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Buoyed pot Dec 2019
With such ceaseless light falling from heaven on my late shut eyes,
I encountered the other half of my soul in the golden woods.
It sparkled and made me almost blind.
It was you, my love, I never want to lose,
The prettiest dream, I never want to awake...
Haley Tyler Feb 2018
i'm tired of treading lightly
scraping teeth against my tongue
to stifle the truth
exhausting a mind masquerading as a thesaurus
trying to find the prettiest words
to protect your heart
my lips were a dam and now it's flooding | h.t
fustypetals Jan 2018
i dont know
why your name is still
the prettiest thing to write about.

Trevon Haywood Apr 2017
I'm the prettiest man of all time around here in Western Massachusetts.
And no one can stop me from happening.
It's almost summertime and we need to act like it as only one's own. I'm about to be 25 years old within the next 2 months.
And at anytime, you need to respect yourself and others like this is our home.
I'm about to get married to Hayleigh Reeder because she's the prettiest girl of all time just like me.
And when the storm hits, we will be together forever.
By the year 2018, i'm going to be the Prettiest Man Of All Time to be at the new casino in Downtown Springfield when it opens in September.
And as we continue to control ourselves for the summer, we shall become the prettiest people of all time like love, passion and even knowledge.
And together we are the greatest young and the restless of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.
Now that's life and coverage we can count on as always.

Anonymous. 4/20/2017.
Nick Moser May 2016
I am an abundance of lost stars.

And they've all gone supernova.

Now they're just splattered throughout space,
Throughout the darkness and the abyss.

And now they call me beautiful.

Because pain and chaos always paints the prettiest pictures.
Picture perfect
Anya Aug 2015
I get offended when people say
That the happiest girls
Are the prettiest ones.

How about us?
How about the girls who
Fight the urge of crying
Every night alone?
How about the girls who
Almost stitch their skin to pain
Just to flash a smile?
How about the girls who
Are in a battle from the moment they woke up
Struggling to keep their pieces together?

Can't we be the prettiest?
Can't the strongest be the most beautiful ones?
Rockie Jun 2015
The tiniest of seeds
Can turn into the prettiest of trees

— The End —