop
The answer in ignorance
To jump but to flop

A child of innocence
The cold to their hot
To notice the difference
To guess but to not

Pushing the boundaries
To the point they appear
Exercising the options
Dressed in passion
Without fear

The cause the direction
As the purpose becomes clear
Conceive through connection
The soul
Of the sphere

The lesson to grow
As to be as but one
Our seed but to sow
As individuals
But none
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