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Jan 9 · 466
My life- everything i have done- is becoming debris.
Fine, then.
I will sing in the wreckage
The child is going to the woods, having not told a living soul, to spend a night alone, and find monsters and magic, or at least something wondrous.
They lie down in a blanket of vines and wait for a sound.
Hours pass.
The child has closed eyes and is almost asleep when they hear a noise.
It is a noise they have never heard before.
They should open their eyes- or should they?
If they open their eyes, perhaps there will be a monster. They will be sure of it, and the creature will be known.
Or perhaps they will find some great and brutal creature that will devour them.
That option might be better, truth told.
Or, finally.There are no fairies, no ghosts, no bogeymen.
It must be a deer, only a deer.
And if they open their eyes to find that, they will be crushed.
This is the perfect time to leave, run out into the deepest parts of the forest, where one might die, but one might also live there, in the unknown parts of the wood with creatures fanged and strange, in a land where there may or may not be magic.
The child is too scared.
So the child waits the rest of the night, eyes closed, shivering: and returns home to live their life in a land full of only ordinary wonders.
I have no idea what this one is, sorry.
Dec 2020 · 45
A short conversation
"This is going to **** us."
"So? That never stopped us before."
I am not angry about what you did.
Okay, that’s a lie.
I understand why you did it.
You were hurt as well.
But I have been hurt too, and I did not perpetuate it.
So is it an explanation or an excuse?
Dec 2020 · 59
Interesting facts
You are made of stardust.
2. Dark matter makes up 80 percent of the known universe.
3. It would take 1200000 mosquito bites to completely drain the average human of blood.
4. There were many horrible injustices in the past.
5. In the past, you could see the stars.
6. Starfish arms can regrow new bodies.
7. When you have done something wrong, do not make excuses.
8. Goosebumps evolved to warn off predators.
9. I hate that I don’t hate you.
10. All things end in blood.
I move my vocal chords in the motions necessary to forgive you.
Dec 2020 · 75
As a kid, I loved to read.
I'd read pretty much every waking moment.
Even if I hated the book, I'd keep reading.
It was a distraction from my life.
Now, I still read,
but definitely not as much as before.
Is it because i lost my passion,
or because i'm finally out?
Thanks to everyone following me!
Nov 2020 · 152
This morning pt.1
I heard you this morning. I woke up to the radio playing that song you always liked but neither of us could quite decipher the words to so we would just hum along. I woke up and for just a split second I didn't remember you were gone.

