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5d · 82
Survivor 🍁
It still haunts and keeps me anxious when silence comes in the form of uninvited guests at night, invoking the sense of melancholy deeply; like a salt rubbed on a fresh wound.
Part of me still wishes to turn back the time and rewrite the story, part of me aches for TABULA RASA~ a state of blank mind.
And part of me is still reeling on the nightmares which was my reality; while I was still trying to hold a grip over my sanity.
Monster exist in humans and sometime they're insidious like cancer. They eat you slowly while you're still unaware of the symptoms that you had to compromise with. The more you compromised and adjusted, the more it gave them the chance to deteriorate your worth.
I wore a smile and wore my mask of resilience so well that silently I bore the pain, while I was dying inside, yet nobody could see it with naked eyes.
And yet, I was blamed for all the repercussions I had to deal with.
And while the monster lurks around freely, I still walk on the path courageously, with fear but I'll keep walking on, even if it means to be alone.
Freedom is a lonely road.
" You are so brave and quiet I forgot you are suffering. " ~ Ernest Hemingway
Oct 2021 · 481
Spilled Ink 💬
Ritz Writes Oct 2021
Painting glossy images of life and
sitting near the window thinking about what has gone and what could have happened;

folded hands in prayers restless minds over sleepless nights counting stars over wishes to push the button~ renew, restart and rebuild.

Alarm rings to wake us from unsettling nightmares
Chores and stern face to pursue for bills await and responsibility to ensue.

When the night crawls in
the cyclic pain begins.
"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.." ~ T.S. Eliot
Sep 2021 · 571
Ritz Writes Sep 2021
Words dived inside my mind. Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
as diluted thoughts
submerging the pages and verses drenched in melodic verse.
Passion outpour
Submerged myself drowned in inspiration.

As I drift into a lyrical sea and ink drips from my pen.
Jun 2021 · 826
Unspoken 🍁
Ritz Writes Jun 2021
Take my hand, for as long as you want to hold.

Lean on me as you unburden yourself from the baggage you'd been carrying around. And if you wish to do neither, I'll sit right beside you and share your silence.

