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With each breath,
take in the nourishing
and expel the toxic.
In other words:
In with Chi,
Out with Sha.

Visualize this;
Visualization is akin to Manifestation.
Manifestation is crucial with Chi.

1. As each ****** motion is carried out, a breath is made.
Your breath and the motion begin and end at the same time.

2. Inward motions usually warrant inward breath,
as outward motions usually warrant outward breath

3. Nothing is ever the same twice. Neither you, nor the motions you do.
Everything is in flux

4. The movements of T'ai Chi are not dissimilar from
the movements of Water amongst rocks:

Fluent. Changing.
The more yielding,
yet the more powerful;

Such is the Tao, and thus Chi.
Such is Wu-Wei.
Such is Consciousness,
Such is Physics,
Such is Reality.
Such should we practice.

In a standing position with your feet a few inches apart and parallel;
Cup your hands, one in the other, with or without thumbs touching.
Close your Eyes and take at least Five deep breaths, or better yet; meditate.
Clear your Mind. Let the ripples settle.
Breathe in as you arc your Right Foot away from the Left until they are shoulder width apart.
Breathe out as you bend your knees slightly and keep your spine vertical.
The further you squat, the more of a workout this is for your legs
and more of a stretch for your lower back.
Breathing in, draw your hands up to shoulder height, palms down.
Visualize a vortex of energy under your hands.
Exhaling, lead with the wrists with palms outward,
drop your hands slowly to waist level.
Inhaling, visualize holding a large ball in front of your torso;
place your Left Hand palm down at shoulder height over your chest
and the Right Hand palm up at waste level.
Exhaling, turn your torso but not hips to face 3 o'clock,
radially following the direction the top hand is pointing.
Inhaling, look forward to 12 o'clock.
Exhaling, twist similarly to look at 9 o'clock.
Inhaling, look forward to 12 o'clock.
Exhaling, look again at 3 o'clock and drop your top hand down to waste level, pushing
and bring your bottom hand forward and up, palm facing your face
Still facing 3 o'clock, inhale and draw both hands to your left hip, pretend as if you hold a ball;
visualize a ball of energy between your palms.
Turn your feet to 3 o'clock in the same locations they are in.
Push the ball towards 3 o'clock and up, as if to let a bird fly;
visualize that ball of energy flying away, to be shared with the world.
Inhale createing a circle with your arms vertically in front of you
by pulling your wrists up, then pulling towards your shoulders,
then exhale, pushing slightly down and away.
Inhale as you face towards 12 o'clock,
pointing your feet again towards 12 o'clock.
Draw your Right Hand to your forehead, with space and palm out
with your Left Hand at waste level and centered, fingers pointed down and palm facing inwards
(sort of like a dance move from "Walk like an Egyptian, actually..).
Moving in circles and constantly breathing,
greet North, East, South and West by alternating the hand that's on top in a circular pattern,
ending with the Left Hand before your forehead
and your Right pointed down, thumb away from you.
Exhaling, step forward with your Left foot about two feet
and drop down so your downward pointed Right Hand is a few inches above the ground,
still with Spine straight
Pretend to draw an arrow from a Quiver by your Right Hand;
inhaling, draw your hand up then back, holding your Left Hand in front, as if holding a bow
Exhaling quickly, Release the Arrow
Lean forward and catch the Arrow of Chi with both hands
and bring it towards your Solar Plexus, inhaling. Merging.
Once your hands are at your stomach, roll your wrists towards you and bring your hands to your waist.
I imagine the motion of water around a rock to assist with making the motions of the wrist.
Bring your feet together, a few inches apart and parallel
Stretch up and out with your arms and breathe deeply.
Bow forward and exhale slowly with your palms on the sides of your thighs.
Cup your hands in front of you and meditate.
It is up to you to do it again, to do something else, or to just keep meditating.
Follow thy Path. :)

The first form demonstrated is the form in this writing, the second is another one I know.

I confess, I am rusty as hell.
But, that's why I'm doing it.
Paint me in any colour you want,
you wish for
Draw any outline you visualize.
This will fade,
Falling victim to the seasons.
A masterpiece
Within itself,
the intricacy of the strokes
Shall be hidden by
the next masterpiece
That will take its place.

The unsung, the
are the ones who draw this,
And night.
Going unnoticed,
no one stops to
Consider the combinations,
the contrasts,
Its various interpretations,
almost like
Those of a Rubik's Cube.

upon caked layer,
depicts violence,
Craves freedom,
breathes anonymity and
Displays inspiration.
Helpful critique welcomed. :)
Sally A Bayan Sep 2015
Start slow...
     warming... up...and...below
         forty five degrees
            to the left...right...others go nineties...
       some freeze...from locked knees
   they don't mind...they'll recover
          before the hour is over...

Detach self
    from what
             but...still aware
        soon to be lessened


               An ant bites at the back of your ear
         something's  crawling on your tummy
     beads of sweat, drop across your eyes,
or inside your feel the cold touch within
A bee, a wasp...sometimes, a fly
      circles very near your face
           makes your wall of
                concentration, crumble
              tempting you to lose count
          of the movements
      testing you...
   if you might still stray...even
      a step away...
          if, to your weaknesses
      you would still succumb

          will you be distracted?
             or stay focused?

Let eyes, and mind blink
            be grounded!
                stay on the right track.....

               ... internalize.....
               ...never give up!