I heard you this morning. The neighbor’s cat’s sitting on our doorstep and screaming its lungs out like always and you would always give it a treat to get it to shut up and why is the world still spinning? the birds are still singing as if you are still here. as if without you the world is enough.
Trying to write in the style of another poem i once read, Starting with the general premise but veering off.
Nov 2020 · 593
yes we are angry
Yes, we are angry.Yes, we are upset.
We are upset because it was unacceptable.
We are angry because we have been treated unfairly.
We have the right to be.
Nov 2020 · 83
stories and real life
In stories, things end neatly. Everything is ******* with the ribbon of the last sentence.
But things do not end neatly. There is only one story, with almost-endings and sort-of beginnings of words and characters, and there is always another page to turn. There is always another and then.
Nov 2020 · 48
Rage is a good thing.
It is not anger-anger is a child demanding candy and throwing a tantrum when it is not given to them, A man who is in power of the country screaming when he is told killing is wrong, Someone who is rejected from an art school and decides to geneocide those with less power.
Anger is annoyance and entitlement blown to gigantic size.
Rage is just.
Without rage, without rising up, nothing changes, and those in power pat themselves on the back.
It says:
What has been done to me, to others, to us is unacceptable. This is unjust, and I will not stand for it.
Rage is not petty. They call our rage petty, and demean us. They say that we are just naturally like this, as though they are not the ones hurting us until we have no choice but to be. They say we just don’t know any better, as if we are not both intelligent and correct.
This is wrong.
Rage keeps us from getting hurt again.
Nov 2020 · 40
The uninspired poet
The uninspired poet begins to write.
After just one letter is typed, the uninspired poet stops.
They have no idea what they want to say.
They know they want to write something meaningful, but cannot find the words.
They stand up, and go to their bookshelf.
The uninspired poet finds a passage that sticks out in an old story.
They look at more stories, and find more passages.
The poet is uninspired, but perhaps they can borrow a few words,
And in combining the words in novel ways, make them into something original.
Something i do occasionally
Oct 2020 · 96
It calls
It calls to you across the parking lot, past the shorting-out street lamps and the trees.
You ask your friend if he hears screaming. He does not.
You need to make a choice. Fall together or break apart?
You know exactly what will happen if you stay put- nothing at all,just the same few weeks of work and dishes and sleepless nights and not being able to even tell if your eyes are closed because you know exactly what will happen next.
You know and do not know what will happen if you follow it.
It beckons.
You both do not care at all and care immensely about your current life.
You both care and do not care about the consequences.
You are a creature of many parts, and you need to make a choice sometime soon.
They’ll be waiting.
Just another poem for the halloween season
Oct 2020 · 38
Did you ever
You ever just eat a piece of chocolate and suddenly realise
They never loved you
And you don’t know what you’re doing with your life?
Do you ever just look out the window on a beautiful day
And want to disappear, and not spoil the morning’s beauty?
Ever walk your dog and wonder if everyone knows you’re a pretender?
Have you ever been reading a book and think maybe you should get help?
Ever been feeding the birds and notice maybe you aren’t a waste of space?
Oct 2020 · 44
I don’t collect rocks, nor art, nor broken pencils(though I come close.)
I collect things.
They can’t break all of you if they don’t know what to break.
They can’t take everything away if it is truly everything,from the piece of lint on the floor to the sticks and dead leaves and dirt stuck in my shoes to the bedroom wall with the paint chipping off to the leaky faucet i always say i’ll get around to fixing but never will,to the windows that haven’t been opened in so long they might as well be completely covered in spiderwebs to the ceiling that’s actually okay to the sky.
Oct 2020 · 44
The leaves are falling.
so am I.
Oct 2020 · 117
Unanswered messages
And I’m sorry for all the unanswered messages you left me
I never responded to
I was too busy trying to forget i existed,
hiding from myself under blankets.
Oct 2020 · 112
A Halloween Poem
Johnny, Johnny, widow's son,
Here he lies- he tried to run.

Sally, Sally,Born to wealth,
They got her when she cried help.

Thomas,Thomas, Oh so sad,
Now he laughs, since he's gone mad.
Oct 2020 · 238
You know what?
I'm too tired of your BS
to be afraid of you.
Oct 2020 · 102
the world didn't end
You made a horrible mistake, and horrible things happened to you.
But did you realize something?
The world didn’t end.
Sep 2020 · 101
The world won't end
The world won't end because of our mistakes,
But it might be easier that way because now
We have to own up to them.
Inspired by something on Asofterworld
Sep 2020 · 75
blue ribbon
If a blue ribbon is first place,
What does second place get?
Not the slight pity for third, nor the admiration of first-
So what do we,
Who are neither prized gems nor coal,
But simple rocks,get?
What do we in-betweens get,
But a shadow of a life?
Sep 2020 · 199
Probably never
They probably won’t apologize.
But the chance they will crushes many more hopes
Then if i was sure they would not be sorry.
Sep 2020 · 367
they say
“It’s fine,” they say.
It is not.
“You're okay now, and that’s all that matters,right?”
It is not.
You are not.
Nothing is okay.
And it might never be again.
Sep 2020 · 97
a reflection on Medusa
I did not choose for it to happen
I did not have a choice
But the gods
They do not care.

And so my hair is naught but snakes.

I came to this cave-
I had to eventually-
My only choice was when.