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.
Mar 2021 · 304
Numero Uno 🌼
Ritz Writes Mar 2021
I look up to you with eyes full of gratitude and remind myself how lucky I am to find my heart buried under your kiss.
"We were together, I forgot the rest." ~ Walt Whitman.
May 2020 · 649
Mi Amour
Ritz Writes May 2020
Observing the detailed lines of my curves, eyes and lips; he touched my soul in all its tainted glory.
Passion is like the rhythm we tune in as we danced away to an ****** beat;
Burned with flame, seeking home and romance in each other's company.
Lost in an ecstasy
Shunned away from reality.
May 2020 · 406
Ritz Writes May 2020
The 4 am drive to the airport
Sealed with melancholy and unbarring silence.
Sweaty hands interlocked;
Afraid to let go.
For two hours of staying wide awake wasn't enough to absorb the repercussion we would soon be battling with.
And the new faces are just a mirage, collected stories and memories still imprinted in closed notes; the counted days of our momentary bliss.
The wait never felt like a burden, rather worth the wait to enjoy our last bite of meal.
Tight hugs and kisses, as I walked through the door with my bags and suitcases,
Never thought one day, that was the final draft of our story for five years back.
"No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories." ~ Haruki Murakami ❀
Mar 2020 · 273
An Ode to my Heart
Ritz Writes Mar 2020
Dear fragile heart of mine, thank you for understanding my passionate soul that lingers on finding joy amidst the  mundane activity of everyday chores. Our heart became our beacon of hope which secretly made us to fall in love with what life has to offer and yet like an elastic rubber, it mends the shattered pieces again. Dear careless heart of mine, every time I wept and choked up my silent tears with covered face on pillows; ashamed to accept the fact that I was at my weakest point, somewhere down the line, it taught me to hold on because I am not going to give in easily to rejection, I still need to HOPE. As I embark on my adventures to unfold, it gave me the resilience to bear and believe in myself. The world reminded me always saying, " don't let emotions overpower your intelligence." But forgot to inculcate the bitter truth, "to be human is to be vulnerable" as well. The child within me still yearn
for the melody that my heart sang, dancing in joy and still believing to be humane enough. I felt the pain, I empathise with others and wore my heart on sleeves. By embracing who I am gave me the chance to breathe with no fear of what lies ahead.
Perhaps, someday I will find my missing puzzle and connect the dots I had been trying to trace for years of surviving the phase called heartbreak.
We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” ~ Albert Einstein 🍁
Mar 2020 · 1.2k
Everyday Phenomenal
Ritz Writes Mar 2020
Straddled my mind until I am confined; the way you see the world in kaleidoscope as I gazed into your eyes, a bright lad on a quest to conquer the unseen future.
Tonight, we will be sailing on our dreams where we could just be Us.
You have set my soul on fire and electrified my desire.
The heart wants what it wants.
Dec 2019 · 526
The Mask
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
It's that time of the year where "a prophet isn't welcome in his own land".
Why do we feel alienated in the midst of known faces yet carve out a niche for ourselves in a stranger's land?
Why do the urge to run away always cross our mind as we tend to grow older, leaving all behind?
Was it the scar that hasn't healed yet or the demon to face as soon as you enter the hell.
It's that time of the year again to wear a mask, to prepare onself; face the wrath with a stoical heart, only to die everyday in a confined ivory tower.
The Mask we wear,
The Pain we bear,
Surviving everyday in a world where no one hardly cares.
#RitzWrites ♕
Dec 2019 · 510
F e e L
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
Encountered so many faces and promises
yet nobody made me comfortable to breathe in my own skin like you do.
You're the reason why lyrics are etched on the mind, the home I want to run to, while dealing in pain.
Dec 2019 · 353
Untold Words
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
Finding the right words to articulate our fragmented memories, stained ink and silence to fill the void of your absence;
We became the passive voice of our generation who cannot muster up the courage.
The generation who couldn't face to face challenge the odds and ask you to stop and simply utter, "Stay".
Stay so that we can face the music together.
Stay because it hurts without you.
Stay because it challenges me to fight my battle against the crowd in proving out that
I'll stand by you.
Stay because you're the hand I'd love to hold amidst the crowd.
But silently, the meek voice which couldn't make the right choice,
Still struggling to find terms and conditions in order to address the wound we are silently suffering; deep down where no could see,
How painful it could be!
The ‘untranslatable’ Japanese phrase ‘Koi No Yokan’ is ‘the premonition of love’. Have you ever encountered meeting a person, the calm to your storm and the home you wanna always run to.
Dedicated to someone I've encountered, yet I am afraid to lose and still bottling up my feelings.
Nov 2019 · 437
M u s e
Ritz Writes Nov 2019
You're the calm to my storm I've embraced,
I'm the void you're lost in.
Nov 2019 · 258
V o i d
Ritz Writes Nov 2019
State of silence and silent tears, wet pillows and fears
Left us paralyzed, with a mortal body that could neither feel nor think.
Confined within the cage, heart fueled with rage;
To wreak vengeance, to seek justice when each bygone days were heaped with debts.
" To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Sep 2019 · 356
Ritz Writes Sep 2019
Overwhelmed with guilt, how can the thoughts be spoken and understood when gamut of emotion is playing over your head?
How could you fall asleep when there are uncertainty with every storm to face and void to fill?
Why are you shutting your eyes in anguish and lament in your sleep? Why do anger on the nerve will never settle down at ease?
Did you take a moment to walk in someone else's shoe?
Did you think twice before the words blatantly ended up hurting someone's pride?
Perhaps, we are rotten from inside with no room for anyone.
The house will remain a facade,the kids will value gadgets over bonds. Perhaps you're just a loving dead,
waiting for the reaper to steal your soul. Perhaps, you could have been a better human; a better father, a better brother, a better love.
With all the sorrows and stoical face, wait for your departure old man! Will meet you when the world ends, on the other side.
Aug 2019 · 390
Prayer to My Mother
Ritz Writes Aug 2019
Teach me how to love Mama
As you cradle me in your loving arm.
Teach me how to feel the pain in this fragmented mortal realm
Where love decayed and a wistful nostalgic era replays
On the mind of every human;
To dwell in peace.
Teach me how to face the music Mama
In life's journey as I embark on my coming days.
Teach me how to put myself to sleep Mama
When you'll be gone
The days won't be the same anymore.
Aug 2019 · 238
c o m p a n y
Ritz Writes Aug 2019
The calm to my storm,
The confidante to my troubling soul, the reason I could be flawed and bold. The reason why I live each day untold about the unknown; with the sees of hope you've ignited in me.
To believe in myself, to stand firm on my conviction when the world didn't see, who I could be.
In you I seek assurance, In you I find home.
Jun 2019 · 445
C a t h a r s i s
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Light the fire, watch it burn.
Fire burns through my lungs, heart filled with tar.
See the spirit dancing in the smoke, echoing the silence of my thoughts,
While I inhale my pain quietly with each puff, let it ease my ache.
lies the stories unfold.
Smell of Cigar, fueled with sadness,
On the brink of fragile hope;
Until the next day dawns.
RitzWrites ♕
"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." ~Albert Camus
Jun 2019 · 289
Momentary Bliss
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Insanity awaits flooding into our soul as you read the goosbumps on my skin like an old man reads braille.
Sweet revolution on your tongue
Losing the urge to run.
Futile to resist, your touch ignites the passion.
Let uncover each other's emotion
Carpe Diem!
Meet me where our mind and heart collides;
Escape into a momentary bliss
Let's make a stretch into infinity.
" I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees. " ~ Pablo Neruda ❀
Jun 2019 · 298
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Behind all the angst and rant,
Behind all that frustration and days of solitude,
A child struggling to make amends.
Behind all that smoke and ashes,
Behind that sorrow hiding in mask,
A boy choking himself not to cry.
The Big Bad World will move on without your existence and soon you'll turned into dust and no legacy left to mourn over.
"Oh Mama! What do I do now?
The sleep alleviated the pain.
In dreams, I found my escape."

