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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
I have seen
Incongruity win
When people love
Parallelism disappears
Meeting point to come
I live in love anger
In parallelism
I dwell
I wish parallelism exists
Euclid to fail
Meeting point to come
Lobachevsky to win
This poem is drawn on analogy of geometry.
Samantha Feb 2018
Warehouse, prison, laboratory,
Come and listen to my story,
Facilities in all their glory,
Just don't cross the territory...

Just be cautious, not combined...
Our anomalies, confined,
Your work will save all humankind.
Can you guess what I'm talking about?
Samantha Fox
Was  a panther
In a previous life
As well as an ox.

Not to mention
The wife of a
17th century cobbler
On the outskirts
Of Gillingham.

Which is unusual
As those who remember
Past incarnations
Are usually the wives
Of Heads of Nations
Or helped build pyramids.

Actually said Samantha
I forgot to mention
I was also the transistor
In Euclid's protractor.

Can you get anachronisticer?

Oh reincarnation
The rebirthing
Mother of invention.

— The End —