Still,  I chose the time of my own volition-
the people do not care.
They  blame me.
They say it was my choice to be struck
And drowned
And violated
In the temple I lived in.
They say i deserved the poison,
And they call me a monster.
The snakes may bite me,
But I choose who else they attack.

It is not my fault it happened.
The curse is not my fault.
The people, constantly attacking me and being killed for it-
It is their fault.
And it is the gods’ fault too.

The gods-
They do not care.
They send a boy to attack me,instead of doing it themselves.
Perhaps they feel guilty.

They do not care.

I cannot choose to die-
But I can choose when.
And so i open my eyes-

Used as an object, even in death.
inspired by
Sep 2020 · 305
dictionary part 1


I Inspecting the wreckage,they say it’s a good thing you weren’t there, that you didn’t suffer. You bite your tongue. They do not know what good is.This is not it.

II  You feel free. You know you shouldn’t, that it’s wrong. You smile anyway.

III You suddenly feel like you are drowning and no one is noticing. You cover your face and begin to cry.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
The Fox was going to say something, but changed her mind.
Nevertheless, wolves came, Cat scrambled up a tree, and Fox died.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
“What! How much good can just one do, compared to hundreds?” exclaimed the fox.
Wolves came, and Fox greeted them, telling Cat they were her friends. “Hello” said the wolves to Fox.
“It is good to see you again, brothers.Shall we eat?” the wolves agreed.
Cat, thinking of fish, agreed as well.
The wolves killed the cat, and the fox and the wolves shared their meal.And that was one of fox’s tricks.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
“That is just as well,” said the fox,” for I can see what you cannot.” and the fox dashed away.
“What! How conceited Fox must be,” said the cat, '' I must not deal with her again.”
Wolves came, but the cat was so angry at the fox, that he only noticed when he was already being eaten.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. Cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
“What! How much good can just one do, compared to hundreds?” exclaimed the fox.
Wolves came, and Fox had so many plans, Fox could not choose one, and froze in fear.
The cat scrambled up a tree. “There. That is my trick.Very useful-wouldn’t you agree?”
And the wolves killed the fox and ate it.
I am trying to listen to the birdsong
But all I am hearing are cars
And screaming and arguments and doubts
And I am trying to hear the birdsong
And I, in focusing on the things that are not birdsong
And being annoyed,
I cannot hear the bubbling brook
And the wolves howl
And the cicadas
And I do not notice
Because I am trying to listen to the birdsong.
Sep 2020 · 80
this is a story
This is a story about despair.
This is a story about someone who was strange-
not strange like einstein was strange, not strange as in excellent-
strange as in always being too slow to catch up to what others were doing, and when they did, they did not understand it.
This is a story about someone who, when they finally managed to talk, the conversation had just ended.
This is a story about someone who gave up.
This is a story of how they looked around and noticed-
the birds were still singing.
this is a story about how, no matter the problems, there is hope-
for the birds are still singing for us.
Sep 2020 · 101
All glory to the delete key
I remove your words from myself-
And in doing so,I create and rediscover my own sentences and paragraphs,
My soul a novel free of your lies,
With much more meaning than mere repetition.
title borrowed from a sentence in Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's A Final Dream of Clocks on   .
Aug 2020 · 185
the perfection of the worm
(These are what never was and could not be.)
This is the world that never was.
(We sit at the edge of the world.)
If one door opens when another door closes then does one door close when another one opens?
(We are at the beginning so it’s after the end.)
Before thought.After thought. Same life.
(Nothing left to do but swallow each other and ourselves whole.)
Let yourself be cut to ribbons.
(Harm one, heal the other.)
We consume ourselves constantly.
(We are never satisfied nor disappointed.)
What is unseen is known to all.
(Are you far enough yet to return?)
We’ll eat ourselves alive if we keep on doing this.
(Good.I’m tired of all this, so let’s start again.)
We sit at the edge of the world.
(This is the world that never was.)
OR:the serpents with no end OR the never was and could not be
Inspired by too many sources to name.
Aug 2020 · 299
remember me
"remember me is all I ask,
and but if remember be a task,
forget me."
- William Percy French
Aug 2020 · 95
dance with demons,
smile wide,
and show the devils
what hell looks like.
Aug 2020 · 275
meaning of life
no one knows what it is.
They never did.
and we might never.
so lets go do something together,
and carve out of own meaning
in these endless halls.
let's go figure it out.
they say,
but are we players or the played?