©RitzWrites ♕
Jun 2019 · 614
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
I chose to FORGIVE and FORGET
so that I could MOVE ON and EVOLVE.
I chose to FORGIVE not because I was told to do so;
It was my sole purpose to overcome the NIGHTMARE from the past.
When the weight of the world was pulling me down
I found my way to fight back and wear my CROWN.

I chose the road that was filled with THORNS
Wear my scars with pride, not to make a face and frown.
To begin again from a state of TABULA RASA,
Unfiltered mind
Welcome the newborn.
"For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." ~ T.S. Eliot
Jun 2019 · 185
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
The empty bed, cups and chair
Kept in order while I stare.
Her faded voice still strum the string of my heart.
The reality of human attachment is boundless, as the vast ocean.
The empty room evokes an indistinct reminiscence.
My childhood stories are fading away
As time makes you bolder
And I'm getting older too..
Who will fathom my unspoken thoughts?
Seasons changed, yet a wistful nostalgia still lingers;
Can you hear me?
After a loved one passes, be encouraged by their passing and legacy.
Jun 2019 · 245
Begin Again
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
In the land of strangers and suspense,
air filled with excitement to explore what lies ahead, may I find my path with you to hold me when I am lost.
May you be my guiding light to lift me when I fall and begin again where we've left.
" Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.." ~ Robert Browning ♥
Jun 2019 · 1.1k
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Pretentious smile,
I wish I could drown myself to sleep for a while.
Silver jubilee ringing,
yet afraid of the dark.
When the night haunts and loneliness arrives,
I'd still cowered in terror, hidden under the blanket
Like a broken mirror with shattered glass,
All the gamut of emotion laid scattered with each passing memories and bygone days.
"Don't you dare to speak.
Don't you dare to rebel.
Don't you dare to resist."
Else the shame and label of Traitor would be hung on your image for decades to come.
I Spoke, I Resist, I disobeyed
Not in the eyes of God
But in the eyes of men and women who couldn't find flaws in their own life.
And finally rejoiced to embrace the black dot in the perfect delusional world of normalcy.
“If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
Jun 2019 · 284
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Ohh! dealing with heartbreaks and pain
Still clinging to a false hope of chain.
Thundering shower and rain
Let the rain purge away
All the sadness and stains,
remnants of yesterday.
Molded and fashioned from common clay.
Sweats and hunger
Toiling hard throughout the day.
Frustration and hunger,
Unpredictable days and danger.
Embodies both strong and fragile
Success and failure
Come what may!
This is the world we dwelled in
A safe haven and torturous hell
The cycle of birth and death
The rhythm of our destiny.
"Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. " ~
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Jun 2019 · 428
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
The smell of your scent etched on my skin,
the touch of your lips ignites my bones.
Touch me with words to remind me that I am alive.
Hold me, gently to make me feel I'm loved.
For love is the language we spoke that filled our void.
“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Jun 2019 · 342
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Embracing our own quirky ways to show our genuine affection for each other,
the silence between us spoke thousand of words which couldn't be said but felt.
He was like the wind that blew like a  gentle soothing balm to her aching soul
and she, the stimulus who pushed him hard to challenge the odds;
genuine affection through their quirky ways by embracing each other.
“I crave a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous” ~ Pablo Neruda.
May 2019 · 331
Untold Liaison
Ritz Writes May 2019
I am in love with every inch of your skin;
every corner of your mind and everything in between,
I want you for eternity.

From the day we went incognito to reminisce the time we shared; from romantic dinner and wrapped in your arms, with eyes fixed on each other.

