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Poetic T Sep 2020
I wish every day was a Friday,
that seven-day repetition that
        I no your walking through
my door, no looking back...

Were here all night a 2.5 fraction
of a week where theres just me
             and you, just us....

Runing a 4.5 day missing you
    to a weekend of just us
through the minutes to hours
            to the where did this
                                    weekend go.

The alram sounds, then the race
             to the end of the weekned
starts,finishing as we count mistakes
     of days that we catch on to a friday.

Your here now, were sorry I missed you,
              but the weekend is ours..
  no leaving, were just us, me and you.

            I've missed more than just your body,
           missing your breath on me,
                but now were here in this moment,

long live every weekend when your next to me.
Julia Supernault Dec 2019
there were small fractions in time,
small moments I still remember as if they just happened, where I felt like I would never survive the pain that came along with missing him.
the way his voice sounded and the way his laughter rung in my ears.
for a few moments back then, I would need to grasp at my chest as it began to tighten when I would feel the overwhelming tidal wave of who we once were come crashing down to my core.
a small fraction of time he was to me, but a long standing memory of how much I love him.
Brittany Hall Aug 2018
Yet another distraction;  a nearly fatal attraction.
Getting lost in one another's space-time contraptions.
How could we do this to eachother, and  be so careless with our actions?
I can't take the blame this time, though I was wrong in my reaction.
You can rub it in my face, for your very own satisfaction.
But I will always know the truth;  I can see the equal fractions.
if I could capture every smile--
every wayward expression--
these lines would never end

in a fraction of a second,
you have won my heart a thousand times over.
written July 2014
Shrivastva MK Jun 2015
Tujhe pane ki khushi gam me badal ***,
Tujhe dekh gairo ke saath
Teri yaad mujhe chhod chali ***,
Rula ke mujhko ai bewafa
Tum kaise un palo ko bhul ***,
Adhuri hain duniya pyar bina,
Adhure hain hum tumhare bina,
Bata ke roya "MANISH "bhi apne dil ka hal,
Chale gye wo chhodkar ek adhura sawal,
Kaise jiyenge hum tumhare bina,
Tere bina ye zindagi ko kya jina,
Udas hain har lamha yahi sochkar,
Kyon achanak chale gye mujhse mu'h morkar,
Ye dhai akshar pyar ka kitno ko rula diya,
Kisi ko kavi to kisi ko shayar bna diya,
Kaise sahun ye dard teri judai ka,
Kaise kate ye alam meri tanhai ka,
yaad aayenge hum tumhe har pal,
Tere bina ai zindagi kaise kate ye pal,
Ye pal

ABOUT POEM :-This poem related to fraction and all the word used in poem related pain of heart
Hayley Jan 2015
A number cannot describe
what it felt
to die

A portion was taken
and you
weren't even shaken

My body is but a number to you
but I

You now hold a piece of my heart
all because
I wasn't smart

A fraction is all I have to hold,
and honestly?

it's getting quite old
The title (book poem challenge) was from Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer

— The End —