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Araoluwa Jacob Mar 2018
How fast do human beings change?
as fast as the speed of sound?
How fast do human beings change?
as fast as the travel of sound's range?
My journey of life so far,
makes me feel scared
the fear that I might one day become something I despair.
It is very deceitful because you do not know when you are changing
as fast as the wind, as smooth as the waves,
you become a different person just in one day
Later on you look at yourself and say,
"This is not the girl I was in may"
Your pictures might look the same,
but the people in the picture changed.
I would have been glad if it was in a positive way,
but you changed like the day
casting the sun away,
because the moon awaits,
Chasing the diligence in you,
bringing in disregard for the things you care for.
It's okay, I'll wait
I just want you to be the same
person you were in May
human beings change. even into things they hate
name Jun 2015
A constant reinvention where the outlier becomes the mainstream and circulates back to the outlying regions. Beautiful layers on a bed of kindness and understanding.. compassion mixed with passion and hot tempered moments of reality checking in-your-face murals along the textured walls..seen through crisp, foggy mornings.

— The End —