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Manda Clement Jul 2014
My wine demon called again today
To ask if I wanted to go drinking with it
Tried to tempt me with a chilled Chardonnay
But I said no.

Then the pipe burst in tbe kitchen, water everywhere
And everything just went crazy, especially the kids
So wine demon and I sat on the stair
And I poured myself a large one
Have you ever just had one of those evenings?!
Manda Clement Jul 2014
We did not come here on the orders of others
We came freely, our own choice, blown by the soft winds
scattered o'er many a mile
Landed upon Flanders Fields and rested a while

Then death came, disturbed the earth
Destruction hit the ground in which we slept so quietly
Awoke us from our slumber sweet
To witness tragedies and defeat

Now we are risen
and in our place beneath lie men and boys of courage, strong and true
Who fought valiantly but now lay slain
Our gentle roots entwine around their bodies that remain

Each dawn we wake for them and face the summer sun
At night our gaze doth meet moon
We stand tall and proud and dip our heads
And honour them that lie beneath with our petals red
Another WW1 inspired poem. Poppy seeds can lay dormant for many years before flowering. This is what happened on the battlefields of ww1. The earth was disturbed with all the shelling and death and destruction and released the seeds that had been laying dormant. How beautiful yet so sad.
Manda Clement Jul 2014
All my forgiveness is gone
I have no more love to give
No more happiness to share
I feel tired, empty
Feel myself slowly being devoured by your ignorance
Destruction and despair are your new masters
Hatred and fear rule you now
What happened?
Where did it all go wrong?
Did I not give you enough?
Did I leave you wanting?
I did my best, showed you the way.
Ungrateful, that's what you are
I must end it all to begin again
Start afresh, anew
Before it is too late

Is it too late?
What we are doing to our lovely planet makes me so ashamed. Why must we fight and bicker. Lets enjoy what we have while we still have it because Mother Nature is ****** and she's coming to get us!
Manda Clement Jul 2014
Americano in the sun
So delightful
I think I'll have another one
Sat out. Sun shining. No work. Wonderful.
Manda Clement Jun 2014
Purely my opinion
But I really have to say
I often don't understand it
And I just want to convey...
I feel lost in this world of "poetry"
Often floundering and splashing
In this ocean full of words
Against the rocks I feel I'm crashing
onto the beach that is the glossary of terms
A-Z my head I'm bashing
On the poems I often "heart"
Others I end up quietly trashing
Though I get a bit excited
when my lightning sign is flashing
That's when I start to think that maybe
poetry feels...

Please tell me I'm not alone
Finding some works pretentious, some confusing, some lively, some disturbing, some wonderful. It really is very subjective. Long live poetry (in all its many forms).
Manda Clement Jun 2014
I must try to be strong now, my boy he is away
To fight for king and country, his boat sails this very day

To far off shores and places, of which I do not know
My heart it bursts with pride  but I am scared to see him go

I do not cry as he departs but smile with aching dread
As my boy, he marches strong and true to face what lies ahead

He will be be back here soon I feel, it will not last too long
But I will miss him every day and night that he is gone

I'll  look up to the heavens, and before the setting of each sun
I'll pray my boy comes back to me, and the war it will be won

From a Father
Another inspired by the beautiful music of Classic FM and my interest in WW1 in this the 100th year of the beginning of.
Manda Clement Jun 2014
Mother do not mourn me for I am not dead
I am well enough in this hospital bed

My leg it is gone in a Flanders field it lies
but some gave much more, paid a far greater price

My comrades lost, never to return
to England's shores for which they all yearned

I just want to see you Mother, again
and let you hold me, erase all the pain

So do not fret Mother, for me please be strong
till I’m home again Mother, where I belong

Your loving son
Listening to a wonderful piece of music on Classic FM,  I was inspired to write this WW1 poem.
I hope it moves some of you. :)
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