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dailythoughts Apr 2020
This heart of mine
Is funny
Gives me trouble
Handles me well
Reminds me of terror
Is weak
Is full of tenderness
But it’s mine
Maia May 2019
The sky has decided to drop me
Into the fate of gravity,
Crashing into you arms
Where you chose,
To let go.
Now I’m free falling
Way past the stars
Into the dark
Where I’m learning to fly
In love with
My lonely
Maia Apr 2019
My body
Is Ocean. Flowing
Back and forth,
Rocked steady by moonlight
Letting itself be pulled
By its current.

It is mass.
Bread and wine,
Land of mountains and valleys
Rising and falling of the  empires
We’ve lifted into existence.

It is the Air
In and out. By life
Flying. We soar
Dandelion wishes and burning fires
Wind taking us everywhere
And nowhere.

My body
Is singing, dancing
Laughing, hurting
Falling, fighting
Loved, loving
It is, human.

It is all things,
And one thing,
But never, is it
Ameilia Lewis Apr 2019
I’m not a religious person
I’m not a Christian
I’m not a Muslim
I’m not a Buddhist
I’m not any of these
Or any other

I don’t believe there isn’t a god
I don’t deny God
I don’t deny Allah
I don’t deny Nirvana
I don’t deny any outside force
I just don’t follow their rules

I want to be my own believer
Disclaimer: This is not meant to make fun of any religion and I respect all beliefs. I only ask that you respect mine.
Madison May 2018
I followed this world
I thought it would make me cool
I followed the beat of its music
Thinking it was fun
I followed its people
Because they seemed to know best
But one day I realised
That the world was wrong
That it’s music was bad
That it’s people were insane
So I followed My world
Knowing that I am better than cool
I made up my own beat-filled music
Because it lets me have real fun
And I live my life
Because my heart is right
I have my own life
And I don’t need society tearing me down
Society is stupid. Don’t let it tear you down.
Joz Mar 2016
"I wish we are getting better"
What did you say again?
"I wish we are getting better"
Wake up man, there is no 'we'

Just remember, Mr We Wanna Be!
Everything has changed
Stop comparing present and past
"It is hard, I keep doing it."

No one says it is easy
No one cares it is hard
'We' do not even care
'We' is too lazy to think

Wake up Mr. We Wanna Be!
Upgrade yourself!
"I did"
But you stopped

"I'm trying to do it again"
Then stop thinking about 'we'
"I can't"
You are too weak then

Are you bothering about her friends?
They are more important than you
"I know"

Do you know why?
"Yes, they were always there"
Why weren't you?
"I was the trigger"

"They are good, I am not"
"I should upgrade my self"

How about 'we'?
"I wish..."
"It will exist.. again"

That's all?
"I wish the better 'we' will appear"
How about her friends?
"I wish they support the existence of 'we'"
Ami Shimo Jun 2015
What am I?
I am that friend that will stay awake with you until four in the morning to talk you off the ledge, or to listen to you vent.
I am that friend that you can ***** over hundreds of times, and I will get over it to give you another chance. Even if you don't deserve it.
I am that friend that wants nothing more than for you to be happy and content with your life and yourself.
I am that friend that does absolutely everything in my power to make you understand how amazing you are.
I am that friend that hates to see my friends broken.

What am I not?
I am not that friend that others will stay awake with to talk off the ledge or listen to my vents.
I am not that friend that will ***** you over a hundred times.
I am not that friend that people give a rat's *** if they're happy or content.
I am not that friend that is asked if I'm okay. I literally have to get it out on my own to someone because no one cares.
I am not the first choice friend, family member, or person.
I am not the funniest person.
I am not popular.
I'm not gorgeous.
I'm not brilliant.
I'm not skinny.

I am there for myself to pick my own pieces off the ground. Everyone else has their own problems to deal with, why should I ask them to help me with mine?
Kat Herondale Sep 2014
Poems and Reading is the center of the earth and sanity it's self.
~Kat Herondale
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— The End —