Words are planted in my head-
it's not my choice that they are said.

But of this mad,mad world,
who's author?
To make this place,one
must be a monster.

This is a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing-
should we out this brief candle,and die-to sleep-no more-
or shall we stay,and make this last syllable of recorded time meaningful-have all our virtues ,and sins, remembered?

how oft men are at the point of death.
Let the coin flip one last time.
/curtains-exit left./
exit, pursued by the weights we bear.
There, i saw the Faerieland-
And Faerie looked away.
part of an incomplete poem
title borrowed from a story completely unrelated
Aug 2020 · 84
answers(I don't have)
You ask me what's wrong.
I can't answer.
I'd tell you if i could,
I really would,
But I can't express it.
I'm not sad or anything-
I just feel blank.
Something feels wrong, but nothing out of place
and it feels like a brick in my brain.
I'd tell you this,
but you would not understand,
and would worry,
and i cannot find the words
to ask for help.
so i say i am fine and silently beg the universe
to release me from its choking grasp.
Jul 2020 · 399
pathetic of you
you try to hurt me?
It is impossible to break me anymore.
and if you hurt me,
every scar of mine will build my throne,
and when i rule i will hold my scepter and
c r  u  sh  
                                                                                   y o  u r
             v e  r  y
Jul 2020 · 116
a haiku
we loved each other
at least i thought so at first
but it was not true
experimenting with format
Jul 2020 · 51
how to get though this
if you are having trouble, and are afraid to talk to anyone,
make a schedule to do something the next day, where whoever you make the arrangement with will  need you to come.
keep doing this until you realize that
people will always need you.
how i keep going
Jul 2020 · 124
as though from myth
the kraken was once called mythical.
Now it is called the giant squid.
it was discovered once again,
springing back to life,
as though preserved by myth,
Which begs the question,
what has become of ancient dragons?
Decided to try something different today
Jul 2020 · 157
i loved you
i loved you.
you loved rock and roll,
and vintage flashlights,
and cash,
and not me.
inspired by
Jul 2020 · 74
Inspiration, pouring now,
into the *** of my own head,
An idea is formed, one drop,
eventually,i overflow,
but inspiration's slow-
and so-
i'll wait some more, and then i'll go.
my conceptualization of forming ideas is something like those fancy fountains you see in hotels.
Jul 2020 · 258
lost in a daydream
You're not here.
I wish you were.
I'm lost in a daydream
about you and me.
Jul 2020 · 86
wish it was different
Is this the truth
or just another lie?
You've told me the how
now tell me the why.
I hope it's the truth
but we know
it's another disguise.
I wish I was indifferent,
but i know we are both just trying not to cry.
-Now here is why I said that.

Think about this poem's title. Did you think it was something deep or profound?Did you think it was some great truth?
nope. I just took some words that sounded pretty and strung them together.
So why put your trust in words that you have no understanding of, but that sound nice, and persuade you into being content and not asking questions?
Jul 2020 · 82
Can't forget it
They say time heals all wounds
But the scars are still freaking there
I still remember how it felt
I cant forget it
I can't forget what happened
How i never told anyone about it for years
how i had NIGHTMARES about it every time i slept
how when i finally told they didn't believe me
told me i must have been misinterpreting it
and it couldn't have been that bad
But it was that bad.
I was telling the truth.
And i can't just stop being hurt because it makes people uncomfortable.
I am a person
and my experiences are real.
They may not believe you,but you should still report it.
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