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Cali George May 13
There's the coffin
Here's the nail
You and your demons
Can go to hell
You need to be grateful
I coulda sent you to jail
Been shiesty and told What I know I should tell
Your *** would be a lifer
They'd never grant you bail
Destroy the key after they locked the cell
But lucky for you
After the months of hell you put me through
And the degrading things
you made me do
I can walk away
With a simple *******.
This is now your game of
Not two
So go ahead *******
Zoe Grace Apr 14
I'm reading through all my old poems
And uh
I can't believe I was that bad 0.o
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
Every day, I get out of bed
And wait for work so I can stay out of my head.
For 8 to 9 hours a day, I talk to people I barely know.
but it's a big relief because I'm not the star of the show.
When you live life on the autism spectrum, the mind can be a scary place.
You question every decision you make, and just talking to people can make your heart race.
It can make you feel alone. Frustrated. Sad.
But it's not all bad.
People on the spectrum see the world in a way most could never understand.
It's beautiful. And we want you to experience it. That's why we reach out for your hand.
We want to connect.
But it takes a while to learn how.
If you can be patient, when we're ready, we'll show you the world in a different way. I promise it will make you say "wow."
Jeremy Stacy Mar 8
At intervals you chase, not sure what you’ll find
Occasionally separate but at times intertwined

Dismayed I have decided to leave you behind
Sporadically you linger, enveloping my mind

Offering more and not used to being declined
A facade of us exceeding, living combined

Pursuing me in close spaces until I’m confined
Succeeding into the night, anticipating I’m blind

I hear you calling your voice there to remind
Memories are pressed of you being so kind

Deceptive you become upon being unaligned
A separation between us makes you unrefined
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