Copyright September 21, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
***starting the week right...too much chinese noodles this weekend***
Just Melz Jun 2014
You won't find another goddess like me
Making all my words flow like poetry
I'm a lyrical genius
A metaphorical blasphemous
A stream of consciousness
To rock your world
I'm not just another girl
Make your minds spin and twirl
I'm THE Poetry Goddess
Making images with words
Like paint on a canvas
A visual impression on your mind
A poet like me
Is hard to come by
Try to visualize
Me walking away
That's the day
You'll say you're hardest goodbye
Cuz a Poetry Goddess like me
Is hard to come by
Glass Jul 2018
the incipient
has salvaged the insides of a
censorious pastiche, where moiety details the nightstand
of expectation and sudden camaraderie
simplifying the closure of starvation that “promethean”
is visual ‘orange zest’
honeysuckle caramelization where there are two
romantics buried with guilt, and a master chess player that
recalls to be a citrus therapy and every "Sunday paper" is filled
with oceanic opulence discussing religious iconography
and I visualize a yellow moon cactus
obscene changes in a grey prolific office;
an expostulate (rescind) but avoidance is in an empty
peach pit; an exploitation becoming a strange

- G
Harley Hucof Aug 2014
they listend to me when i said look.
they knew a meaningfull lesson i was about to shoot.
close your eyes and visualize your dreams for before you know it they ll become real.
expand your mind and free your soul and all your problems shall be solved.
never forget to stay positive. all the bad things are relative.
focus on your health and stay fit and watch your life take a lift.
sing this song and feel the beat for freedom is what we seek
trust your intuitions and praise the lord and all the answers will come to your door.
seek love in everything and you ll see the love in all the living
never forget what really matters health family friends and animals.
be yourself and seek your pleasures but if you abuse it  you 'll lose this treasure.
trust me when i say be patient life isnt and diamonds.
In the right time you will recieve just the information that you need.
thats if ofcourse you chose the right path,if you didnt your actions wont last.
find laughter in everything. fun is the only medicine.
life is hard so be carefull dont rush things and stay in focus. for what you miss wont be retrieved.
love the children and never lie to them for the truths lies in their heart to the end.
take your emotions seriously. behind them hides life's mistery.
seek romance but in balance stay independent and love again.
dont fight people for energy, others sources give it to you for free.
send energy to those who need for giving is the greatest act indeed.

words of Harfouchism

We think them

We feel them

We share them

We write them

We visualize them

But what prompts us to think of a thought?

Are thoughts created?

Or were they already there from the start?
Sam Hawkins Jul 2018
Dare to live.
Stop insisting on chasing after death.
Stop trying to die.

Quit the grand illusion.
You shall never die.

Grow your wings and fly to the mountaintop
of your world.  Breathe stars.
Bravely go alone. Only you can do this.

Regularly in your day--exercise conviction.
Visualize Stars, the Sun.

Golden, fibrous threads
of starlight, of sunlight --

take them in through the nostrils.

This is nothing less than
soul's power-fuel.

Inhale slowly and experience
the gentle music of love's fire,
as flames would pull up
a chimney stack, up pipes of ovens.

Faith builds with such breath practice.

Greed cooked transformed.
Anger put to sleep.

Ignorance surrendering
to ways of knowing.

Prepare that your purpose
shall speak to you.

Breathe starlight.

Are you surprised
that you feel no heat?

Your unique timelessness
awaits your recognition.
Kyra Woods  Jun 2015
Kyra Woods Jun 2015
How can you miss someone's voice you have never heard and how can you visualize someone'es eyes you have never seen?
These are questions that alter the reality of someone's being.
Even though I have never met you and have no knowledge of your existence, I know you are out there. someday I will find my King.
I know that your lips are softer than rose petals and the Melanin in your skin fills women with desire.
But as I lay in these silk sheets and relish in fantasies I know that nothing between You and another woman  will ever transpire,
Because You're Mine.
The dimple within your right cheek and the mischief in your eyes are all significant marks that you are no else's but Mine.
The sway of your walk and the charm when you talk are characteristics held for a woman who goes by My Name.
Our connection is nothing short of beautiful and  the intensity of our relations make any other love seem inhumane.
I know this, even though to everyone else you still cease to exist.
I know our hands will lock together like the missing pieces completing a puzzle.
Making me Your's, but more precisely making you Mine.
Poetoftheway Mar 2018
reaching the back of you

not sure I could.      not sure i would.
       scent of the crime uncommitted uncovered

the meandering is the man demigod demagogue taking
         pleasured mercy
                                         the remaindered searchingly
                                                                ­                                 suffices

you don’t speak plain english the only tongue i got
insert the coin in your slot commencing researching the
way in and
don’t think i want to find the way out to the
back of you hiding in the inside learning the way you visualize

playing amy winehouse as an overlaying graph to the autoroute
to the south of france, sur-la-mer, why ever leave and you come
in my mouth poems new each time

no exit. no back of you.  stuck in a longingly heaven

this house is my home and I know the sun brightest
when i put my coin in the slot of play and press the
new tune button at 4:10AM
thanks for the quirky comments for this quirky poem.  Not my normal style. Inspired by a poet here who writes quirky poems, many of which, I fail too, to fully comprehend. The only way I could hope to understand them was to  "insert the coin in your slot commencing researching the way in and  don’t think i want to find the way out to the back of you, hiding in the inside learning the way you exit. no back of you.  stuck in a longingly heaven" and getting stuck, unsure if I want to reach...

— The End —