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Jieun May 7
Would you pull me close?
If i start to walk away
would you let me in?
and tell me we're okay?

Would you dare choose me?
if i ask you to choose,
Will I win against her?
Or would I just lose?

If i ask you if you love me
I know what you'll say,
you really did love me
but your  "love" is not okay

Yes you do love me,
but you also love her
I'm sorry you have to choose..
or else...we're over
If the world were ending tonight
You'd still make time for me
wouldn't you?
Even if it were all in your head

If the world were ending tonight
you'd still give me the same smile
you always give, right?

No matter the crumbling buildings
& people playing hop scotch
Avoiding the large craters in the earth.

You'd still make time just before
the final impact,
Before we're wiped into oblivion, right?
On top of crumbling cars
& huge chunks of rock.
Even if it were all in your head,
would you still come over & make believe
that everything is alright?

If the world were ending tonight,
would there still be time
to go some place nice,
Even if it were all in your head
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
If I wrote you poems, would you rewrite it in your memories?
If I gave you songs, would you hum to it while you are listening?
If I showed every part of me, the shattered, broken pieces, would you still see me as one?
Thorns Apr 2019
You got my back
You're there for me
Protect me  
And I, you
You won't let me hurt myself
And I tame your anger
We're there for each other
You'll know if you let your guard down,
And they still fight for you

But would you do the same?
Would you hold my hand like, No air could ever pass
Would you see in my eyes, No air could get in
Would you touch my skin, No air could ever feel
Would you hug me more, No air could ever do.
Would you hold me long,
like no air could pass through this...
Would you make me feel,
So loved As I feel to be what I wish...

- Happy Ankleshwaria
written it as it comes. pl correct me if you think,  i should
shaynespeare Feb 2018
If a clock stops,
Would you still have time?
If matches don't burn,
Would you be my light?
If I'd steal your attention,
Would it be a crime?
If we'd play hide and seek,
Would you still appear in my sight?
Sunshine Jun 2017
Feeling like you can't feel anymore?

Does the moon ever get tired of being surrounded by the stars?
Does the wind ever lose control of which direction it wants to blow in?

Do the seas ever feel dry?
Like the way we feel dead even though we are breathing?

What if the stars want to shut down?
What if the sky decides not to turn blue tomorrow?
What if I was laid deep in the earth tomorrow?

Would you hurt?
Would you hurt like I am?
How many actually care about you?
Shane Leigh Jun 2017
If I wrote a poem,
would you listen?
Would you listen?
Can I mutter to you all things
that byte and tear my being?
Is it quiet in your mind?
Is it quiet? Is it mute?
If I leave you tomorrow
would you read: DO NOT COMPUTE?
All the noise that clouds your judgement:
beeping, ding, and song,
cannot replace me – flesh and all –
especially when I'm gone.
© Shane Leigh
Jack Ghaven Nov 2014
If I died
Would you miss me?
If I lied
Would you forgive me?
If I love you
Would you love me?

I put One above you
Who do you put above me?

If I hate myself
Would you hate with me?
If I find joy above all else
Would you celebrate with me?
If I'm lonely
Would you stay with me?
If I let sin own me
Would you pray with me?
Told Crying Silhouette I would post this.  Tell me what you think.  This is from a ways back in my notebooks.
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