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Shiv Pratap Pal Sep 2019
Mac and Boon
Went up to the Moon
Mac became ill
Boon gave a Pill

Boon Said Thank You
Moon said get well soon
Let's Cherish Childhood
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2019
Mac and Bloom
Went up to the Moon

With a Spoon
In search of pretty Alien

They looked here
They looked there

No Alien was found
And time was bound

They returned to earth
Only with some dust
Let's Enjoy Childhood.
what do we do now?
it’s quiet; too much silence is dark for me
i hear you without noise so it’s Loud for me
every road turns, every light burns
and that's what’s hard for me
can we ever be prepared to be
this broken, confused, it’s hard to breathe
can we Wake Up, thumbs up, it was all a dream
lost a friend I never touched
never question he touched me
it’ll get better we will find a way
after we grieve and drown and float away
and I’m not ashamed to say
I’m hurtin a little more today.
mac miller
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Mac Miller’s death wasn’t an Overdose,
it was a Suicide,
it was the path that he chose that’s the way it goes,
when you’re chewed inside,

when you’ve got those demons,
and even beautiful music doesn’t exercise them,
we all gotta go sooner or later,
so Mac at 26 is tragic but not surprising,

wish he’d held out for one more year,
then he could’ve gotten in the Forever 27 Club,
joined the likes of Hendrix Morrison and Joplin,
but anyways whatever it’s still all love,

even though,
it hurts so bad,
especially since I’m writing this,
to Mac’s Swimming soundtrack,

13 songs on Mac’s last album,
and the last track’s ‘So It Goes’,
and ‘So It Goes’,
is playing on a record in Mac’s final post,

one moment we’re living one moment we get ghost,
and that makes me think of Jaden,
who’s last track was Ghost,
oh God Jaden no don’t start fadin’,

you’re it man,
you’re the one,
please push past the darkness of the pain,
and shine like the All Seeing Sun,

you’re our last hope like Obi-Wan Kenobi,
so don’t shut your eyes Young Jedi,
you’ve got the torch now so let it burn bright,
because the only thing that doesn’t wait is time,

time doesn’t give a fck about clocks,
until they stop,
she puts me together when I’m out of order,

gives me the shivers how the Lord deliver’s,
and I don’t even read psalms,
but I swear to God it was all written,
that’s why even in the chaos I’m calm,

nothing’s GO:OD in the AM,
when you’re not feeling The Divine Feminine,
nauseous everyone feels toxic and obnoxious,
you're conscious that the poison feels like medicine,

resurrected just to be dead again,

it’s scary or rather haunting how Mac’s last video,
show’d him trapped in a coffin,
with a message that read Memento Mori,
you might win some but you just lost one,

shout out to Lauryn Hill,
she lost her mind but didn’t lose her life,
see no matter how difficult things get,
you win no matter what as long as you stay alive,

and it hurts so bad that we lost him,
that even I right now feel dead inside,
better take care out there and beware,
Self Care's only effective with friends to stand by,

**** I,
want to find a way to make everything alright,
want to find a way to bring back Mac,
gone forever to that Castle in The Sky,

and I just wish I could’ve said one last word to him,
and it hurts so bad I want to cry,
see Mac Miller’s death wasn’t an Overdose,
it was a Suicide,

so if you’re feeling hurt and depressed,
find someone to get that ****t off your chest,
because you’re loved whether you know it or not,
and life’s to short for long stories or regrets,

life’s too short for long stories,
life’s too real for fake friends,
so know that I love you you can always come see me,
because it’s peace love and respect till the end,

and ****,
we lost a good one today my oh my,
Mac Miller’s death wasn’t an Overdose,
it was a Suicide,

RIP Mac Miller,
may you Rest In Peace on Cloud 9,
may you finally find that love you need,
at that Eternal House in The Sky….

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Renaldoe Sep 2018
4am in a world away
I heard the news
Not best way to start the day
I wished it was just hearsay
I still do
See a big part of me
Was made from you
Talking through my earphones
Coaching me through life
Helping me fight
All the good fights
Singing and dancing
Crying, and now mourning
Countries apart
Yet you connected to me
You still do
Thank you for everything
You will be missed
RIP Mac Miller
Samantha Mar 2018
There are some people out there,
Spreading lies to those unaware...
Listen, friends, to my words;
And hear the horrors they said, the curse!

