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Jieun May 7
Would you pull me close?
If i start to walk away
would you let me in?
and tell me we're okay?

Would you dare choose me?
if i ask you to choose,
Will I win against her?
Or would I just lose?

If i ask you if you love me
I know what you'll say,
you really did love me
but your  "love" is not okay

Yes you do love me,
but you also love her
I'm sorry you have to choose..
or else...we're over
Isabelle Dec 2017
Choose me, when you’re drunk
when you’re confused
Choose me, when she’s not around
when she’s not kissing you
Choose me, i’m your always
an always second option
an always second best
Choose me, i’ll be happy
i guess second choice is not that bad
From my Playlists and Footnotes
Choose me, choose me
Spring Ahead
Fall Behind
Walking through the warm leaves
I heard a couple
Thank God
For an extra hour of sleep
But we just looked at each other
With knowing smiles
And headed back to your place
And for that extra hour
We drove in your car
At 90 miles an hour
With the windows down
Blaring jazz music
Cigarettes trailing smoke
And orange embers
Behind us
And we sat on your couch
And drank cheap beer
Till everything was fuzzy
And I couldn’t hear right
And you kissed me when I turned your way
Because you thought I wanted it
And I just couldn’t tell what you said
And you kissed me harder
As you pulled down my skirt
Because you hadn’t done this in a while
And our skin smelled like beer
And nicotine
And regrets
And it was the most beautiful
Night of my life
And when we heard the one o’clock church bells
A second time
You pulled back on
Your ripped up jeans
And I slipped my phone
Under my bra strap
And I left
Closed your door
Covered in chipping paint
Years of frat boys' dreams
Stripping off
And I left
And that was the end
And that hour never existed
I wish I could be in your life for more than just hour. Please give me a second chance
And the rain is falling
Making music off the roofs of the cars
And we stand there
In the steam rising from the
Parking lot pavement
Shadows made from
Alarmed headlights
First, still
Then, quickly moving
From two separate shapes
To one jumble of limbs
The two of us becoming indistinguishable
As I can’t hold you close enough to me
And after so long waiting
I don't mind
My tears mixing
With the rain
Making our first open-mouthed kiss
Wet and messy
And you tangle your fingers
Into my waterlogged curls
Someday you'll figure out it should have been me all along.
I wish you’d kiss away my tears
Wish you’d open my lips
The way you have
Every intricate part of me
And steal your name
Right off my lips
Right out of my mouth
Until all thats left of me
Is this drunken desire
To drink to forget
"Pick me. Choose me. Love me."
You're far too perfect to be mine
And far too perfect to forget
Military short hair
Blonde in the summers
When you lifeguard
Almost brunette in the winters
When you're a ski instructor
A single vein in your forehead
That shows when you feel
About some noble cause
Brown eyes that are
Too quiet to hear
Over the fireworks that explode
From their outside corners
With your laughter
Strong shoulders
From years of military training
Arms the perfect length
To encircle me
When you're excited to see me
When I need to cry
Because you want to
All leading down to your heart of gold
Lacking scars of
To mar the
Flawless surface
You're my best friend
The one I tell my darkest secret
My biggest fear
My newest achievement
My deepest sorrow
But never
How much I miss him
You're far too perfect to be mine
And far too perfect to forget
I could write a hundred thousand poems and never find the right words to ask you to choose me.

— The End —