I want you in every way there is to love a person the way they are.
If Only You Knew and you won't.
" Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. " - Oscar Wilde
Apr 2019 · 327
Ritz Writes Apr 2019
Bonded well over sharing our tales
Just a human who was naive and frail.
Poured out my vulnerability, I thought you could assure
But my trust was left upon the floor.
Stuck in a crossroad
Left me all alone.
To confide on people is no longer my cup of tea;
I found my freedom
Away from all, wild and free.
No longer a friend, nor a foe
Gambled my trust upon the sister
Who was more special than any mister.
As you gained the favor
Spreading Whims and inventing fable
Finally the show was over
Revealed your true color.
Neither a seed of hatred nor revenge be sown
You were the best I have ever known
Karma is there to bid goodbye
Turning table.
"I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you. "
Friedrich Nietzsche
Apr 2019 · 458
Ritz Writes Apr 2019
Stoical heart yet the urge to cry
Unable to shead a tear,
'Cause the biggest fear to open up and try
Made me to drown myself in my own state of anxiety.
Did the broken soul find a hug?
Not a single person cared to bug.
I am not what has happened to me
Bounded by fate or dejection
Choices and rejection
Part and parcel of life.
I am what I chose to be.
I'll break and I'll fall
I'll rise and fly
Till I find my wings soared high.
" What happens when people open their hearts?  They get better.. " ~ Haruki Murakami ♥
Apr 2019 · 459
Ritz Writes Apr 2019
The world will never heal your pain
With all the comfort to conceal, yet clothed in stain.
When you go astray with each mundane days
Throwing the fist up in the air
The concept that ponder, "we will find salvation in His care"
Yet you still can't help but wonder,
"Does He ever heard our pray'r?"
Can I find the God in a man
Holding a grip over my own reality
May I not go insane.
Lurking around darkness
Trying so hard to clean up the mess.
Did my prayers go unanswered?
I, a skeptical human
Won't give up the question in vain.
Like the flower in the rain
Let the wounds open
Rescued from the Lion's Den.
Skeptic & cynical yet the little spark of faith still remains. ⚡
Apr 2019 · 281
Ritz Writes Apr 2019
From a distance, I could picture myself and ponder
How life could've been easier
I wonder
The pillar and figure
To seek comfort.
Reality took the turn
Twist of fate, no signals to warn.
A lone wanderer on a hunt
Faced the trouble and bore the brunt
Walked through the ashes and pieces
Lost in the crowd,
Numb from the voices too loud.
I shunned away from all
"I am brazen and bold."
I don't care about the label
'cause I am misfit
I am the Rebel.
Pen in my hand
Thoughts to pour out and rant.
An Error 404 found in the delusional world of perfection.
Apr 2019 · 381
Ritz Writes Apr 2019
Most of our childhood memories were not printed on photos but in certain biscuits, comic books, sight of the playground where the noises still echoes in our ears, the hugs of our friends, the touch of our mother's care and concern when sickness troubled.
And slowly, we drifted away from the state of innocence with a stoical heart to face the music.
Transition Period. ❤
Mar 2019 · 315
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
Every words and rhymes I feel
With the thought of you.
Your presence carved on my heart
Like a sunset;
You're mysterious and unquenchable
Igniting the fire within me.
Unrequited love.
Mar 2019 · 296
Living Dead
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
There was an agony in my voice
Unheard rant and tirade against
The world that couldn't appreciate your sole identity.
Life as we know it!
Trembling in fear, braving the storm not to break down in tears.
When billows of sadness roll
Embracing the state of solitude, no one to call.
Behind the dark circle, hidden with a concealer
Bottled up paranoia and scars
Drowning in a sea of misery.
What could've been done to alleviate this malady
I wish I could crumble into pieces
As ashes of smoke, disappearing into a thin air.
Did I chose this melancholic trail
Unable to succumb myself to death.
A living dead
Leave me alone
I can't handle anymore pain.
Mar 2019 · 242
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
I hope you find comfort in those verses when you're running out of words and feelings to justify your own conflicts deep within.
As long as I'm writing
I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Who you are and what you did
What matters the most is how far did you come?
And how far will you embark on a new route in this unending destination.
As long as I'm writing
May you find strength to make amends with your past and embrace the scars hidden behind the fine lines and wrinkles
May you stay humble and your eyes twinkle.
When the dawn arrives and the end leads to a new trail
May you find resilient in that struggle
With various roles assigned to juggle.
The end is where we begin.
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
Neither it was a magic we sought to escape nor an infinity to conquer.
The Yin and Yang
The soft, gentle breeze to my wild aching soul.
Sealed with a kiss
Hard to resist.
What I did feel was his lips and mine;
Expressing when unspoken words left behind.
Yet we made each other complete
And that was enough.
Polar Opposite Attracts.
Mar 2019 · 678
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
I have temperament, I have flaws and nothing great to show.
No power, no guide
Just a figment and shadow, part of mortal life.
I will not leave behind any legacy,
Like thousand lost soul, soon to be forgotten turn into ashes and dust.
I choose my own prerogative;
To live
To love
To laugh.
Not a caged bird mourning for freedom
Nor a mannequin to please your soaring eyes.
I am the lust of my own desire.
I am the muse of my own story.
I am ordinary, I am imperfect.
Let Me Be Me.
Mar 2019 · 782
March Is Here
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
March is here it reminds me of
the colorful flowers owned by grandma
Tendered with care
Hark the chirping birds sing, music fill the air.
Season of spring and fling
Busy street, void of any danger
Met a stranger, shared a seat.
Still in touch,
small talks nothing to say much.