"Price doesn't matter, and it never has,
We'll make a fortune on our own path!
Who even cares about the headphone jack?
It's a waste, nobody wants it back."

"Besides, we can market to those who are dumb.
Stupid enough to type with just a thumb;
They won't care about a closed system.
Nerds? Who could think that we missed 'em?"

This is why I decided to not
Buy from the company as messy as a knot.
I'd rather spill a whole glass of Snapple
Than own a device made by Apple.
This wasn't a very good poem, but I decided to finish it when I found out that it was lying around in my "DRAFT" section for over a month.
Mac James Oct 2017
She took my hand, I reached for hers,
But packages expire.
I signed my name in bleeding black,
Distracted by a fire.

I studied her place that flickered, and danced to most of songs.
Observing as an eskimo,
Oh, stripping coats along.

She took my right, she lent her left,
We bear this trade as fair.
I sold some skins, and broke for bikes,
But lady shares the air.

Cigar, the smoke, ballooned the mouth;
I puffed a cloud content.
She put me out, my zenith gone,
I huffed her secret scent.

"Aw, come with me my boy of mine,"
(As if I had a choice)
"I'll take your side and hold our cup"
-Those valleys in her voice

She dragged 'her hands' along with her,
My cheek and body bruised.
The scarlet halls preceded stairs,
Sangria walls ensued.

We came up to a room so red,
It bled with love, confused-
I was.
"Bring your heart to bed", she said.
"Bring here, my heart, with you."

So close we layed, our toes they twined,
Our clothes aligned like rain.
She said "I'm yours", and me, her "mine".
I softly, said the same.
Kate Willis May 2016
Those red lips,
forged by MAC
are but only one color
in the endless stream of
existing shades.
A random thought that came through my head during a car ride through the city.
Maxine Robbins Feb 2016
For the first two months of college I didn’t speak
Convinced everyone here are hillbilly freaks
Then you asked to borrow my paint brush
Long brown hair in a bun and brows so lush
I gave it to you in a heartbeat
Because you were the first person I thought was neat

Im still not sure how I got so lucky to befriend you
I’ve never felt a connection this real and true
When we sit in the forest smoking **** and cigarettes
And you’re still wearing the same paint covered sweats
Singing to Rihannon by Fleetwood Mac
I felt myself gaining my soul back

I can’t decipher what’s hiding behind your dark brown eyes
But your passion for art is as tall as the skies
You inspired me to change my point of view
Maybe this place isnt so bad, who knew
Your kindness cracked my heart’s thick shell
And painted the lines with shades of pastel

No boy ever told me they cried when they moved away
Your open and truthful soul makes everything ok
The freckles sprayed on your cheeks are like artwork
That’s a companion piece to your crooked smirk
I cried thinking we would drift apart once school’s done
But you told me we’ll always be friends in the long run

Thank you
Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for being who you are
Chris T Nov 2015
the other day i sat alone having lunch in a McDonalds.
i found the Big Mac enjoyable and the wedge fries good enough
but what i truly loved was the cold-*** Oreo McFlurry.
actually, that's a half-lie because the cold-*** Oreo McFlurry
wasn't the only thing i truly loved from that McDonalds lunch.
when i was McSpooning the creamy goodness using my left hand,
the hand that should be reserved for ice cream related endeavors,
this girl wearing a polka-dot dress and a beret came in, stood in line,
and i heard her order: Big Mac, wedge fries and an Oreo McFlurry.
she anxiously tapped her right foot, the foot that should be reserved for tapping,
and i felt love for the first time in months. i didn't know her but i was in love.
it was the kind of momentary love developed for strangers that makes you think:
"****. I wish we could sit together in silence at a McDonalds, mouths full,
eating Big Macs, wedge fries and McFlurries being the envy of McDonalds residents."
and then the stranger asks for her order to go and the universe collapses.
the momentary love begins fading slowly and the fantasy is enveloped by greasy fast food smells.
reality is a *****, girl in the polka-dot dress and beret.
it's been 5 minutes since you left. i miss you.
it's been 10 minutes since you left. i've tried forgetting you.
McDonalds mystery girl gone but not forgotten. I do like a polka-dot dress. Hot af.
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