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Infant writer Dec 2019
With such ceaseless light falling from heaven on my late shut eyes,
I encountered the other half of my soul in the golden woods.
It sparkled and made me almost blind.
It was you, my love, I never want to lose,
The prettiest dream, I never want to awake...
This one is for my love---Anshika
Infant writer Jun 2019
I love the silent hour of night,
For blissful dreams may then arise,
Revealing to my charmed sight
What may not bless my waking eyes!

And then a voice may meet my ear
That death has silenced long ago;
And hope and rapture may appear
Instead of solitude and woe.

Cold in grave for years has lain
The form it was my bliss to see,
And only dreams can bring again
The darling of my heart to me
Infant writer May 2019
With my inward eye
I saw the light
When darkness was
My only companion.
From behind my lashes
I stepped a little
With dreams to
Clothes humid
Like my mortal
Heart held me
When I was broken.
But people forget
The shattered mortals
Can be united not
The broken ones
With weights of all
Gone faiths, I walked.
Though I didn't reach
The summit yet
I saw the peak
Infant writer Apr 2019
I sat by the window,
Opposite to trees.
My head was aching
For I had a sleepless night.
The sun shined,
On the broken windowpane.
The yellow leaves were shedding
Off their companions.
The cold breeze slipped through the broken windowpane
And whispered something in my ears.
It calmed my mind
And my pain vanished.
The door, in the room, opened
And she entered.
Everyone stood up, I didn't.
Infant writer Mar 2019
Do this cry sound like rain?
With those fields of broken grains,
And the clouds with dark stains,
Does the ground feel all this pain?

Wake up to the sun tonight,
Maybe the moon doesn't light up right,
But the ocean will always fight,
For the peace, for the star's sight.

Let winds breathe from the trees,
This is how the flowers plea,
To look this beautiful to see,
And bring our eyes down to its knee.
Infant writer Feb 2019
I stood there trying to come in line as the stars left my side at you.
I know it's not real
But this feeling of emptiness is the most real thing which I felt since your arms.
I admit I miss you;
I miss you everyday when I know I have to live and not just survive.
I tell the world that it's my love not yours.
I tell them that only I have the right over this feeling,
I want you to come to me and tell that you've been missing me more—
But what makes me strong is that I don't expect because that is what my love stands for.
I want you to smile, if not in my arms then someone else's
I want you to grow, if not together then alone.
I don't need you to come to me when I need you.
I want you to come to me when you realize that we both are all what we need.
I don't have reasons not to love you,
Because I never had one to fall in love you-
This love existed before we met,
Born and dying in my eyes.
Infant writer Feb 2019
I was waiting for you to turn back
Maybe that one last time that would make me stop you from leaving
I know you didn't want to look back and show me your tears
But I could feel them in my eyes as you walked away
I also know that you looked back, hoping I would be waiting
Because you were tired of the pain
But just because our story didn't end well
I don't regret it
It's still the most beautiful one I know
Maybe when it rains for us, again
Or maybe when the night seeks the light again
We'll meet, we'll love
And will be one again
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