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Nard Wolfe Feb 27
i cant use this same rope that used to saved me, to save others. it might snap on some people.
Nard Wolfe Feb 27
im like a dog
who will panicking over floating people in the sea
throwing lifebuoys, barking about safety
but, not everyone there needed to be saved
what if they just swimming and not drowning?
Nard Wolfe Jul 2021
to some, my flavour is too strong
but im your favourite cup of coffee
drink me all up sip by sip
cup after cup, with no anxiety

such a strong heart, you thought it’s weak
see how it’s pumping casually
for every caffeine that never touch the peak

thank you lover,
i hope the beans wont stop the beats, so i wont miss the regular adrenaline.
Nard Wolfe May 2020
So I’ve come to conclusion that if we have interest in someone, we would tend to learn about them. Tho we don’t understand most of em.

We don’t understand what they talked about but we learn to hear.
We don’t understand what make sense to the way they thinking but we look up for it.

We do that, so we could understand more, so we could stay longer and communicate more with them.
Because being with them is what we want. Because they are our interest.

But the question is, how long the interest will going on? Is it possible to be forever? Will you finally graduate the studies of their world, and finally align with them? Will you and that person learn each other and share these two different planets and form your own galaxy?
Nard Wolfe May 2020
You can be cynical about love and there is still something romantic about it, because you understand love, just not the good side of it.
Nard Wolfe May 2020
We WILL break each other’s hearts.
The question is, how are we going to deal with each other’s pieces?
Nard Wolfe May 2020
You see, the thing about feeling is, it could make you feel like being stabbed on chest or funny butterfly feeling on stomach. Fascinating how a heart could make you feel such ways.
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