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Hugo Pierce Sep 27
Whispering winds, the rustling of trees,
Amidst the green, a bench and quiet pleas.
A solace found, where sorrows nest,
My weary heart, finds silent rest.

A sturdy bench, with a strong wooden frame,
Supports the weight, of sorrows I daren't name.
Overcast clouds, crowd my mind in a storm,
Here on this bench, holds melancholy form.

Searching outside, of my internal struggles,
Happiness everywhere, just me with these troubles.
Family picnics, kids play on the hill,
Friends laugh together, as I sit frozen still.

How do they do it, I can't help but wonder,
they dance in the sunshine, while I'm stuck in the thunder.
No sadness to be seen, just smiles and glee,
I can see that it's possible, but is it possible for me?

But then I remember, as the day comes and goes,
We all have our moments, our highs and our lows.
Today I might be here, sat alone in the rain,
But Tomorrow may bring me, to the sunshine again.
Sometimes, the loneliest place is in a crowd.
Renae Sep 2022
I want to be free
Free to be myself
Free to be okay with
noticing you notice me
I want to be okay
with my silhouette
I don't want to get over it
I want to be okay
I want to laugh
Laugh at me, I want to be silly
I want to feel happy
I'll never understand why
I cry and cry
I refuse to accept me
So I'll never be
what I wanted
I guess that's alright now
I'm still learning
What I'm supposed to know
I am not so good at being me
I'd like to switch places
instead I'll sleep
Feeling melancholy and things like that
Fergol Oct 2020
Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts,
My mind, my body it -rots-
As I rot I think, who’s done this to me?
Whoever it is, is now my enemy.
To be so cruel, so harsh,
As to make my mind feel like -marsh-
But now as I lay in bed,
I realise, the only enemy I have is my head.
Marion May 2020
Daylights were so much
than expensive goldbars
with your arms securing my chest
in the twenty-fifth of May
covered with comfy bedsheets
and you as my everyday scenery,
my healthy breakfast,
my vitamin A.

But nightfalls were so much
unaware than missed shooting stars
in clouded firmament
with your eyes refused to stay
growing cherry blossoms
as I hope that your feet
became regretful
for stepping to the nothingness
to the process of forgeting
until to the complete unknown

— marion.
Jo Baez Jan 2016
I fell for it again
So here I am
Laying in bed
Why don't you love me?
Or did you love me at all?
Your love disguised in alibis
ramshackles my mind
I love you more than words could describe
I love you more than this world could understand
I fell for it again
So here I am
Writing you another poem
Feeling like a ghost
As you see right through me
As you walk right pass me
I fell for it again
And I've discovered a theory
I'm not afraid of heights
It's the impact that scares me
I fell for it again
Alessandra, I fell for you again.
Kimiko Oct 2015
this six letter word...
how come it means so much?

does it mean...
happiness?... joy? ...gladness?
does it mean only these things?

I'm afraid often now
smiles are used for other purposes
to agree... to inspire...
to manipulate... ... to Hide.
when did it become so hard to smile
To tell you the truth, I don't know either

smiles with ease now for me
is just a mere memory of what
is once a beautiful thing
me, my friends & my family shared

I may have smile now
but its surely different.
not like before...
everything then was so...
bright, colorful, calm, and  easy
when did it become so dark and lonely

smiles ... smiles ...  smiles ...
would you please...
bring back...
my smiles
Is wishing it back so wrong?
Seán Mac Falls Feb 2015
At work we groan, fake  .  .  .
Only dream never to fly, shake,
  .  .  .  Sounds wild geese make.
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2015
Woodpecker reminds  .  .  .
Aches are long in last season,
  .  .  .  Knocking on old tree.

— The End —