The journey and excitement
Of bygone days spend with a lover
They say,
Twenty was the time to explore.
Turning points and joints,
Each episodes connected through dots
Lesson and reason it taught.
March is here and all the nostalgic memories still evoke.

Will we ever be young again?
Season of Spring and Fling.
Mar 2019 · 912
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
Sweet revolution on your tongue
Loosing the urge to run.
Escape and savor the moment of bliss
Dwelling in peace.
Insanity awaits flooding into our soul;
Futile to resist
As we embrace and fingers trace
The goosebumps on my skin
Like a blind man reads braille.
Carpe Diem!
Human Desire. ♥
Mar 2019 · 217
Ritz Writes Mar 2019
Sealed with a kiss, I'll make you many deal
If your heart is out to steal.
Dance to the rhythm
Let's share our moment of weakness,
Of solitude or sadness.
For what is our thought without soul?
And what is LOVE
If it doesn't take a TOLL?
♥ Love is Love.
Jan 2019 · 330
Solitude & Bliss
Ritz Writes Jan 2019
She enjoys her state of liberty like the moon enjoys when it shines at night.
Just like the wise owl, she observes and listens.
The voice that remains shut
The eyes that saw blood and tears;
And the heart; a storehouse of suppressed emotion ragging in pain
Bottling up for decade.
When Shiuli blooms as Autumn arrives, she finds her solace in hidden words, etched on her skin.
The embodiment of imperfections stitched together that makes her a human.
Midnight Story
Jan 2019 · 3.7k
Ritz Writes Jan 2019
I don't want a day to celebrate.
I want a life to celebrate each day with every fibre of my body;
That screams
That shout
That feels
That makes me more humane towards perspective.
Towards change
Towards voice
Towards life.
Let me be me.
Love Yourself
Jan 2019 · 335
If Only
Ritz Writes Jan 2019
If Only
We'd time enough to kiss you one more time and hug you tight.
If Only
We'd the guts to admit our mistakes.
If Only
We'd enough time to tell our truth.
If Only
Laughter and humor could bring back the sparks.
If Only
Our unfulfilled wishes and time could mend the past.
unrequited love
Dec 2018 · 916
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
I am not shy to be a woman.
I am not shy to raise my voice.
I am not shy to own my body.
I am not what others pour their hatred upon me.
Oh! So many hurts and slur comments;
Labels and taglines your pour on a woman who earn their strip.
" Unedited, Raw and Unabashedly"
Take me for who I am.
You think it is not ladylike to sit or pose.
And if you think I care;
I don't owe anyone an explanation.
Talk The Talk.
Raise your Voice if you wanna be heard.
Dec 2018 · 434
P a u s e
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
Can we pause for a moment to contemplate on our flaws?
Can we pause for a moment to stop fighting the tug of war and words clashes?
Can we pause for a while to say SORRY without any excuses attached to it?
Can we pause for a minute and call someone to say HELLO?
Can we pause for a second to LISTEN the tale of another man's story?
Can we pause our thoughts before the consequence get worst?
Can we pause, just stop feeding our ego to win instead of giving ourselves a chance:

A chance to be a listener, a platform to become a storyteller and a room of improvement to be empathetic.

Can We?
Dec 2018 · 422
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
Hustle and Struggle;
The world may not know your pain
Chin up lil kid
The sweats on your brow won't go in vain.
Climbing the stairs of success bit by bit
Standing aloof in a crowd where I don't fit.
Sleepless night, exhaustion from the fights
Won't stop the chase
Till I become the best.
Never Back Down.
Dec 2018 · 442
Ritz Writes Dec 2018
Fought with my own demons
Entangled thoughts caught with tumultuous wave of emotion;
Fragile I was
Clothed in stain.
Found a solace in your presence
You're the home I run to while I was dealing with pain.
To The One That Got Away.

— The End —