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 Jun 2018 Rochelle R
 Jun 2018 Rochelle R
Thank you
I love you
You did the best you could
Lived through things
Nobody should
Gave me love
Taught compassion
Learned to let go
Gone too young
God graced me an angel
I will never forget
Lessons you lived
Hard fought, never won
I will represent
Honor you all my days
Wifey flings open bedroom door,
Not gazing kindly, a picture she draws,
Wife blows her nose, her cheeks are a'rose,
Her husband lies there, full of moans,
Her husband begs,
Wifey  takes a breath,
"Yes, dear, I know you have a man-cold,
But, dear, I,  too, have a man-cold,
But women are not allowed to groan
or nag, says men, you are alone,
I, too, have a man-cold,
But, this washing is getting old,
I'm cooking tea and minding the kids,
No, dear,  I shan't make soup like your mother did,
Yes, dear, the undertakers are near,
Here's your last will for your man cold, dear,
Yes, dear, I know you have a man-cold,
Your whinging, is, like, well, old!
I have to iron your shirts now,
Yes, dear, I know I am a fat old cow,
But, dear, I have your ***** in my purse,
I do hope our man colds don't get worse!"
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 Feb 2017 Rochelle R
Max Vale
He couldn't just let me go,
He dragged me down with him.
He made sure I lost too,
And now the future looks pretty dim.
He looked at me in the eye,
My morale fell,
He grinned and said,
*See you in ****.
Some people never let go.
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